Jan Marx wants seat on Coastal Commission

February 16, 2011

Jan Marx, who just took office as mayor of San Luis Obispo, following a narrow election victory in November, has decided to seek a seat on the California Coastal Commission. [Tribune]

The mayor’s surprise announcement on Tuesday puts her in the running against three other candidates in the county: Pismo Beach City Councilwoman Mary Ann Reiss, Arroyo Grande City Councilman Joe Costello, and District II County Supervisor Bruce Gibson.

Reiss was appointed by then-Governor Schwarzenegger in December to fill a vacancy on the powerful state commission when Katcho Achadjian resigned after winning election to the state Assembly. However, new governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, is reviewing the Reiss appointment and is expected to make a final decision later this month.

Marx said on Tuesday that people have urged her to run, including John Laird, the state’s new Natural Resources Secretary and former mayor of Santa Cruz.

Less than a month in office, Marx found herself the subject of media allegations about the extent of her involvement in trying to defeat the Dalidio Shopping Center project in San Luis Obispo. Marx has sought to downplay her role in the anti-Dalidio campaign despite newly-released documents from the California Fair Political Practices Commission suggesting the opposite.

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the really interesting question here is exactly how much did Jan Marx pay out to John Laird for the recomendation (i am certain she is grateful he is gay) and how much of that bribe came from the payout she received from Copeland for sabatoging Dalidio. KAREN ???

Jan Marx would be the best choice for the vacant seat on the State Coastal Commission, she is very

dedicated to being Mayor of SLO and extremely dedicated to our county. I support Jan Marx decision to

run for this vacant seat. I commend Jan Marx for her dedication to our beloved City of San Luis Obispo,

and our beautiful county.


What union do you belong to?

If the SLO mayor seat is vacant what will it cost the taxpayers to seat a new mayor?

Only a few months in office and she wants another job! What a slap in the face for all those who supported her. She’s a political animal with ONLY her self interests in mind!

If I’m not mistaken, one needn’t resign from the council or mayor position to serve on the Coastal Commission. Katcho remained a County Supervisor while serving on the commission (while shamelessly shilling for big business interests to the detriment of the coast.)

Would it be possible to appoint Andrew Christie or Bill Denneen?

Not only is Jan Marx likely a criminal who should be prosecuted for her involvement in the Dalidio mess but she is an out and out LIAR by her own admission. She stated in her campaign ads that she would be the ONLY full time Mayor. She was the only candidate that would be a full time mayor. She would have no other job. Not my words her words. She is truly a scumbag politician. Dave you need to have her on your show and ask her about her campaign promises. Too bad she is to gutless to appear. Once again we get what we deserve. WAKE UP SLO

This newbie politician obviously has her hands full trying to be Mayor. SLO has enough problems to require her full time attention. What is she thinking? What is John Laird thinking?

One thing Jan is not is a “newbie”. She was a City Councilwoman many years ago, has been a current Councilowoman until elected as Mayor in November, ran a nasty, dishonesty, deceitful sucessful campaign against the Dalidio project, has been a adament Democrat organizer, and is certainly well connected politically. What a shame for SLO to end up with this caliber of a person as its mayor. The people deserve better!

the self righteous moronic citizens of SLO have once again gotten exactly what they deserve. Wish they would go back to LA where they came from and take Christine Mullholland and Bruce Gibson with them.

Amusing that someone from San Simeon would find something wrong with the citizens of SLO getting what they deserve. Rather you should be cheering them on!

Total Power Corrupts Totally

Is Marx “all there?” I honestly wish she would do the honorable thing and resign…

What freaking hubris! Marx needs to go!

Here is the two-month legacy of Mayor Marx:

First, she tries and fails to get her gal-pal Patty Andreen appointed to the city council (thank you Kevin Rice!). Then, Velie and the CCN gang document that Marx repeatedly lied about her involvement in the anti-Dalidio campaign. This week, she and Ashbaugh get snookered and caught offguard by Carter and now they’re scrambling fast.

Now she wakes up and decides–despite all the challenges and issues facing this community–that she wants to be on the Coastal Commission? This is unbelievable and a slap in the face to the voters of San Luis Obispo..

Someone please tell the mayor to fix the problems in SLO first.

I don’t know about the political maneuverings, but Patty Andreen might be an excellent choice as a city council member.

Is that some sort of sick joke? Andreen showed her true colors when she “interviewed for the job” of city councilperson before a packed council chambers. She made an ass out of herself and didn’t receive a single vote — even from her best gal-pal Marx…

Please explain. (I missed the interview.)

Me too. It wasn’t a “job interview!” Those were Andreen’s words. It was a chance for her to try and make the case that she should be appointed to the city council. She tried by attacking her opponent and in the process she made her true colors known to all in attendance…

What are these supposed “true colors” you are referring to? What are you talking about?