Gov. Brown requests federal aid for Morro Bay

April 8, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown applied for federal disaster relief for Santa Luis Obispo County and five others affected by the March 11 tsunami that sank boats and damaged docks along the coast, he announced Wednesday. [MercuryNews]

Brown’s request says the state sustained $48.1 million in damage, with $455,000 in damage occurring at the Morro Bay Harbor. To apply for federal aid, the state had to meet a threshold of $44 million in total damages.

“The water surge required extensive emergency response and cleanup,” Brown wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama, who will determine whether aid is sent. “Emergency shelters were opened and thousands of residents were evacuated from their homes.”

If approved, aid will be used to supplement repairs and recovery efforts in San Luis Obispo County, Del Norte County, Humboldt County, Mendocino County, San Mateo County and Santa Cruz County.

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Jerry just DOESN’T “GET IT”! What exactly was the “federal disaster” in Morro Bay? A REAL disaster is what happened in Japan! Just so you know, I DID NOT vote for Jerry! What a flake!

What about the Los Osos Sewer Disaster? Can we get some aid for that? Maybe send in some troops to clean out the corrupt county government.

What do they need “federal aid” for when they have insurance?

Uh Jerry, just how dense are you? There is no “federal aid”, there’s only borrowed Chinese dollars. Get It?