Arroyo Grande purchases $4,000 dog vests

March 26, 2011

Arroyo Grande Police purchased protective dog vests for a pair of police dogs to better ensure the dogs’ safety.

Community donations were used to entirely fund the costs of the vests, approximately $4,000.

Because of the weight of the vests, officers will place the vests on the dogs based upon an assessment of risks and circumstances. During incidents such as standoffs, dogs can be used to secure the scene.

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Where do you get your facts? If you read the actual press release from AGPD, you will see the vests were donated. This was initiated by Officer Ayala.

I have donated towards buying K9’s for LE. I love the K9’s and support all efforts toward utilizing them. They are a good investment in LE when you figure they do not get benefits and retirement compared to the officers! If a officer cannot be doubled up at night then a K9 is a good choice in many areas.

KCOY had a more in-depth piece on this last night. Interesting story. A lady (not local) had heard about a police dog in her area getting killed in the line of duty. She started a group that raises funds to buy these protective police dog vests for police departments around the US.

Not sure why the negativity…sounds like a positive story to me.

They need more donations, where are the doggie Darth Vader helmets?

Slow, SLO, same difference :)

Why is this a news story? Slow day at CCN?

Happy for the dogs and especially happy that the money came in through private donations.

“Why is this a news story” . . . not a favorite topic with us,please don’t take it personally if a comment disappears,(see guidelines) off topic comments about moderation disappear quickly. If you have a question please Email

Why is this a NEWS STORY???????????????????

because it’s one of the few times that AG didn’t SPEND and OVER SPEND tax payers MONEY !!!!!!

And a WORTHY cause !!!!!!