Osama bin Laden is dead

May 1, 2011

Osama bin Laden

Nearly a decade after the September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden is dead and the United States says it has his body.

A U.S. military action conducted in Pakistan resulted in the death of bin Laden, President Barack Obama said in a special address to the nation Sunday night.

“Justice has been done,” the President said in an announcement from the White House.

The death of bin Laden is the culmination of a decade long manhunt for the terrorist leader that was the mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on America that left 3,000 people dead and changed national security.


Good for Obama for not refusing Bin Laden like the coward Clinton did. However……we’re in a world of hurt when a military operation of this type has to be put on hold so generals have to ask for permission and then the chief civilian officer, in turn, has to ask for permission from the President. What kind of wacky operation is this guy running when he has to personally say yes another time for us to carry out a mission that has been our purpose for ten years? That’s no way to run a government or a company.


We stopped winning wars when the politicians started running them instead of the generals. Once the world witnessed the outcome of Korea, all bets were off. Go big or go home.


AH…HA! See there, “officials” get Kelly Gearhart in a matter of hours if they tried….if they really, really wanted to…


“IF” they wanted to


Have seen this a few places today. I like it.

Now I lay me down to sleep… one less terrorist this world does keep… with all my heart I give my thanks… to those in uniform regardless of ranks… you serve our country and serve it well… with humble hearts your stories tell… so as I rest my weary eyes… while freedom rings our flag still flies… you give your all, do what you must… with God we live and God we trust…. Amen



What’s the matter with some of the bloggers and ‘scorers’ on this site-blind, stupid, or just plain ignorant? While bush swaggered around and falsely claimed victory he plunged us into two useless wars and wrecked the economy from that.

Obama was intimately involved in the planning and execution of this operation and the most the neo cons can say is ‘hurray for the military guys’ or give short grudging reference to the president.

Earlier I cited two actual quotes from bush, many of you had a tantrum. What dopes.


O.k. I’ll bite and answer your question. The same type arguing where is the credit for the Prez. are the same ones who hate when C.E.O.s get the credit for a company for being at the head and ask why not the everyday guy in the trenches. Well same here. Obama is the C.E.O. of the U.S. and our military is quite literally in the trenches. So they have a problem with the first (company type) but not the latter (Prez)?? Pretty much same thing. Guy at top makes the call but it is the hard work of the individuals that make him look good!!!!! I know the truth hurts.


You make very good sense here. This whole thread of vitriol (much from me) is because someone gave bush some credit when in fact he BLEW his chance. in the viewpoint of most intelligent people, he blew everything for 8 years. His ‘deer in the headlights’ glazed stare when Katrina hit is the typical example of the nincompoop puppet put up by the military industrial complex to siphon off more of our money for the already too rich.


Nobody should be swaggering around doing anything.

OBL has never been charged with anything in connection to 9/11 because, according to the FBI, there is no hard evidence OBL was connected to 9/11


FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

So, you tell me. What was the reason for Obama’s Operation: Manhood that was sprung this morning? And did they really murder someone who is not connected to 9/11?


Thanks for the link MaryMalone. I hope people read it.


Barrack Obama has now shown himself to be the most capable and effective Commander in Chief since at least the end of the Eisenhower presidency,

If you don’t think so, what president since Eisenhower would you nominate for the title?

As far as I can see, Obama wins hands-down. There’s a case for Kennedy, but the Bay of PIgs fiasco taints him badly. I give it to Obama, acknowledging that the game is not over for him, and there is the potential for a reversal, but at this point, Obama has it nailed.


Obama wins for doing what?

Getting us involved in his escalation of Afghanistan into a huge quagmire which will keep us trapped for years and years?

There is no proof about OBL being killed. We have the word of Obama and his government which, as we’ve been shown before, is worthless.

Come on…they supposedly shot him in the head and dumped his body in the ocean. How convenient. No evidence. No one to interview to get more information about AQ. No one to interview who might implicate people in power in America in aiding AQ.

My midwestern mother had a lot of sayings. Here’s one of my favorites because I can use it in politics so often:

“Cowards do under the cover of darkness what they fear to do in the light of day.”

