Anti-hate forum set for Monday night in Arroyo Grande

April 7, 2011

A community forum in response to last month’s cross-burning incident is scheduled for Monday at 6 p.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Arroyo Grande.

The event, “Responding to Hate and Bias in the Community” will include a panel discussion featuring Cyndi Silverman of the Anti-Defamation League, Lawanda Lyons-Pruitt of the Santa Maria/Lompoc NAACP, and San Luis Obispo attorney Jeff Stulberg.

Audience members will be encouraged to participate in the discussion, to be held at 959 Valley Road in Arroyo Grande.

Police, now assisted by the FBI, are still investigating the cross-burning incident, which occurred in the early morning hours of March 18 and involved an 11-foot cross which had been stolen earlier in the month from St. John’s church.

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Truth smarts, now doesn’t it?

I agree with Maxfusion,I grew up in the projects in a town that’s 83 % black. The highest in the country. People like Mary Malone are clueless about what really goes on between the races. Hate and fear between the races is a reality. Animals and humans, it doesn’t matter. Mary, you’ve never been exposed to anything but media. Newsflash, it’s not real. Wishing something doesn’t make it happen.

This ain’t the movies, it’s “the way it is”, sorry that pops your dreamy conception of what’s real.

People like you worry me. You belong to the most violent, warlike country in the world, America, and you think you have no worries when exposed to the other races?

The media no longer reports on crime as in times past. They studied people’s reactions and discovered they became depressed and didn’t watch TV and read as much. Also real estate was effected in violent areas opening liability issues. Now government doesn’t want attention drawn to crime for fear of having to divert money away from defense and into law enforcement.

It’s survival of the fittest, Ms. Malone.

Any violence in Africa lately? Or how about Mexico? America too, we do it with missles, jets and ships and have killed millions in the last 40 yrs.

……Let me amend the end of my rant above by adding that we have been responsible oand/or promoted wars that killed many. Not good.

A) If the best you can do is personally attack ME, instead of my opinion, then you’re admitting you cannot refute my opinion.

B). When you have to stoop to fantasize what you would LIKE to believe about me–just because my opinion is different from yours–and then post that as if it is fact, then you are parading your weakness for all to see.

Darlin’, I grew up in a city about 4 miles from Watts. During the summer a friend and I, at startign at age ten, during the summer, would take the public bus through Watts to get to Exposition Park, where the museums were located.

Later, when I got my first car, an old VW beater that I didn’t trust on the freeways, I would drive through Watts to get to work in downtown LA–every morning, every evening, 5 days a week.

My brother-in-law worked at the LACounty Sheriff’s substation in the Watts area.

I went to community college at East Los Angeles Community College, within spitting distance of Mar Vista projects.

Don’t presume to guess what my background is.

C. Also, your argument about there being more hate crimes in other countries is illogical because it has nothing to do with the hate crime that occurred in AG.

Just because, between January and September 2007, 42,000 rapes in ONE PROVINCE of the DR Congo alone were REPORTED–does that mean the local media shouldn’t report a rape that occurs in AG?

D) I don’t know who you are “worrying about,” since your “you people” comment–which is a red flag for bigotry about to be launched–doesn’t refer to me—it refers to the pathetic strawman argument you had to concoct out of nothing but your imagination to try to score some kind of point. You might try worrying about the young woman who got an 11-foot cross burned in front of your bedroom window.

OK, Neither of us live in racial crapholes anymore, now we’re in “the happiest place in America”, remember? So don’t bring old paranoias with you here. i didn’t.

I warned in an earlier post this could be pumped up by the media if people like you keep it growing. Here’s the headline, BURNING CROSSES IN AMERICA’S HAPPIEST PLACE!.

Then what, KKK dudes coming outa the woodwork from everywhere to back “the burgeoning movement”?

Don’t think it could happen when we live right next to the media capital of the world, LA?

