Grover Beach woman arrested for mailing meth

June 10, 2011

Dixie Howell

A Grover Beach woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to mail a quarter pound of methamphetamine to Virginia Beach, possession of another quarter pound of meth and felony possession of a stolen firearm on Friday.

Pismo Beach Police, following up on a tip, informed a Virginia Beach Narcotics team who arrested the packages recipient after it was delivered.

On Friday, the San Luis Obispo County Narcotics Task Force, Grover Beach Police Special Enforcement Team, Pismo Beach Police investigators and a canine officer, served a search and arrest warrant at the Grover Beach home of Dixie Howell, 37.

The Pismo Beach Police canine officer was able to lead police to another quarter pound of meth. Officers also located a firearm which was found to have been stolen out of Arroyo Grande in a home burglary that occurred on June 2.

Officers arrested Howell on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine for sale and possession of a stolen firearm. She was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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“God Bless her, hate the sin, love the sinner. One of my least favorite sayings. Very difficult to live up to every day. ”

I’m with you about the difficulty. At this point my goal is to “keep distance from the sinner” because it’s easier to remain nonjudgmental about the life path they are on.

“The Pismo Beach Police canine officer was able to lead police to another quarter pound of meth.”

That is too cute, the dog is a “canine officer”! I bet he loves his job, dog’s love to work. I’m glad that the police dog’s are loved, live with their partners and retire with their partner when they get old. I would be too afraid to send my PD dog after a criminal who had a gun (if I had a PD dog), I wonder how the PD feels when they have to do that? Maybe they don’t send the dog when they know it’s too dangerous?

By the way, has anyone ever seen an attrative meth dealer or user? I never have, I just wonder how like looked when they got started as compared to how they look when they end up in the paper.

BTW Ayn Rand used meth many of our top econimos and politicos are inspired by her “philosophy

The fact that Heller writes. “She (Ayn Rand) kept going on amphetamines and willpower”, does not make her a meth user. Diet pills etc were sold over the counter back then, if in fact, she even did use them.

Nice Spin

she was somewhat attractive, somewhat successful, extremely grandiose , and after her death our dear leaders who thought her’s was the philosophy of the age

have discovered the vacuous hype is not a philosophy at all but a meth dream.

Cindy, check out It has many before/after pics of meth users. Very scary. It’s a good website to scare the sh$# outta kids before they even try the stuff. Meth kills, period.

OMG, that’s bad! These people aged 15 years over the course of 1.5 years! I’ve never seen anything like that. This comparative photo op should be shown to all high school students. They would never touch the stuff after seeing what that drug does to people and those photo’s only indicate what it does to a person’s physical appearance, imagine what it does to their brain?

You forgot the disclaimer about “Don’t go to this link while eating.”


Cindy, have you ever seen a homosexual who wasn’t effeminate? Think about what you said for a moment, then think about the logic fallacy in my question… make the connection? You wouldn’t know if you saw an attractive meth dealer or user, because they wouldn’t stand out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Amphetamines, of every type, are the most popular drug in America. Uou said “Diet pills were sold over the counter back then…” in another message, as if the transition from amphetamines and methamphetamines to illegal changed the effect they might have on a person. “Faces of Meth” is a propaganda site designed to hype the fear that keeps the dollars flowing to the law enforcement authorities through public money and asset seizures.

“Don’t believe the hype!” – Public Enemy, 1988

Taken in that context, the “faces of meth” can be seen to demonstrate the dangers of drug laws that exist for the profit of the government/corporations.

Meth is cut with chemicals that are probably more “dangerous” than the meth is.

Well, it’s about time Commander Rodney John and his forty thieves got one right since special agent Dickel couldn’t investigate his way out of a paper sack. This one won’t be the waste of taxpayer dollars like the totally illegitimate medical marijuana busts.

She’s not related to Richard Allen Howell by chance? Maybe it’s a family business? Or a really sad coincidence for anyone named Howell.

Looks like she ran into fireman John Mason in the men’s room


Looks like she might be one of Mason’s suppliers.

No joke.

If you go on her Facebook page, under “People who Inspire Me”, she lists Charlie Sheen(!)

Check it out!

does it really matter who she lists as people that inspire her? do you really take time out of your day to look up her personal facebook to see this? you need to get a life. drugs are a horrible way to live your life, clearly. we don’t need people like you going out of there way to insult or make fun of others who make poor choices. keep comments like that to yourself please.

Geez Melissa… Take a deep breath and relax….

Yeah… I looked her up on Facebook because I thought I recognized her. (Turns out, I don’t).

Look… if someone is dopey enough to mail a substantial quantity of meth across the country, then I think goofing on them is allowed.

…and thanks, I have a very full life. Part of it involves reading comments on CCN from unstable people such as yourself that implode when a topic hits a little too close to home.

the only reason why i’ve taken the time to say something on here is because its my family. its embarrassing enough that she thought she could get away with something so stupid. then to see people make dumb unnecessary comments that don’t justify why she did what she did just irritates me. obviously theres something wrong here. you don’t need to look up her facebook page and see what she does or likes or writes to know she’s not all there or to know she messed up. I’m pretty sure the mug shot and the head line explains that quite clearly. thats all. So excuse me for having a natural reaction to something like that! but go ahead whatever helps you sleep at night. and i’m a very stable person and in no way was i not being calm when i wrote that lol so your assumptions are completely unnecessary :)

I’m not sure what comments you want people to make to “justify” why she mailed the meth, but like I said, apparently this hit close to home…

Hoping all is well and one day you purchase a keyboard with capital letters….

Thanks, Pizmo. Somebody has to do it.

Oh melissa, melissa… It’s the techno-age, remember? Don’t you think reporters check out Twitter and Facebook for info nowadays? They DO. And cops do, too. The more info, the better.

I think the cops are wrong.

C’mon…. Does she look like a meth freak to you? I mean…. take a look at h….

oh…. never mind.

Maybe it going to be her third strike? She should have sent it in a lead box. Although even the post office wouldn’t have taken it, too heavy. UPS maybe. They have big brown dogs with great sniffers though so that’s out. She should have delivered it by hand. With her luck she would have gotten caught in Texas. They would have put her away til she was a great great great grandparent by the time she got out of the hooscow!

Meth kills almost as many as alcohol does. % wise. God Bless her, hate the sin, love the sinner. One of my least favorite sayings. Very difficult to live up to every day. But I want to go to heaven on the big day so I continue to listen to His words very carefully. And follow them.