If Obama’s army really did “get OBL,” they would have made sure there was lots of evidence; they would leave no doubt.


Oh geez,,,birther alert! Show the death certificate the Navy Seals are liars! I was wondering when the conspiracy nonesense would start.


I would really think that a commander in chief, who is also a constitutional scholar, would know that authorizing military strikes on a sovereign nation (Libya) without a declaration of war is illegal. As matter of fact, that little tidbit probably contributed heavily in his decision to send military troops into another sovereign nation (Pakistan) to kill our #1 most wanted.

Are you really condoning this illegal behavior based solely on the premise that it is ok because of the end result? At least Clinton and the Bushs followed the War Powers Act and consulted congress. It is high time that the United States stops being the global policeman and focuses on becoming a global businessman.

Seems to me that Ronald Reagen ended the cold war without firing a shot.


Ronnie didn’t end the cold war Mikhail Gorbachev ended the cold war. Ronnie was in the right place at the right time, you can beat skill but you can’t beat luck. I’m too tired to comment on the rest of your text.


Great potential Monty Python skit:

“HI. I’m Osama Bin Laden”.

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you are NOT! You were killed by the U.S.”

“No I wasn’t.”

“Yes, you were.”

“I most certainly was NOT.”

“Well, so what? Everyone thinks you’re dead, so what is the difference. These days there’s dozens of guys with long beards and towels wrapped around their heads claiming to be Osama Bin Laden. Nobody takes them seriously.”

“But I am the real Osama Bin Laden!”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am!”

“Osama Bin Laden is dead.”

“But I AM Osama Bin Laden.”

“No you’re not. He’s dead.”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Is NOT!”

“Is TOO!”….


Sorry, but my BS-o-meter is pegged at ‘HIGH’ right now;

1) The President’s announcement was very late at night (after midnight white-house time) when all the investigative reporters were asleep, as was most of the USA,

2) The ‘compound’ where he was purportedly killed is a stone’s throw from a prominent Pakistani military base, yet our Ops team helicopters were not attacked by these Pakistani personnel (we went into Pakistan without telling their govt per the White House press announcement – they should have defended themselves and at least fired flares at the copters),

3) Some programmer living in Pakistan on Twitter ‘leaked’ the story, complaining about not being able to sleep because of the copters (makes the timing of the announcement even more fishy)

4) The body was buried at sea ‘to honor Islamic law’ yet scholars of Islam are saying burial at sea is AGAINST Islamic law,

5) The photo released showing the dead grimaced face of Bin Laden has been proved a fraud and pulled from just about every news outlet,

And the topper for me…

6) The news agency that broke this story was ABC, owned by Disney, famous for making stuff up, and not a prominent source for journo cred since the 70’s.

Too many questions to be fully credible. If they got him – GREAT – but I’m not convinced.


Why in the world would anyone in the world care if YOU are convinced or not? It’s not about YOU.

But if you need something to fritter away your time on and spin your theories with a bunch of others, I guess you got your newest assignment to replace the “birther” thing that crapped out recently.


Nice personal attack. What I listed were facts, and you twisted it around. Argue my points if you can. They’re right up there, numbered one thru six so you don’t get confused.

Journalistic Ethos: “Believe Nothing that you hear, and only HALF of what you see.”

By the way, this is a ‘comments’ section, and my comment was not about ‘me’. But to that point, why do you take such offense at my post? This blog is certainly not about ‘you’ either.


WG uses personal attacks because he cannot honestly address the opinions expressed. I keep telling him he is just pointing out to the world that he is a weak poster, but he continues just the same.

I liked your post a lot. Very logical, organized, and full of great content.

The only thing I’d add to it is the info about OBL being in the same house for 8 months now, yet Obama couldn’t be bothered to go murder him before now.


Mary, you can throw in all the personal attacks you want, but whether you approve of my postings or not will NOT make one bit of difference to me. I’m sure you can understand that.

And the fact is, I’m among the “strongest posters” who frequent this site and consistently attract the most interest and feedback to my postings. Sorry, I can’t say the same about you. Nothing personal.


