Four more radio stations drop Glenn Beck

March 25, 2011

Glenn Beck

The controversy over right wing radio talk show host Glenn Beck continues with the news that Buckley Radio is dropping the hot-button program from four of its stations in Connecticut. [Media Matters]

Buckley officials announced Beck would be removed from WDRC-AM, WWCO-AM, WSNG-AM, and WMMW-AM, which simulcast the same programs.

“I am making the change in programming to address the Talk of Connecticut listener’s desire for more locally originated program that feature Connecticut issues,” Eric Fanhoe, Vice President/General Manager, Buckley Radio of Connecticut, wrote in an e-mail Thursday.

Grahame Winters, the Connecticut division’s program director, also confirmed the need for more local programming in an e-mail:

“Quite simply, we are making the change in our programming lineup because our TALK of Connecticut listeners have expressed a desire for more locally originated programming featuring issues important to us here at home. This change will more closely align us with that goal.”

The move comes nearly three months after WOR Radio, Buckley’s flagship station in New York, dropped Beck in early January. At that time, WOR executives replaced Beck with a local veteran host.

Buckley will now carry Beck’s show only on its station in Bakersfield.

Liberal activists have targeted radio stations that carry Glenn Beck by contacting advertisers and meeting with management to have the program yanked.

Glenn Beck is heard locally on KVEC in San Luis Obispo and the station has seen its ratings increase since adding the Beck program.



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UPDATE: Washington, DC — Media Matters for America founder David Brock released the following statement in response to Fox News and Mercury Radio Arts announcing that Glenn Beck will “transition off his daily program” later this year. “After losing more than 300 advertisers and seeing more than 1,000,000 viewers abandon his show the only surprise is that it took Fox News months to reach this decision,” said Brock. “Fox News now has to choose: will it eliminate all violent rhetoric from the network – not just during the 5PM hour? And will the network make a commitment to end its role as a political operation masquerading as a news station?”

Looks like it is about time for Glenn Beck to take his toe out of the “presidential candidate 2012” wading pool.

They say the best disinfectant is bright sunshine and clean air, and it appears that certainly is the case for the “presidential candidate 2012” pool.

The more Beck shows what he has to offer America, the more America recoils in horror and revulsion.

Too bad. Beck and Michelle Bachman would have made quite a VP running mate for Beck.

Gosh that would be a fun campaign to watch (Beck and Bachmann)!

I attack Glenn Beck frequently and I’ve never met George Soros nor has he paid me anything. But if this Mr. Soros is working to counter-act all the propaganda and destructive rhetoric spewed by Glenn Beck, well, then thank goodness and more power to him!

The truth as to who is behind the attacks on Glenn Beck is finally coming out! George Soros

Don’t you love how George Soros has worked his way into running everything… here’s a little diddy about how he has backed group(s) that are working to attack Glenn Beck’s advertisers and radio syndication.

I was wondering if somebody was buying the pitchforks for the local yahoos…

BTW, politico is owned by Joe Allbritton’s son.

What a crock! Soros is NOT “running everything.” And if he doesn’t like Glenn Beck, so what? Doesn’t he have that right in America?

KVEC has seen its ratings increase? According to WHO?

Anyone who understands the so-called “ratings” scam in radio, knows that for a market this size, such “ratings” are based on inconclusive, often misleading research.

Associating itself with a well-known name like “Glenn Beck” can help a station rise in the ratings, even if actual listenership does not increase.

Easy-to-remember call letters can also help boost ratings, even when listenership does not rise.

There are many factors involved that are conveniently ignored when station’s tout their ratings.

One thing we do know is that some people now tune into the Beck program to hear what companies advertise and thus which advertisers to shun. That too can count as contributing to a ratings “increase”.

Another thing that is for certain: Beck and Limbaugh are America’s prime purveyors of aural vomit—with the help of KVEC.

Well said!

According to Dave Congalton, he and King Harris are the real heavyweights that make KVEC successful. So, I guess it doesn’t matter whether whether they air Beck or Limbaugh.

If KVEC radio cared about increasing listenership, all the station would have to do is cancel Glenn Beck and replace his show with broadcasts from Al Jazeera. I guarantee ratings would increase. And our perspectives would broaden, rather than clench.

But stations keep Beck because of backroom deals and laziness throughout the radio industry. There’s few industries as cynical as radio these days and that’s why few in the industry bother to stand up against feeding Americans this krapoloa.

So much GOOD could be done with radio, but we are fed Glenn Beck instead. That’s like having Krusty the Klown be your children’s teacher.

Putting Glenn Beck on the radio is like feeding children fresh vomit everyday for breakfast. It’s cheap and warm and easy.

Feeding children fresh vomit? I don’t know to many kids who tune into Beck but I can offer fresh daily vomit is exactly what rap music is and yet its all the rage isn’t it. Perhaps we should whine and form a coalition to have it removed from the air waves before it turns all our kids into vomit spewing gang bangers who eat their young. And your opinion of how much good can be done with the radio, as long as you approve of what on, apparently that’s the case. It tragic some of you are force fed media you despise beyond comprehension, I wont begin to wonder what conditions exist in which you cannot change or turn off the radio to prevent hearing such hateful crap, perhaps your in a third world country under rule of a madman,perhaps chained to a wall in a dungeon and tortured by loud speakers blaring Beck. Where ever you are obviously your not a free man. Perhaps when your unbound from your sentence you can find a way to America where we have diversity and freedom of speech and if you don’t like something you simply don’t listen or walk away.

Should we assume you are a Glenn Beck fan?

There were a lot of people who defended Adolph Hitler’s radio diatribes also in much the same manner as you defend Beck.

Of course Beck has the legal right to broadcast his lies and hatreds. But I have an equal right to express my contempt for the man and his divisive, disgusting messages that cause so much harm to our nation (whether I happen to be listening or not.)

This one of the funniest clips on Youtube. Thank you Glenn Beck for providing so many laughs:

Why the thumbs down, who doesn’t think that clip is funny? Just kidding, I know that I received the thumbs down simply because I was the one that posted it. But it is a funny funny video.