Osama bin Laden is dead

May 1, 2011

Osama bin Laden

Nearly a decade after the September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden is dead and the United States says it has his body.

A U.S. military action conducted in Pakistan resulted in the death of bin Laden, President Barack Obama said in a special address to the nation Sunday night.

“Justice has been done,” the President said in an announcement from the White House.

The death of bin Laden is the culmination of a decade long manhunt for the terrorist leader that was the mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on America that left 3,000 people dead and changed national security.


Two birds with one stone:

Osama Bin Laden

Donald Trumps’ presidential campaign


Man, I find it so uncanny that the names Osama and Obama are nearly interchangeable, but setting that aside as I know it is simply an odd coincidence, there are other factors of real substance that I find odd.

Like a few others here, I have to agree that we could have got Osama a long time ago and I have never understood why Bush saw to it that the Osama bin Laden family who were living in the US were spirited away to safety without questioning, before his name was revealed to the public.

Personnaly, I’ve always wondered if Osama was trully behind the bombings but I’m sure I’ll get lots of flack for that staement.


If you get flack, just tell them to call the FBI about it, because the FBI has admitted that there is no hard evidence linking OBL with 9/11. In fact, he has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting OBL to 9/11.


FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

Booty JuJu

Buried at sea? Osama Bin Swimmin.


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If positioned in containment and advantage with both Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi, and given only one bullet, the first person I would shoot is Muammar Gaddafi (n/g sob) and take Osama bin Laden alive to spill the beans but I am sure he will be assassinated before the opportunity occurs!.


I thought about the keeping Bin Laden alive and I have mixed feelings about it. I can see a lot of advantages to keeping him alive but I can also see reasons to off him. I can picture the Taliban kidnapping Americans as hostages and killing them until we agreed (which we wouldn’t) to free Bin Laden.


Just think about the information they could have squeezed out of him if he was alive and in custody, munition depo’s possible nukes in the wrong hands, who knows in the way of future terrorism, could be pretty scary. Looks like the Mod didn’t like my response to Hot dog and nuked it, bummer that.


They wouldn’t have gotten anything out of OBL. He would have been made into a hero and there would be violent attempts to free him IMO.


Can we bring our troops home from Afghanistan now, please?


Yes Bob, its a breather, but I don’t beleive its over (it goes on and on unless we get more green!)


There is no “breather” in store for us.

Obama is shoving us into Libya faster and faster, expanding his presidential powers.

With OBL so CONVENIENTLY gone, there is less reason for Americans to pitch a fit about Obama shoving us into Libya. After all, the reason we went into Afghanistan was to get OBL. With OBL gone, Obama can just take those troops in Afghanistan (a mission that was in the toilet, anyway) and get them slaughtered in Iraq, instead.


Don’t believe we’ll go back to Iraq.

It is true that the right will never appreciate anything done by Obama,,never. They will always hate him. They cheered when Bush declared ‘mission accomplished’ and now when it really is ‘mission accomplished’ they are ragging on the black guy again,,hmmm wonder why.

Can’t wait to hear what Beck and Limpballs have to say.


Interesting That obama is now taking credit for this strike and that he had the Intel in hand for 8 months before acting.

The real credit goes to our military and intelligence agencies who fought hard to kill or capture osama bin hidin since the clinton days. And also the Intel came after interrogating GITMO detainees to get the names of couriers who dealt directly with bin hidin and that lead to the compound where he was hiding.


From what I’ve heard from others (I don’t listen to him), Rush, being the neocon servant that he is, is praising Obama.

I predict a large percentage of rightwing Americans will sprout new brain aneurysms by the time this day is over.


No, not until British petroleum’s pipeline to keep Russia out of the Caspian profits is secured.




I have been wracking my brain, trying to think of the reason behind why OBL was “killed” now, and why it was announced now.

As we’ve seen with the Bush/Cheney administration, and now with the Obama administration (who many call the “Third Bush/Cheney term in office”), no horror, bliss, or other powerful and diversive emotional bain-candy is released by the Oval Office onto the American people unless it serves a political purpose.

