Gangs clash at the California Men’s Colony

June 29, 2011


A riot involving 120 inmates and two prison gangs occurred Wednesday morning at the California Men’s Colony West Facility in San Luis Obispo County.

The riot, which took place around 10:15 a.m., consisted of fighting between the Surenos and the Paisas. The Surenos, Hispanics who hail from south of Paso Robles, are the prison’s largest gang, and the Paisas are Mexican nationals.

Lt. Dean Spears said one inmate was punctured during the melee, but no staff was injured.

The West Facility, which is a dorm setting and cannot be locked down, has been placed under modified program, meaning inmates have restricted privileges and must primarily remain in their bunks, Spears said. No safety precautions have been taken at the East Facility.

A cause for the violence is yet to be determined.

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What dummy gave the order to stop the fighting.

That has to be the dummest comment I have ever read.

Maybe upset angry because team USA lost to the Mexican National team in the Gold Cup game.

“and the Paisas are Mexican nationals.”

Mexican Nationals, aka: those poor people who cross the border illegally just to come here for a better life. I guess an all-expense paid life in a California prison must still be better than any life in Mexico. It’s nice to know that someone who is in this country illegally AND has committed a felony is still entitled to better free healthcare than I am. But then I am a small business owner in California, and this State punishes it’s business owners far more seriously than it does it’s prison inmates!

This is one reason why people may want to discourage law enforcement from targeting gangs. Sounds great, right? Well when they started targeting the biker gangs, guess who took over their turf…. that’s right, the Surenos, which are worse and have less “criminal ethics.” Now if the Surenos get taken out, guess who is going to take over, that’s right, the Paisas….. and if you are worried about drug violence crossing the border, YOU DO NOT WANT the Paisas to take over.