Two killed in Avila Beach roll over crash

June 17, 2011

UPDATE: Evan Green, 21, of Chico was arrested on suspicion of felony drunk driving following an early morning crash in Avila Beach on Friday.

Two passengers, both 21-years-old, were killed.

Jacob Zimmer, 21, of Castro Valley was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center with major injuries.

ORIGINAL: A Friday morning roll over crash in Avila Beach took the lives of two men. [KCOY]

Just before 2 a.m., on Avila Beach Drive near Cave Landing Road a driver lost control of his vehicle. The automobile flipped several times, went off the road, through a fence and landed on the Avila Beach Resort golf course.

Four young men were in the vehicle. The driver and one of the passengers were transported to the hospital.

The other two passengers were killed.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol are investigating the accident.

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danika, I think anyone who knows the driver is drunk is responsible for their own decision to be in the car and/or not stop the situation. Participants are not innocent ‘victims’. MADD will claim that in next years’ statistics, but they made a choice. Many make choices just like it; a few pay.

I like to think that darwin was at work here…………..

One of the people who died was my friend, asshole. Think about what you say before you post it.

Paso-Guy- you need to refresh your understanding of The Darwin Award

Seriously??? I think the full responsibility is with the driver, who will be wishing he’d made different choices today…

I wonder how long it took the ambulance to get there. It’s really too bad the Avila fire station does not have paramedics….they were just down the street. Makes you wonder if lives could have been saved.

Lives could have been saved any number of ways; however, bad decisions compound and sometimes the results are tragic. It’s really a bummer when the driver survives and the passengers are killed; that’s some seriously bad juju for the rest of his life.

Fire Trucks and Ambulances could have witnessed the crash and not have changed the sad and unfortunate out come. If a person was declared dead at the scene I am sure there was nothing that would have changed that. The mechanism is to much for the human body to with stand in some cases. Even if the fire dept had paramedics the out come would be unchanged paramedics dont have super powers. You seem to really have it out for the ambulance slojo. Any particular reason?

Your awefully quiet slojo any reason why you have yet to answer my question? I see you bashing the local ambulance service on here frequently and was curious as to why? It seems to me they do a good job!

I deleted your earlier comment, this one stays because it appears as a reply to, rather than a stand alone call out for slojo at the top of the thread.

Thank you for using the ‘reply’ button, carry on.