The SLO Experiment

January 17, 2011

We present The SLO Experiment.

San Luis Obispo County locations shot in tilt shift by Robert Weber . We suggest setting the video to HD, letting it load and watching it in full screen (music warning!). Enjoy.

[youtube S4swoERUXpU 630 375]


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LOL! Heroic little ants of SLO Town!

Great video, thanks for your talent, patience and hard work.

Love the video — excellent!!

I’m not sure how they do it, but this is how the SLO City Mayor, City Manager, City Council, and Chamber of Commerce view San Luis Obispo on a daily basis. Just a giant playground, with an even bigger toybox.

It looks like Disneyland is not the only “happiest place on earth,” according to ABC Good Morning America. This video makes the connection between the two with its heightened color and tweaked reality. This is a really cool video, I hope you keep a link to it somewhere. Glad you found it, keep ’em coming!

So? This is all easily doable in modern editing software. It’s cool, but I don’t see any big deal here.

It is not supposed to be a big deal, this video looks like toy town on purpose, Optically or digitally, Tilt-shift photography ; very cool.

Indeed, very cool.

I’m glad to see this video is getting some positive feedback. @SLOrider, I didn’t make this video to make a big deal, I made it to simply showcase our home in a different way than we’ve ever seen it before. I also think calling this easily doable can only be said if you’ve done the doing. In my opinion it was and it wasn’t. It was because I knew what I was doing. It wasn’t because after hiking and filming at a location each clip had to individually be brought into AVID, sped up, rendered, applied back into AVID for stabilization, rendered again, customized in after effects for a miniature look and rendered once again anywhere from 1-6 hours. This process took about 3 months to apply to 67 clips, many of which never made it to the final product. And then of course once I was done doing that, I had to edit together the final video.

You`ve done a great job indeed. It takes time, skill and talent to make such a film, especially to find the right places to film from. Here`s another tiltshift video I came across, also very beautiful: