DEA licensing marijuana farms

May 29, 2011

Despite the federal government’s staunch opposition to medical marijuana, the Drug Enforcement Administration has licensed 55 pharmaceutical companies to grow cannabis for use in producing generic versions of the THC capsule Marinol, according to the East Bay Express.

Marinol was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1985 as a treatment for the nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy. However, it was never that popular with cancer patients who said THC-only Marinol didn’t provide the same relief as smoking pot, which contains 66 different canabinoids.

But Marinol is about to get a big boost. Its patent has recently expired, and a review of clinical human trials show sixteen studies under way that, if successful, would broaden generic Marinol’s uses considerably beyond treating nausea in cancer patients, said the East Bay Express.

Proponents of medical cannabis question how the DEA can license big-pharmaceutical companies to cultivate pot while fighting against the sale of medical marijuana.

“They’ve got to realize, as a political issue, this is going to raise a red flag,” said Kris Hermes, spokesperson for medical marijuana lobby Americans for Safe Access, to the East Bay Express. “Here we have companies cultivating marijuana on a mass scale to produce generic Marinol. It’s going to force the government to answer more questions than it wants to.”

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Big Brother knows which side his bread is buttered on. He doesn’t like competition, either! Try it, and you’ll wind up in one of his special prisons for “competitors.” Government motto: if you are going to steal, steal big; if you are going to make money, kill off the competititon any way you can.”

Sonofawitch. THAT’s why the government law-enforcement agencies have been so gestapoesque in their suppression of growers and legal distributors.

Actually, it sounds like RACKETEERING :angry: , which is a crime, to me.

What this basically is is (1) a government-controlled monopoly, and (2) a protection racket, with big pharma as the protectees.

The DEA is a government agency. As such, it and its actions have to conform to Administrative Procedure Act, and other law standards which other U.S. government agencies also have to conform to. This means that when it takes action, there has to be notice, a set of standards (which also must conform to due process standards of the US CONSTITUTION in their formulation i.e. notice, hearing, chance to present evidence, even a procedure itself, etc etc. Frankly, I don’t think it ever took place because WHO HEARD ABOUT THIS (EXCEPT BIG PHARMA)!!!! Meanwhile, the rest of the country has been raided, jailed, assuaulted, battered, tortured,……murdered…..HELLO! See your local friendly, Federal administrative lawyer (and court) for details!!!!!!

We’ve had some big stories come out lately in the American cannabis area, but this is by far the biggest yet. Time to jump down the throats of the DEA and DoJ and KICK SOME LEGAL ASS(HOLES)!!!! Call your CONGRESS-CRITTER and the National Guard. This is big! Keep an eye on it, and SMACK THEM TO THE CURB!!!!

This whole story is about a set-up job for corporate insiders and their corrupt puppets at the Dept. of Justice and the DEA. Time for JUSTICE to happen in the Justice Department.

RACKETEERING is exactly what it is. That’s what the government is all about. This country isn’t being governed; it’s being fleeced and destroyed six ways to Sunday!

Wake up people, you are in the hands of gangsters who mean you NO GOOD!

Gone are the days of freedom in America. You can now be arrested for dancing, even without music, as can be seen in this video shot yesterday at the Jefferson Memorial.

The courts have ruled (because juries are unaware that they can ignore bad law) that U.S. Monuments, unlike sidewalks, are not free speech zones, therefore no protesting is allowed, even in the beautiful form of dance and movement.

I am not a fan of Code Pink, always thought they were yet another bash-bush/GOP group, still do not like them – but this was ridiculous! So what, a bunch of dope-smokin’ hippies want to dance! If it’s not lewd or disturbing others, what the heck?

What is next, a ban on hand-holding?

CodePink was founded as an anti-war group. If Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz/Perle weren’t such rabid war-mongers, there wouldn’t be a CodePink. Unfortunately, now looking at a future of infinite war, there will always be a need for a CodePink.

BTW, If you didn’t take the time to understand what they were protesting/dancing, why did you bother to post?

It’s always all about the money and the pockets of special interest cronies. Big gov has become engendered at every turn. They are corrupt beyond repair and haven’t served in good faith for well over a decade. It’s time for a third party, it’s the only way to clean the cadre out in a couple of sweeps.

Time for a “third party,” hell, it’s time for a REVOLUTION!

Where there is any conflict of LE, there is money and more money to come and more justification for more funds/ revenues.

It cost to do, to un-do and to correct.

It costs people dearly.

It’s going to be a really good trick for these farms to grow synthetic cannabis plants, which I presume are needed to make synthetic THC.

Yes, that’s silly, almost as silly as publishing a news piece stating that cannabis plants have any place in the manufacture of synthetic dronabinol. Don’t feel too badly though, the entire bit of nonsense was designed to allow organic THC to be moved to the Feds schedule III without admitting it, for the purpose of approving Sativex and other compounds extracted from whole plant cannabis. Like the British who will never admit that prescription heroin is authorized the powers that be in the US will never admit that whole plant cannabinoid medicine is valid. The British call heroin diamorphine, the US is going to call organic THC an analogue of dronabinol. The natural chemical is now going to be a derivative of the synthetic chemical which duplicated the natural chemical in the first place.

We most certainly are living in interesting times.


(ii) Any drug product in hard or soft gelatin capsule form containing natural dronabinol (derived from the cannabis plant) or synthetic dronabinol (produced from synthetic materials) in sesame oil, for which an abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) has been approved by the FDA.

It’s all about money people. Big pharma has billions and they can push around our government to get what they want, when they want. I say screw them all including the corrupt NTF, ill-trained DA’s, big pharma, the corrupt prison guard union, Calif. Narcotic Officer’s Association and any other group who continue to deny people the right to choose. I hope the above rot in hell.

Big companies (pharma included) don’t need to push around government. Big companies ARE government. Just look at where everyone comes and goes to between elections… I don’t even think we can call it a “revolving door” anymore, they’re just all in the same room now, and have been for some time.

While the Banking industry / Fed / Treasury are the worst, the FDA is a close second. Food or Pharmaceuticals, they all share one thing in common: feeding from the public trough.

Good point, rOy. “Government” in the U.S. is just a formality.

Funny enough many people report the effects of marinol as a intoxicant is stronger then that of marijuana- but that is ok because it is a pill that costs more right? Sad truth is smoking has a higher bio availability, unless your intestines or liver has a problem a pill is most likely not the best route. Plus you cannot use just enough to manage symptoms.