Hearst: “Time to end this controversy”

January 16, 2011

Stephen Hearst issued a statement over the weekend, trying to mute a simmering controversy over the shooting of three zebras in early January.

In his press statement, Hearst took full responsibility for owning the zebras. The three were allegedly shot by local ranchers after the animals wandered on to their property.

Here is the statement in full:

“In light of the recent shootings of our zebras and the ever-increasing level of harsh response, I believe it is time to end this controversy. Now is the time for ranchers and neighbors to make a renewed effort to communicate with each other and with the public for each others’ benefit.

“At the Hearst Ranch, we will continue to do our best to contain our zebras. But, if they do stray from our property, we ask that anyone who sees them to please treat them with respect and to contact us immediately, as we do for our neighbors when their animals cross over onto our land.

“What’s done is done. We would like to move forward in good faith with our neighbors to support each other because ranching is hard enough. Let’s put this incident to bed.”

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The zebras are an invasive species that is obviously thriving absent its natural predators.

Have we yet spent millions studying the animals to see if they are negatively impacting the environment?

Is zebra poop safe for the environment? Does it kill sea otters when it reaches the ocean like all that people poo, cat scat and cow manure is supposed to do?

Have the zebras developed any new predators that might be counted on to thin the herd? Do they have ANY enemies in the natural world here? Other than Mr. Fiscalini…

Are they unnaturally breeding with any of the other animals? I understand there is such a thing as a half horse-half zebra (a zorse?) living on San Luisito Creek Rd. in a horse corral. Where did that abomination come from?

Have there been half cow-half zebras (a Cowbra? or a Zow?) born?

Why is Hearst able to allow a non-native species to roam free and interact with the environment?

Where are the government know-it-alls who usually jump on something like this to assert their authority? They stop farmers from using their land because of a salamander or a red leg frog, but zebras get a pass? Or is it just the Hearsts who get a pass?

Could anyone else get away with this?

So if the zebras are to be accepted in the wilds of SLO County, will they have to release lions to keep their numbers down? Or will Fish & Game issue hunting licenses to do the job?

Clearly something HAS to be DONE!


And this isn’t just about the humans involved. Even though we call the zebras ‘property’ (just like we used to with our slaves, and probably our women), it doesn’t give anyone the right to do anything. I wonder if on his property Steve Hearst had announced he was going to shoot and skin three zebras (obviously either stolen from their native Africa or descendants of same) if there would have been a huge outcry and perhaps intervention by the HSUS or other entity. I rather think so. if so then in this case they should enjoy the same protection, and belated outrage.

Back when William Randolph Hearst jr ran the Hearst ranch I was putting in the plants, no charge around the castle and elsewhere on the ranch when jr asked me to go with him to a meeting at a break in the fence, because I knew the ranchers around there separate from him, kind of not taking sides. At the meeting Gene Machado’s father did all the talking about Hearst animals breaking down the fences and going on their property. Gene Machado and two Fiscalinis were there and other ranchers. William Randoph Hearst jr said only: “If any of our animals get on your land you have our permission to shoot them”. Friday Steve Hearst was acting like a little crybaby innocent of everything and smearing the Fiscalini and Machado names all over Earth , using the Hearst Media empire. After I sent Steve Hearst an email about what jr had said to the Fescalinis and Machados Steve Hearst started to shut people up- using pretty words like the crybaby he is- he never has admitted HIS failure to protect those zebras- he is hiding behind those that had nothing to do with his failures in the zebra escape from Hearst Ranch. Everybody be quiet because Baby Hearst is cyying. Everybody else is damned if they speak from now on. Hearst says so.

The idea here is to put this behind ‘us’ and ‘them’. Your post is counter productive to that thought. Get it?

Sounds like a good idea. Hopefully both parties learn from this and move forward as better neighbors.

The zebras were murdered needlessly no matter what Fiscalini says to himself to better sleep at night.

I agree as does 90% of everyone else. What Mr. F did was a very poor PR and moral fall from grace.


You have discounted out-of-hand Fiscalini’s judgment. You are extrapolating your love of Disney onto a real-life situation.

I agree it was poor PR. I am sorry the zebras died. More than that is conjecture and bambism on your part.

Is it true the Zebras drew first