9/11, Mission Accomplished, Saving Private Lynch, the Tillman Tragedy, the Birth Certificate Full-Reveal Act…they, and others, are news-grabbing stories which occurred at times that benefited the Commander in Chiefs and other political powers in the U.S., and ended up serving a very useful purpose.

Obama has been flogging around, ever since his Operation Quagmire: Afghanistan got underway, and it became clear it would be the Operation-Quagmire:-Iraq-Bush/Cheney debacle on steroids, trying to find a reason to get us the heck out of Afghanistan in time for a successful run-up to the 2012 elections.

BINGO! OBL is dead, no reason for us to be in Afghanistan anymore! Obama is the hero! He got OBL! He brought our troops (except for the 50 gajillion needed to run the huge U.S. embassy-outpost and black ops which will remain behind us) home! Can I vote in the 2012 election now?!

With the Afghanistan quagmire dealt with, Obama can concentrate on his latest Quagmire Du Juor: LIBYA.

The American people are so sick of the BS in the Middle East, they would accept any plausible reason to get out now.

Grateful for a Hail-Mary Save from Obama for our exit from Afghanistan, will the American people now have the backbone to stand up to Obama about getting us involved in another war in Libya?


Let’s put credit ALL around. Thank you to Bush who got it started. Thank you to Obama our leader now. To the intelligence community who tracked him and finally the BIGGEST gog in the wheel who in my book gets the most CREDIT for doing the DIRTY WORK, OUR MILITARY!!!! GREAT JOB GUYS. God bless you and your family for your sacrifices for making this great country safe. You are the ones who are the hardest workers in all of this.


I wonder why anyone would thank Bush for anything in this saga. We had a chance to get bin many years ago and blew that, we may never know the facts but I think it was clear at the time that his position was known and our troops were pulled back-probably to satisfy some ghastly political end for bush and his ilk.


Just a little back up:

Of course some forget these statements by Bush:

“I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” GWB, 3/13/02

“I am truly not that concerned about him.” GWB, 3/13/02


You know in a time like this we can all play the bullshit tit for tat game. Just heard on news about the fact the Clintion should have taken him out in ’98 when he had a chance. Why can’t we all just stop the arguing and just be happy he was got!!! That was my point. I am not a big Obama liker but I give him credit but he didn’t do this all on his own. MANYYYYY where involved past and present.

The sad part is, is your kind of thinking that NEVER sees any good in anything from anyone, unless they think like you, which will cause us to NEVER move forward. This tonight was a BIG win for the U.S. the good people who died on Sept 11 etc. but the sad part is, is that you will also have a respose for this in all your negativity in just not wanting to sit back and enjoy a historic night. GEEZZZ


I quote the facts, you spew false emotion and find it groovy to throw rocks at me. Pretty obvious who is the negative one who despoils this glorious moment with infantile rantings.


BIG win? big crime is more like it, as in international aggression, as in an unprovoked military assaults against Afghanistan and Iraq who had NOTHING to do with the crimes committed 9-11-01 BTW, killing OBL does nothing to erase the crimes that belong to Georges Bush cartel Carlyle .


Has Obama yet said what crimes OBL was charged with in America that allowed Obama and our U.S. forces to go onto another country’s soil and murder one of their residents?

I don’t think Obama has, and he won’t, either. Because OBL has not been charged by the FBI for any crimes connected to 9/11.


FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”


BeenThereDoneThat: “The sad part is, is your kind of thinking that NEVER sees any good in anything from anyone, unless they think like you, which will cause us to NEVER move forward.”

:: :: ::

The sad part is, it is your kind–who keep backing scam-artist puppet military-corporation-serving presidents–who will cause us to NEVER move forward. EVER.

The $$$trillions that have been spent on the Operation: Manhood wars of the Bush/Cheney administration and the Operation: Vanity wars of Obama are lost forever to us. Much of that we had to go groveling to the Chinese to borrow, such to the point that they could end our country at any moment by saying, about continuing to lend us $$billions at a time, two words “no more.”

IF Obama would have put jobs and the economy first, above all else, as he promised in his 2008 election, we would have made a big dent in unemployment. The kind of unemployment we have now is the kind that is very expensive to turn around.

IF Obama would have spent his vanity-war $$$billions on jobs, our numbers of newly-homeless-families would not still be increasing.

Unless we can stop American citizens from being so brainlessly gullible, and stop them from continuing to believe any scam artist who puts on a president’s hat and wanders in front of a microphone, our country is doomed to failure. After all the lies and broken promises Obama has delivered as his “change” and “hope,” and all the lies Bush/Cheney told us about everything, no functioning adult should be taken in by these hucksters again.

Yet, I read post after post praising The Great Obama (who apparently doesn’t need a big “Mission Accomplished” banner and a cod-piece, and a big “Mission Accomplished” banner to fool large numbers of Americans) for his Miraculously Convenient Act.


Well have we had a terrorist attack on our soil since Sept. 11, 2001?? Are you posting here with your first amendment right? Well as much as you have a distane for our military, you can thank them for the above.

It is they (the soldiers) who suffer lose of live and limb, that give you that. Forget the politicians on either side. It is the good men and women of our military that get my highest praise. It is because of them that I sleep in a free country, speak in a free county and live in a free country.

Last I agree the wars have been costy and hurt us financially but in the wake of what happened and where the terrorist are in that region of the world, where else would you put us?

Oh and if you say stay home. Yea right. We have tried isolationism before. We tried it going into the time before WWII. Maybe had we spoke up sooner then, the outcome may have been different and not so costly.


There is no logic in your post.

Yes, there were many crimes committed on 9/11. That doesn’t mean that the U.S. has the right to go into another nation and murder one of their residents…ESPECIALLY because OBL has not been charged with any crimes connected with 9/11. There is no hard evidence linking OBL to 9/11.

Didn’t you wonder why Obama has just kind of omitted WHY he felt he had the right to order us into another country, potentially starting a Third World War with the Islamic countries who are going to get tired of our bull*hit in their countries at some point and turn on us.

Why there is no body or any other kind of proof?

Who do you think it really was that was murdered by Obama and our forces this morning?


But…but….the whole “Mission Accomplished” Bush cod-piece thingy!….


We’ve had the last 8 months, according to the propaganda released to the MSM by the Obama administration, to get OBL, but haven’t.

I don’t think either Bush or Obama should get credit for killing OBL because even the FBI has admitted that there is no connection between OBL and the 9/11 attacks.

Bush and Obama just found OBL such a convenient boogey-man that, so far, Bush has killed him twice (2004, 2007) and Obama has killed him once (2011).

Each killing was done at a very politically-opportune time for the presidents in office.


hey i was talking to my dad the other day and he wanted the proof that bush said he had died twice allready can you send me a clip to my email v.trinidad@live.com where he says he died twice allready in 04 and in 08 please


Well, OBL was killed TWICE (2004, 2007) during the GWBush administration, and once during the BO administration.

So, I guess, Obama should get twice as much thanks for killing OBL as Obama did, who only managed (so far) to kill OBL once.

But, especially if Obama wins reelection, there is no telling how many times he will be able to kill OBL by the time he leaves office.

This is getting to be like a really bad zombie movie.


Thank goodness, thank you Obama for making the world a little bit safer.

How will the right spin this?


Np offense but your thanking the wrong people, touting this as a victory for Obama is an insult to those in our armed forces who did the job.


My mistake, I thought that Obama was the Commander and Chief.

There are a lot off people that played a roll in this and personally I’m grateful to them all. I have a family member that’s been fighting in the middle east, I didn’t thank him either. It’s not an insult to thank Obama. I thanked the Commander and Chief and I stand by that..

Guess we know how the right will spin this.


If you want to turn it into a political affiliation affair go back to the alleged Carter and Clinton era ties and God knows who else with OB’s family and OB himself. Surely O/B was know for his ties to terrorists as intel would suggest. Surely the reasons that led to his lengthy pursuit are far more complicated than anybody around here can explain. You thanked Obama as I read your comment, however the troops deserve 100% of the credit, not the left, right or in between soldiers, all of them.

Why was it Bush was condemned for following his Intel and doing what he did, now the same intel and the forces still deployed find Osama, we take him out and Obama is the man. Guess its a good thing he flip flopped and didn’t return our forces like he promised.


… and justice for all.

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