Arroyo Grande police officer hits pedestrian

June 14, 2011

An Arroyo Grande police officer hit a pedestrian on Wesley Street in the Village shortly before 9 p.m. on Monday.

The unnamed officer was making a left turn in his police car from West Branch Street to Wesley Street when he struck the pedestrian. Arroyo Grande Police Department officials are not releasing the name of the officer or the victim at this time.

Even though the 21-year-old pedestrian complained of pain, he refused medical treatment at the scene.

Investigators with the California Highway Patrol are investigating the incident.

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All right!! Another article where you people can point fingers, jump to conclusions, bolster your conspiracy theories, and continue the anti-police rhetoric!! Awesome!! How is this EVEN NEWS! Have you seen UPS driver hits ped, Doctor hits ped, June Cleaver hits ped??!! Maybe if ped is injured badly, but this guy “complained of pain”, refused treatment, and then walked away. Come on!! Cop cover up? How so? Cell phone (there is your jump to conclusion)?. Police drive all day every day. Will they make a mistake like the rest of the motoring public: YES. Was the Officer probably at fault: YES, and that is with zero info about what happened. Ok, have at it with this one. Don’t forget to light me up too! .

One person mentions cover-up, two people ask if the officer was on a cell phone. Hardly the anti-police rhetoric you are looking for here, I think. In fact, after the cover-up comment, I stated that it is too early to tell and we need to give LEO’s the benefit of the doubt.

But, alas, if one looks hard to find conspiracy theories, one will see them everywhere.

Relax, this isn’t the thread you’re looking for…

I smell another cop cover up. The good ole boys club rides again. What is it going to take to end the corruptness in this county. Judges get to drive drunk, officers in our taxpayer funded cars can sit on the side of the road and get plastered. Cops can run over people like death race 2000. Cops can beat someone up when they are off duty because of their own road rage. All this and not get in any trouble? These people are sick, sick, sick. Be very lucky I am not in charge. The corruptness would have ended last year.

I think it’s a bit too early and not enough information has been given to jump to those conclusions; though, given past issues with our local PD’s, I can understand your hesitation on giving them the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately or unfortunately, society must give the benefit of the doubt to it’s law enforcers, else society will deteriorate (think Detroit, D.C., etc.). Of course, this means we need to have the most honest and honorable people in law enforcement, but that is not always the case.

Is this a well-lit area of A.G.? Was the pedestrian jay-walking? As was already mentioned, was the cop talking on his phone?

I’ll reserve judgment until more info is available.

Let me guess, the officer was talking on his cell phone?

Why are they exempt? Especially if it was a personal call?

Glad the kid is OK and every one went home.

CHP is always called in when a traffic accident involves police in their jurisdiction. I remember, years back, a young 18-yr old kid t-boning a police car in front of SLO PD… they had to call the CHP.

Hehe, thankfully no one was injured, but it was so funny to T-bone a cop car in front of their HQ… lol, we never let him live that down.

Back to the article herein; I do hope the pedestrian is alright. I’ve seen people walking after dark, wearing nothing bright or reflective, and wondering (ironically) “boy, you’re not too bright!”

I always tell my kids: lights, reflectors, bright clothing – whatever, cars are not looking for you, you need to make them see you.

Last year, an Atascadero LEO hit a kid on a dirt bike over on Morro Road. The kid had severe injuries and was in recovery for over a year. When the family asked for a copy of the video that recorded the accident, they were refused and told that it would take a court order.

Granted that the kid was out at night, riding along the side of the road with only reflectors and no motorcycle license but is that a reason to refuse a copy of the tape? It could just have easily been someone on a bicycle and then what would the excuse be? Good Luck trying to prove that LEO are reckless drivers and speed for no reason other than the fact that they can.

As a insurance insider I can tell you that police officers are considered a poor risk in the automobile insurance industry. Many insurance companies rate them as a non prefered risk.

When I first started in the industry I asked a acuary why police are considered a higher risk. I was told, Satisticaly speaking police officers while driving thier own vehicles off duty have a higher rate of loss claims than the average driver of the same age. I further asked why so. He replied, We don’t calculate the why we just calculate the end result. He did say it was intresting that they have far fewer violations comparted to drivers with the same loss rate, so the lack of violation surchares does not necessarily equalize the risk. I replied, thats because cops don’t give cops tickets!

After reading your post, I’m reminded of when an off duty CHP (Goosen’s) rounded a corner at Traffic Way in Atascadero and took out 4 cars while rolling his own SUV. The responding officer determined that the CHP off duty officer had been driving appropriately and he then lied in his report saying that the only witness claimed that Goosen’s wasn’t speeding. When CCN talked with the witness, she said that she told the officer that she didn’t see how fast Goosen’s was going and had only seen the accident after the fact! Goosen’s, who hit all those cars didn’t receive a ticket for anything but I’m sure it cost his insurance company plenty.

With that said, if any of you turn a corner in A-Town and hit 4 cars while rolling your SUV, it’s perfectly natural and doesn’t indicate that you did anything wrong.

Bob, many insurance companies offer LEOs professional discounts. Perhaps it’s just those you represent that have issues with them…