Two arrested in Paso Robles meth lab bust

April 7, 2011

San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies arrested two people at a meth lab on Prairie Road is rural Paso Robles earlier today. [KCOY]

Deputies serving a search warrant found one man in the meth lab located near the rear of the property. A woman found in a home at the front of the property was arrested on a probation violation.

Deputies are searching for a third suspect, Ryan Block, 28, who is listed as armed and dangerous.

Investigators wore hazmat suits while they search the house. Environmental health officials are also on scene checking ground water and code enforcement officers are looking at possible land use violations.

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Check this out:

Drug Trade – Fletcher Prouty

The drug trade – US spends billions of dollars to have an impenetrably Air Defense system. Col. Prouty was one of the founders of Air Defense Command so he knows exactly what its business is and how it works.

Tweakers suck!

Regarding the post about “pot Smokers who generally dont cause problems”.

At one time I had the same opinion.

Then over the years I watched my comunity go into the S&#tt&r because of the kids of the harmless pot smokers!.

It’s not harmless if our youth watch the adults who are there role models get stoned every day!

Most of them live from check to check (yes I know lots of us are doing that because of the economy) . But, getting stoned does not move you forward!

I am glad to see the Sheriff”s Dept. dealing with a real drug problem and not worrying about a bunch of pot smokers who generally don’t cause problems in the community other than being “slackers”.

I recently had to evict a relapsed addict renting a room from me and learned the hard way how manipulative, deceitful and vindictive they can be. This one was even more nasty to a neighbor — screaming obscenities at her kids, engaging in minor acts of vandalism and theft and basically driving them from their place while I waded through the interminable eviction process.

And this person was just an addict, not a dealer. Those who make and sell meth are even more dangerous and destructive. I have seen what they will do to the places they rent — several thousands of dollars of repairs after they leave — and heard stories of what they will do to protect their labs and products.

The role of law enforcement should be to remove threats to the well-being of the community not someone getting needed relief — or even a light buzz — from a substance that has no more negative effects than alcohol. Granted pot smokers are a lot easier and safer to bust, but one reason cops are paid so well is that they are expected to take risks and deal with dangerous people in the course of their jobs. If they can’t hack that they should take another less rigorous job and learn to live with a lower pay and benefit scale.

Tweekers are easy to spot. When I first moved to Atascadero, there were two tweekers living in a rented granny unit on the property next door. They both worked for the city of A-Town. The male (Paul)worked in maintenance and the female (Wendy) worked in bookkeeping! The female used to yell expletives out her window several times a night at somebody named fu**ing whore. She believed that a woman was sneaking up to the granny unit during the night to have an affair with Paul! Wendy used to run down the deer trails trying to chase the woman who she knew had just thrown an acorn at her window to get Paul to come out and play with her. It was the most bizarre thing…… One day Wendy stopped by and asked if I had ever seen a strange woman around and if I did, what did she look like as Wendy had never seen “the bitch”! They finally got evicted after I caught Wendy hiding in my bushes in an attempt to catch the phantom at 3:AM! When they moved, she explained that she was going to go to rehab because she needed to stop putting meth in her morning coffee. I wonder how the A-town books turned out back then?

This is a honest to goodness true and factual recap.

Thank you Sheriff Ian Parkinson and to all your deputies. Money well spent on this raid.

Every neighborhood has to be vigilant. When I lived in AG, some renters moved in and started selling dope at all hours of the night. They were two doors down from a police officer’s house and around the corner from the Police Chief. Needless to say, they were caught. The drug group doesn’t care if real estate people call it “one of the finest neighborhoods”.

But, they “were only making soap”…

Is anyone out there a reformed tweeker?