High speed chase ends in fatal crash

March 17, 2011

UPDATE: Jeffrey Douglas Filipponi, 32, of Santa Margarita died earlier today when he crashed his Acura while fleeing from police on the ramp from Highway 101 to Highway 58.

Original story: A high speed chase that started in Pismo Beach ended in a fatal crash in Santa Margarita Thursday morning at about 4 a.m.

A Pismo Beach Police officer conducting a traffic stop for a felony vehicle violation was approaching a white Acura when the driver sped away. The Pismo Beach officer and a Grover Beach Police unit followed the suspect north on Highway 101.

Fleeing at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour, the male driver exited the highway in San Luis Obispo, dropped off a passenger and headed back to the freeway with officers in pursuit.

While attempting to take the Santa Margarita exit, the suspect left the road near the end of the exit and crashed. The unnamed driver was pronounced dead at the scene.



  1. mkaney says:

    You’ve got to give the guy some credit for dropping off his passenger!

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  2. roymann says:


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  3. Brahma says:

    I wonder if this guy was related to the prominent family of Doug Filliponi of Santa Margarita, one of the owners of the Santa Margarita Ranch and Ancient Peaks Winery fame.

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    • darwin_is_rolling_over says:

      He was Doug’s son and the vineyard manager. My sympathy goes out to Doug and his family not only because they lost their son, but also because even though the family has tried to support Jeff through his trial and tribulations with drug abuse, it ended like this. It is a tragic ending to a tragic story from a good family.

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      • Jack L says:

        True. None the less putting the public at risk no matter what ones issue are, is not right. If he was a danger to himself and others, why was there no oversight? In this country, adults are responsible for their actions.

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  4. Jack L says:

    Another DarWINNER. Probably did not have their seat belt on. Why run from LE and put your life and other lives at risk unless you are a first class desperado? Seems it would have been a lot safer to go to jail.

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    • darwin_is_rolling_over says:

      There is a difference between stupid and sick. Drug and alcohol addiction is a sickness that affects good people sometimes and there are no winners.

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  5. SLORider says:

    Just what is a felony vehicle violation? Didn’t pass smog? I think maybe this isn’t worded so well.

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    • Cindy says:

      I’ve never heard of a felony vehicle violation! At least he dropped off his passenger before he decided to give the cops the business. Regardless of what the reason was for the driver to run, that passenger must feel beside themselves after hearing how things ended. Right now, this is a very sad story.

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    • choprzrul says:

      I would imagine that it was actually what is known as a felony vehicle stop. From what little I know about it, it is done when the officer reasonably believes that an elevated risk level exists. Examples would be a stolen car, witnessed drug activities, witnessed weapons brandished, etc. The stop will typically involve the officer drawing his weapon and issuing commands from a cover position. This would help explain the presence of the Grover Beach officer on scene @ a Pismo Beach stop. I witnessed one of these types of stops take place mid-day right in front of my office. Lots of patrol cars arriving, lots of officers, guns drawn, yelling, etc. Turned out that they had stopped a drug task force officer working undercover while the actual bad guy got away.

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      • Cindy says:

        “they had stopped a drug task force officer working undercover while the actual bad guy got away.”
        Guess it was that guy’s lucky day! I do have to wonder why this guy ran, until I hear why, I can’t help but feel sorry about all this, especially since I know he was decent enough to drop off his passenger at their home where they would be safe, which isn’t the same thing as slowing down so someone can jump out and cause a diversion. He couldn’t have been all that bad since we know that he cared about his passenger enough to see to it that they weren’t harmed.

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        • darwin_is_rolling_over says:

          Doug’s son has had drug problems for a long time and actually had a felony sentencing coming up soon. I am sure, unfortunately, it had to do with drugs.

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    • rallyraid says:

      Losing a life is by no means funny, but I had to laugh about the didn’t pass smog bit, after all we are in Kalifornication. LOL…

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      • choprzrul says:

        You’ve got that all wrong.

        It’s the PRK

        People’s Republic of Kalifornia


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