Did Gearhart ‘own’ officials?

February 7, 2011

Kelly Gearhart

During his heyday, notorious land developer Kelly Gearhart “seemed to own” some of Atascadero’s city council members, says former mayor Mike Brennler in KCCN.tv’s newest installment of its ongoing series, “A County Corrupted: Part 2.

Brennler continues to be rebuffed by his former colleagues when he suggests Gearhart was receiving special considerations. A lengthy federal investigation into the allegations is proceeding.

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How about those Packers!!!!!

Where did the money go…Most of it blown…enough stashed to take care of the family for life, the way they have become accustomed to living. MYSTERY ABOUT THE MONEY NOW SOLVED!!!

For all of those who somehow have a total disconnect with reality and don’t think that Kelly Gearhart did anything wrong or that some of those in positions of authority in Atascadero haven’t abused their positions, I have to ask you: What more do you “need” to see that there has been a failing of the public trust by those officials in A town? Do you still believe that Mr. Gearhart will never be arrested? How can you still think that way?

Very nice Very nice indeed Who was the attorney assisting Gearhart with some of his transactions?

Awe, indeed, there is a schizophrenic thumbs needlessly thumb downing everyone to a voice not of his own.

On one hand it makes me sick

On the other hand, I am glad transparency is prevailing

Its called fermentation, it is a good!

Mr. Holly – There is no denying the $11 million is gone and there is only dirt at the site. Where did the money to build the project go that he was loaned?

Great work on the video. A whole lot of accusations but not one bit of evidence to back up the allegations. After all of these years of “investigative reporting” I would think that somebody could come up with the “smoking gun.”

I too am waiting for as many of them to go to jail who were involved with this. The reporting on this appears more for a platform for “has beens” and lacking in creditbility for the accusations.

There seems to be a lot of credibility here. Mike Brennler seems to be an honorable person. I’m not sure about KG’s ‘step common law mother’, she might have an axe to grind. But where’s the cash, where is all the money that’s slipped through Gearhart’s hands? What about all the people that have lost so much money because of him? If you had lost your life savings because of this guy I bet you’d be singing a different song. I would bet Gearhart’s victims are very grateful that CCN is keeping the fire under this guy.

Good video and very good investigative reporting.

Mike Brennler is an honorable man, what got him into trouble has little or nothing to do with KG. Brennler was ushered into office riding the crest of a wave that consisted of : the anti walmart group, Land conservancy supporters, the various save our trees groups, all aligned with a very vocal group that shows up at every planning commission and City counsel meeting to protest most development projects. This coalition is considered to be anti buisness, I’ve heard many members of this group state that Atascadero should stay a bedroom community to SLO and everyone can commute to SLO for work…hows that for conservation … from our leading conservationists? Once this group had control of the City counsel and picked their new planning commissioners, they embarked on an aggressive agenda, starting with new creek setbacks, that most people felt was the equivalent of taking property away. Afterward a recall began and the fight was on. Yes KG was being targeted but this was more of a side show, that resulted in the business people electing KG citizen of the year more as a slap in the face to the cities new anti-business leadership than any love for KG.