If I’m the bigot here then why am I trying to calm the issue down and you’re effort is to pump it up into a racial problem that doesn’t exist, but will if you don’t cool off?

OMG! That is one of the most horrendous hate crimes I have ever heard of. You’re right, or rather the article is right, this was not carried on the news and it’s easy enough to guess why. I almost wish I hadn’t read that article.

OMG! That is one of the most horrendous hate crimes I have ever heard of.


Left wing love fest. Will the NAACP address the disproportionate ratio of black on white crime?

I can see everyones points on this but we shouldn’t just blow it off. This could have been stupid kids that aren’t mature enough to understand the history of what they did or know that they are being stupid. There is an issue with gang crime, it seems to be more prevalent but we rarely hear about it. Sometimes when you hear about a cluster of hate crime such as this it’s the ole copy-cat thing. Some kids were probably jealous of the attention that the cross burning thing received so they tried to top it by breaking into a school. A crime that no one cares about, the media, the police, adult protection services etc. but happens all the time, even in little happy towns like this and that’s elder abuse. My family has had an issue with this and I’ve since learned that it’s very common and in every community. I want the PD to go after hate crime but I wish that media wouldn’t give it so much attention.

Hate crime needs to monitored and stopped but so does other crime. There is all kinds of stupid mean people out there. I hope that the AG PD doesn’t tolerate any crime that hurts others.

“I want the PD to go after hate crime but I wish that media wouldn’t give it so much attention.”

I agree and there is one news site that seems to have gone into overtime and on occassion has even stirred it up where It didn’t exist, like reporting on other reputable news sites, ie: “I Hate the Media”.

When there is a hate crime, and the FBI is called in, I think it’s more a case of the other media publications being too beholding to the Chamber of Commerce and other “public-image” organizations to DO THEIR FREAKING JOB and report ALL of the news.

There is a lot of public discussion about these hate crimes. The fact that other local publications are not providing more coverage is absolutely shameful.

When is the last time the FBI was called in to Arroyo Grande to help with an investigation?

Guess what folks, there are small segments of white power groups in every city in this country. Kids break into schools all the time and yes for all the NASTY grafitti out there, every now and then someone white writes it and says so. Everybody should get a lawyer, what about the people that are always being made fun of for having big butts. Something should be done about that. Lets have a big butts meeting.

What is ineresting is that there will be a forum devoted exclusively on hate crimes, yet there are very few hate crimes in this county. The current crime as reported is very sketchy as to what really happened and whether it was really a hate crime or kids pulling a prank.

There are many other issues and crimes that are much more prevelant here and some like gang related crime is much more violent and dangerous to the overall public, especially in the south county or across the Santa Maria River.

How much hate crime do you need in order to justify a forum? There is a confirmed cross burning in Arroyo Grande. There is evidence of a white supremacist group in the same town. That’s enough for me. I’ll be there Monday night if I can get off work.

Correct, but here comes the Jewish Anti-Defamation league and Jeff Stulberg, making sure they put any sparks out that could start a fire. They sure don’t need that., especially with what’s going on today.

If these two phonies cause these dumb prankster kids to do time then it’s Cyndi and Jeff who are the criminals.

You couldent be more right on the money there Justme as they should wait till a real crime…..ahhh I mean prank like lynching somebody takes place. Actually I guess that could be construed as a prank also, maybe the kids were just trying to make a Pinata.

ONE hate crime is enough for a REAL investigation and as many public meetings as necessary to deal with the paranoid local bigots oozing out of the woodwork now.

It’s bad enough we had ONE hate crime, but to see so many local people opining that it’s not a big deal and too much is being made of it–that is a concern for all law-abiding non-bigots.

Bigots are bigots–if they are racial bigots, they can also be bigotted towards other minorities, too.

They already have the twisted mind-set–that they have the right to judge which constitutional rights apply to all of us. Just because they are targeting a minority we don’t belong to doesn’t mean they cabn decide one day that other minorities in AG are worthy of terrorism just because they live here.