Steven Smith not guilty of attempted murder

February 15, 2011

A jury found Steven Smith, the man on trial for shooting a pregnant woman in Paso Robles, guilty of attempted voluntary manslaughter on Monday afternoon.

The jury found Smith not guilty of attempted murder, attempted murder of a fetus and burglary.

Smith repeatedly shot a woman who was nearly nine-months pregnant with his child in November 2009.

Smith claimed the woman was stalking him. The district attorney said he was trying to avoid the responsibility of being a father.

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I would be very happy to contribute to the surgery to prevent this numbskull from ever having to be a father again.

and you don’t have a problem with “Stanko the baby mill” tricking men into becoming baby daddies for money? Anybody with 5 children (by 5 different men) that doesn’t know how to avoid having a 6th is the one that needs to have their tubes tied in my opinion.

Oh yes I do, Tie her tubes too.

And make fertility clinics illegal

And make birth control free and easy to access at all high schools

Require any pregnant woman and her spouse or impending father that accesses subsidized medical care to attend parenting classes.

I dont know how you shoot someone in the face and then take another shot at them and not be trying to kill that person. That may be a total C U iN Toledo but that doesnt justify shooting her. I cant imagine the guy will get anything less than the 18 1/2 years. Sad to see someone destroy so many lives but he did it to himself and unfortunatley he did it to her too regardless of her personal traits

I think that Smith will get far less than the possible maximum of 18 years. You’re forgetting that a jury sat through this trial for a month and listened to all the testimony, examined all the evidence and then spent a week discussing it. They decided that his actions did not rise to premeditated attempted murder or even attempted murder. They also decided that he was not attempting to kill the infant/fetus. If this was about the baby he had a great big target called her belly to shoot at and he didn’t do that. It was clearly about HER.

Smith has no previous record, no one died or suffered permanent injuries and even murderers don’t always get 18 years. I also don’t believe that he is seen as a continued threat to society, this was a matter of circumstances. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is sentenced to half that time and then with good time served is released after perhaps 4 years.

The only problem with that is that the jury isnt sentencing him and the 18 1/2 years is the punishent for the crime he was convicted of, and not the attempted murder charge. Id be very suprised if he got less than 12-14. I think that you might not think he is a threat to society but the judge obviously does as shown when he remanded him to county jail. The judge clearly said he thinks he is a threat and the judge is the one who will sentence him.

Im pretty sure that anyone convicted of a violent offense has to do at least 85 percent of the sentence. if he is given 10 years he is going to have to eight and a half

I’m not aware that the judge stated that he is a threat to society. He was out on bail up until he was found guilty. I think he is considered a possible flight risk at this point because he is surely facing some prison time.

Th 18 years is the maximum according to the sentencing guide lines for this charge. Maximum sentences are rarely doled out unless there are some extenuating circumstances like the victim will be in a wheel chair the rest of their life or if the crime was exceptionally brutal like cutting off her nose or something else he didn’t like. He also is a first time offender and has a zero history of violence. All of the above will be considered.

You might be right but I don’t think he will receive more than 1/2 of the possible sentence. I think he could actually receive less, maybe even only 6 years. I guess we will find out next month. It will be interesting.

“He was trying to avoid the responsibilities of being a father.” Hey guys? There are easier ways of avoidance. It’s called a vasectomy. No harm to others and no child support. Celibacy is another solution and costs nothing. Now this guy gets to try to avoid attempted impregnation by a fellow inmate. Hard to feel sorry for him.

They both knew that if paternity was proved after the baby was born, that he would have to pay child support (by state law). She wanted him to pay for maternity expenses beforehand, and he wasn’t sure that the baby was his. I’m sure that she also wanted to strike a deal for more child support money than she would get through the state in return for ending the harrassment.

“He was trying to avoid the responsibilities of being a father”. Not really. He actually had good reason to doubt if he was actually the father before paternity was proved.