Drunk driver hits power pole on Los Osos Valley Road

May 30, 2011

A roll-over accident involving a suspected drunk driver on Los Osos Valley Road in San Luis Obispo resulted in a power outage and a partial road closure on Monday.

Kelsey Leatherbury, 26, of San Luis Obispo was driving southbound on Los Osos Valley Road near Prefumo Canyon Road when she made an erratic turn, hit a curb and rolled into a power pole at about 2 a.m., police said.

Leatherbury was transported to a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Police suspect Leatherbury was intoxicated and plan to file the appropriate charges at the conclusion of their investigation.

Pacific Gas & Electric workers are slated to be finished repairing the damaged power pole by about 3 p.m. Monday.

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It is for sure gonna cost her more than $10K to settle this mess.

What a terrible way to learn.

Near Perfumo Canyon Road is across from the Middle School (more of a North/South bend in the LOVR).

Glad the person is OK, but sorry about them getting the DUI, hopefully a good lesson was learned as only a power pole was the victim.

Highway 101 makes turns that are far more sharp than that, but you wouldn’t ever hear of someone traveling Eastbound on highway 101.

Just sloppy reporting.

Not so fast Vagabond. Los Osos Valley Road runs southeast and northwest. I have seen past police reports refering to the direction of LOVR as south and north particularly at Madonna Rd which is identified as running north and south. Bottom line is you are incorrect

There are eight points of general direction on a compass LOVR runs East by south east or West by north west,. bottom line is you are ignorant of common navigation and map reading. not unlike the author of this article. Also when you are “Southbound” you are going south as your primary direction hence 101 is a north south highway and highway 166 is an East- West highway as odd numbered highways go north south and even east west. Since LOVR doesn’t veer southerly beyond the east south east line of 120 degrees it is NOT a southerly road but a East south east direction So it is never a south direction any more than 101 when it makes the snake through Santa Barbara

I ment to say is 101 is considered a north south road even though it veers considerably more to the east or west than LOVR

Well since LOVR travels primarily east-west then driving southbound would naturally cause a wreck with the curb if nothing else.

Doesn’t anyone know how to read a map anymore?