Don’t take it personally, ds. You’re just wrong if you believe Osama Bin Laden is still alive. No big surprise. No big deal. Perhaps you were a birther too. But in either case, by now if you’re reasonable, I’m sure you can agree that we owe Barack Obama a heap of thanks for following this through and doing what George Bush would never do because of his alliances.


ITA. Besides, who is so gullible they would believe such a story, completely lacking in proof, from a known liar like Obama and his government?

And the self-righteous, “thank-god-the-nightmare-is-over” type of statements OBL’s supposed death are getting old.

The FBI has come out and admitted that OBL was not connected with 9/11. Yet he was too valuable of a boogey-man for first Bush/Cheney and then Obama to let go.

This was no honorable killing. It was one killer killing another. They didn’t capture OBL, interview him, get proof, and then kill him, releasing his body to his family. Obama–and by extension, us–are no better than OBL and AQ at this point.


I am ecstatic that Bin Laden is dead. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

So my question is, do the men and women who actually went in and raided Bin Laden’s hideout and killed that SOB get to split the reward money? Now that would be a cool gesture for Obama to do. Split the $100 million (?) reward between the several dozens of people who actually carried out the attack.

Call it a bonus for a job well done.

They can do with it what they want. Keep it, spend it, save it, put it into the kids’ college fund, or give it to organizations that help wounded veterans and their families of these two God awful wars.

I think if given the chance, these brave men and women would set some pretty shining examples of patriotism, family values and good citizenship. Then again they might blow it all on booze and whores, but who cares? Even that would be an example of true Americanism…


Good idea.


PaperBoy, I think it might set a bad precedent if we try to give extra financial rewards to specific military personnel for doing their job. A military operation is a team effort, likely involving the heroic, brave or wise actions by many more individuals than those who happened to have been on the front line when Bin Ladin was killed.

The military has a hard enough time dealing with the awarding of medals. Handing out millions of dollars of “reward money” to a tiny fraction of our troops, and down-playing the idea that our military is one huge team effort, is, in my opinion, unwise.

On the other hand, if there is to be a 100 million dollar reward handed out, I fully expect our administration will be working on ways to get the best “spin” out of it as possible. There seems to be constant pressure to “Hollywood-it-up” with the military, so you can be sure people are working on ways to turn this thing into a reality TV program, with “heroes” and million dollar payoffs for the “winners.”

Sorry, if I’m not too excited about that crap. I think that is a poor direction to go with our military. I bet Jessica Lynch would agree with me on that.


The military basically owns those people who went in to murder OBL. If there is any reward money, it will go to the military.


This would absolutely not have happened like this if it were not for the wise strategy and action by our current Commander in Chief.

We must give credit where credit is due, and this entire action has the mark of Barack Hussein Obama, our President., who truly deserves the title of Commander in Chief.

But it is Obama’s style to play his cards tight to the chest, cheering wildly for the victory for his team, but letting the history books detail the full extent that he was hands-on in planning and executing the plan that ended Bin Ladin.

This would have never come out this way in the hands of any Republican president since Eisenhower.

Unfortunately, this will now put our President and his family in far greater danger than they have ever faced from our enemies.

Obama is a brave and skillful leader in ways that will become clearer and clearer in the years ahead.

I would NEVER bet against Barack Obama. Those who have, have lost every time.


You should be a comedy writer for the Jon Stewart show. Yeah, about that copy of Obama’s personally written military strategy which led to Osama Bin Ladens death, please share it with us all.


I never said it was “personally written”. You’ll have to wait for Obama’s next autobiography for all the details, but bits of info will trickle out to the public over the course of the next few years.

I really wish sometimes that I could share all that I know right now, but that simply is not possible. But stay tuned for further installments!

By the way, what makes you think I am NOT a writer for the Jon Steward show?


Do tell Wiseguy, do tell. Dont worry the men in the black choppers aren’t listening.


Kitten, LOL! Yeah, the slobbering was getting a bit gross towards the end.

Not one scrap of proof any of it happened, either.