Armed robberies plague Paso Robles

April 18, 2011

Paso Robles Police are investigating a string of armed robberies of businesses on Spring Street.

On Saturday night, two men demanded money from a clerk of JNJ Liquor Store at 3355 Spring St. Before fleeing the shop, one of the robbers pistol whipped the store clerk.

One of the men wore a ski mask while the other covered his face with a bandanna. Both men wore hooded sweat shirts one blue with white and the other grey.

On April 4, a man with a blue and white sweatshirt and a dark mask and carrying a gun in his right hand ordered the clerk at Domino’s Pizza on 2138 Spring Street to give him cash and then fled with an undisclosed amount of money.

Police describe the robber as thin with a dark complexion.

The next day, a white man with a scarf covering his face, entered DK’s Donuts at 1740 Spring Street 1740, took out a gun, demanded money and pistol whipped the employee before leaving with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police have not said if any of the robberies are related.

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It looks like the PD has caught these losers:

Throw the book at em’.

I wonder about the possibility of any of the hand guns used in these crimes as being owned by the Police Chief once upon a time. Or did she simply lose the one that was reported a few years ago. I certainly hope that no one is shot during any of these robberies that could occur.

Unless she lost another one, that one was returned to her.

Paso is really not that big of a town, one would think that police could get a handle on the crime on at least Spring Street. Maybe they were too occupied giving out speeding tickets.

Don’t discount the possibility that the suspects aren’t from Paso. One of the drawbacks to having a freeway run right through the middle of town is that it’s easy for someone to get off the freeway, commit a crime, jump back on the freeway and be gone before the crime is even reported. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but it does happen quite a bit.