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Gov. Brown requests federal aid for Morro Bay

Gov. Jerry Brown applied for federal disaster relief for Santa Luis Obispo County and five others affected by the March 11 tsunami that sank boats and damaged docks along the coast, he announced Wednesday. [MercuryNews] Brown’s request says the state... (Continue reading)

California’s worst tsunamis

Expected tsunamis, generated by yesterday’s 8.8 magnitude Chilean earthquake, prompted the evacuations of thousands of people. However, while the surge could be seen in some areas, damage was minimal and in California little or no change in wave size was... (Continue reading)

8.8 earthquake rocks Chile; tsunami warnings issued for Hawaii and California

A devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile Saturday morning, setting off a tsunami threatening California, Hawaii, and every Pacific Ocean nation. [Washington Post] Interior Minister Edmundo Perez Yoma said this morning’s quake was the most powerful tremor to hit his... (Continue reading)