Cell phones seized from Charles Manson

February 14, 2011

Cult killer Charles Manson was just one of 11,000 California inmates caught with cell phones in 2010. Manson was caught calling and texting people in California, Florida, New Jersey and British Columbia. He had missed calls from Arkansas, Indiana and Massachusetts on the phone that guards discovered in March 2009, and he was caught with a second phone last month. [Associated Press]

Prison officials have become so outraged at the notion of violent inmates like Manson possessing cell phones that they are trying new ways to strike back. They are preparing to test a system that would capture every cell phone signal from a prison and block unauthorized calls, as California and other states search for technology to stop what has become a growing problem inside prison walls.

California legislators are also considering three proposed changes to state law that would step up enforcement against cell phone violators in prison.

Manson obtained two cell phones despite being housed in California’s only Protective Housing Unit, reserved for the most notorious inmates. They have their own exercise yard at Corcoran State Prison, and their meals are cooked by prison employees – instead of other inmates – for fear of poisoning.

Yet the 76-year-old Manson has been calling and texting people all over North America.

Officials will not release the names of the people Manson was communicating with on the phone seized in 2009. They also won’t say where Manson was calling with his second phone as they struggle with the huge volume of cell phone investigations.

Authorities believe Manson received the first phone from a visitor, a typical method of contraband delivery. Guards encounter more creative methods as well, including phones that are punted over prison walls inside soccer balls. Guards themselves have been accused of smuggling many of the phones.

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I wonder if they’ll look at the call history to see who he called. I wish that they would make that public.

Doing life in prison for being a murderous cult leader? There’s an app for that.

Maybe he was texting a valentine to judge Rose Bird who saved him from the death penalty.

And of course Gov Brown appointed Chief Justice Bird and she was the only Supreme Court Justice to be removed from office by the vote of the people. Our judical system is like everything else the government is involved in, just srewed up and incompetent…

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” W.C.

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

It really would be mind boggling if it turns out that he was calling family members! It’s my understanding that he still has some die hards here in California and elsewhere that suffered permanent mind altering effects from their 1000+ acid trips. I mean really…….he has said that he would still like to kill as many of us white pigs as possible. I have no doubt that he would give the orders and name the targets if he had the followers. What a trip.

To those old enough, remember how heinous and unbelievable the Tate / LaBianca murders by Manson and his followers were back in the day? I was just a So Cal kid but I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Sad thing is….it’s chump change by today’s standards.

That’s scares me more than Manson with an iPhone.

My lame attempt at humor at Glen Beck’s expense was based on some of the snippets of his TV show where I have seen him speaking directly to the camera after it has zoomed in tightly on his face and he lowers his voice as if he is trying to speak in a “serious” tone and then blurts out some crazy poop of theory; Charles Manson was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder because he didn’t actually kill anyone, he “talked” others into doing what he wanted them to do; Glen Beck appears (to me anyway) as someone who could be influenced by someone like Manson who apparently has the ability to get people to do things that they would probably not do on their own, and Mr. Beck appears (again, at least to me) as someone who would rather attempt to influence someone to do his bidding rather than try and do the deed himself, sort of a Manson protege, without the murderous intent that apparently drove Manson to do what he did. I am sure that many conservatives and especially fans of Glen Beck will think that I am completely off my rocker, but if you try to compare the similarities without the emotional baggage of thinking about what Manson did, you really cannot deny that there are some erie similarities between the two men.

BLS, I am not a Beck “fan” but have watched him on occasion. I admit some of his ramblings are a bit off the mark but I cannot say I have ever thought to compare him to Manson. I find no eerie similarities except they both are male…

O.K., we all get it by now. You disagree with, and generally do not care for Glen Beck. You need not troll around this entire website finding unrelated articles that you can spin and stretch to include Glen Beck. Writing another dozen or so paragraphs about Beck in the comments section of an unrelated article just makes you sound insecure about your beliefs and opinions. Agian, we get it. “bobfromsanluis” really, really, really, doesn’t like Glen Beck.

Now we know who bobfromsanluis is!

Fess up Chuck-a-bob, is it a Droid or an iPhone?

How about some jail time for the overpaid prison employee who smuggled the phone to Manson

Wonder if Janet Incompetano is in charge of prison security also?

I am just wondering if Manson has been calling Glen Beck to give him ideas for his radio and T.V. shows; given some of the snippets that I have seen and/or heard, doesn’t sound like too much of a stretch, Glen sounds pretty crazy sometimes.

BLS, how on earth do you get from Manson to Beck? Impressive. Try this one: show us how you get from Shirley Temple to Beck, ok?

When you don’t take your med’s, you become like Manson, Bob have you taken your med’s today?

Delusional thinking can cause irrational thinking and behavior.