Oceano agrees to settlement with terminated manager

June 11, 2011

At a special meeting on Friday, Oceano officials agreed to pay former General Manager Raffaele Montemurro $12,408 in a settlement agreement in which both parties agreed not to file a lawsuit or any claim against the other.

Montemurro’s settlement was less than the three months salary he was contracted to receive if terminated in good standing and more than what he was slated to receive if terminated for cause, no severance pay.

In the end, Montemurro received a severance equal to two months’ salary.

Oceano Community Services District legal counsel Molly Thurmond said that the decision was made in order to avoid litigation in the future.

Montemurro was terminated on May 31 shortly after information that he appeared to be overpaying himself became public. A CalCoastNews investigation showed Montemurro was paying himself for 40 hour per week of pay while also paying himself 10 hours per week in sick pay.

Near the end of the meeting, the directors discussed concerns about Montemurro’s uninvited visits to directors’ homes, businesses and the district office. The board agreed to have Thurmond send a letter to Montemurro asking him to stay away from the district office and directors’ homes and businesses.

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Who says crime doesn’t pay?

It sure does when one is elected or appointed to a government body…

LOL..This has to be Oceano’s Halleluja moment in it’s history.roy..They have two [no caps] directors that have criminal Convictions, One that the courts determined illegally obtained her seat. Another, worked with the prison system rehabing.convicted criminals. Last but not least, the public defender for the county DA. Are you bellylaughing so loud you didn’t hear that the longnailed guy they just ran off had turned states evidence on his buddy to get his pass out of town. Please,Please, who wrote this script…ur killin us.

There was an election cycle since Lori Angello was appointed and NO ONE ran against her. If you people are so twisted up about her being on the board why didn’t one of you step up and run against her and get her out. Instead you cower around and post crap on an anonymous blog.

“why didn’t one of you step up and run against her”

I think I might know. The make-up of the board at that time was such that most people wouldn’t want a connection. That has changed due to the new members who are pleasant, non-combative and smart. The next election could be interesting and perhaps time for some more new blood.

Exactly. With Jim Hill and his wife out of the picture things have gotten a lot better and will continue to get better with the make up of this board.

If I read this article correctly then it appears that the city can’t file charges against Monte? ? If he committed anything that is considered fraudulent then I would imagine that the DA wouldn’t stick to that agreement. Something needs to be done about this. Monte can’t just walk away from this without being held accountable.

I wish that Karen could find out why Monte’s going to the board members homes. What’s he saying or how’s he behaving.

“Monte can’t just walk away from this without being held accountable.”

And it looks like that’s exactly what is happening. It would seem that this board had every reason to fire him for cause….or did they? If they did, why give him extra money? This board, except the new members defended Montemurro, gave him a raise, and evidently didn’t oversee his operation. Who will apply to replace him? Who in their right mind? I think the negligence of the board under which Monte was hired and served, except for Dahl/Dean is noteworthy. And now this.

OMG. The Duke’s of Hazard politics in Oceano just have to be scripted. Reached a settlement to avoid duel llegal charges. Ya all really think Monty’s replay of Kanosha threats could stand any scrutiny..The guy is flaming cause his collaborators skunked him.In Jan. he was in collusion with Angelo to certify counterfeit financial accounting documents an hold Tylor blameless. Unilaterally or in collusion, the decision to subvert the powers of CSD Board was/ is stunning…An not even a yawn from from the town.. Hey, folks.. it was not that ol Monty didn’t know how to get the amounts or transfer them onto the new system.IT was about how not to. The reported 30K.angelo’s seat cost her ,Or the reported 80K It will cost the District for the illegal seating is hayseed when stacked up next to what those accouting numbers Really were. How can you all wonder why Angelo was all for putting the forensic audit to bed once an for all.. An that bad ol Jim Hill kept wanting to bring it back. IF you cant lose number’s then let’s just change them an in the best interest of all those interested parties, move forward. 30 K. did not buy Angelo that decision, Or any individual .Ol Monty got Duked.

The spelling is Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kenosha County

I’m not sure why a few of you keep on about how Angelo was in on Monte’s ‘alleged’ scamming of the residents of Oceano. Monte’s scandalous behavior started before Angelo was appointed. Like or dislike Angelo, I don’t see any motive to her being in with Monte.

Here’s you motive. There is an old feud going on with the Angello’s and another person in the community. I am not going to say whom. Angello’s befriended Montemurro before Lori was on the board. Monte was perceived by the Angellos as having done something that hurt the person who the Angellos were feuding with.


Montemurro gets 2 months severance pay! For what?

He failed to manage the district effectively as illustrated by the fact TWO ELECTED board members quit in frustration!

None, zero, zip not even close financial information during his ENTIRE tenure and also FAILS to pay a water bill with rate payers money already collected!

And to top it off gives himself an ILLEGAL (its called EMBEZELLING) raise.

So give him $12,408 for a job WELL done!

That money should come out of the board members OWN pockets!

I say “let him sue”, although he promised to sue and then not to sue.

First put him in JAIL for EMBEZZLING then SUE him for GROSS MISMANAGEMENT!

Unless the board is afraid Montemurro will disclose unpleasant facts and after all it’s not their money!

Last time I checked it was against the law to steal from your employer.

What you say Shea the DA?

It’s the new norm in our overly litigious society. If you want money, sue a government agency. They will settle with you because it is cheaper to do that than to pay attorneys to fight the suit. Unless and until we adopt a “loser pays” system, this will continue.

one has to consider the cost of exposure. Monty turned on his Bud in Kanosha an he did two yrs.The two million remains unaccounted for.

Pardon my mistake looks like apathywillkillya has one eye open sittin over by the ol train station keeping an eye on those oh so warm an fuzzy ol friends and counter parts thru the yrs.Doe’s anyone recall the Naccarati report… She was hired to transfer data,however she stated Monty restricted access an was giving false numbers to Tylor. She brought to a public meeting because she felt the G.M. was withholding information from the Board that Hill kept asking for.Angelo an Lucy twittered and yawned an rolled their eye’s . How oh so boring to worry about where’s the money, By golly, Let’s just raise those ol pesky water rate’s for real’s this time an put it in the budget an mean it. IT’s late an bed is awatin.

@whosay’s, I remember that meeting. It seems like everyone just sweep what that lady said under the rug. If that’s the same lady that I remember she sounded very concerned, frustrated and smart. I can’t understand why no one on that board gave a cr@p or every addressed what she said. I didn’t think that the board was in on any scams with Monte. It just seemed like they didn’t want to admit that they had hired a bad seed. It was like they were putting their fingers in the ears because the didn’t want to face the fact that they blew it by hiring Monte in the first place.

As I stated’ OH Yawn. Seem’s like no one want’s to know where the money went that has the CSD without funds.No one on that Board want’s to address WHY the number’s were being made up an trying to feed into the new system.That lady’s reputation was on the line and she wanted to be sure she distanced herself from any wrongdoing in public. If my memory is correct Angelo did not ask one question. Hill was already on Montey with deadline’s for answers that he fefused to come up with.Angelo knew the number’s were funny when she an Montey went behind the power of the board an Hill and ok’d those number’s an never said a word.Yes I’d like to know why Monty is showing up on doorstep’s now.