14 arrested in North County gang sweep

July 16, 2011

San Luis Obispo County law enforcement officers arrested 14 people during a parole, probation and gang compliance sweep of the North County on Thursday.

“We employed a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary approach to the operation.” said Incident Commander Brian Hascall, of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s department.

Over 40 officers from the Paso Robles Police, Atascadero Police, county Sheriff, FBI, ICE and Atascadero State Hospital Police K-9 assisted in the arrests.

Police arrested three unnamed juveniles, Kevin Willbanks, 36; Jose Espinoza-Quintero Amilcar, 20, Geoffrey Ford, 23, Kaitlyn Jones, 25; Jeffrey Leazer, 18; Thomas Gibson, 65; Alex Lopez, 19; Robert Kortje, 18; Kyle O’Keefe, 18; Robert White, 43; Ronald Isabel, 31.

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People will mark my comment down, as they will skizzy’s.. But unlike other LEO topics like discretion in police shootings, no cop is going to step up and challenge what I said because it is not based on subjective information, it is based on fact. The last thing they want to do is admit, deny, or discuss this cozy relationship between the feds and local agencies as it relates to asset seizure? Even discussing it makes them vulnerable because the moment people start looking into this, they’re going to find corruption at so many levels it’s ridiculous. The whole money-raising goal aside, they have likely been loose with the paperwork, which may result in it being discovered that some or all of the people from the federal agencies which “participated” were not even there, or involved, other than to pick up their check. This, of course, would constitute perjury.

The decent people of the community won’t be one bit concerned or worried with your comments or the ’60’s rants of your co-complainers skizzy and whinedude for that matter. Those who are abiding by the law in general live a lifetime without running afoul of it and the 14 that got busted I’m guessing had it coming.

As far as the poor pitiful mom who got shook down over her sons associations I commend you for holding your head high. Just high enough not to realize your that your name didn’t accidentally pop up…..it wasn’t an accident…..are you hearing?

Let ‘er rip, out!

Well I don’t want to bad mouth the Police that work hard to do their job! But this ‘Sweep’ is a bunch of BS, don’t believe what they are telling you because it is all lies. “14 people arrested?” “gang members?’ HA !! A couple of years ago that was me the media called me a gang member, a white, middle aged, single mom, who is not on probation, no warrants, and I lived in a nice house in a good area, had a great job. During one of these infamous ‘Gang Sweeps’ in SLO County they came into my house with a search warrant, had my son and I on the floor at gun point, tearing up my house looking for “drugs.” All the lies in the media, I lost my job because they associated me with this sweep that was bogus to begin with, their only reason for arresting me and all 20+ people was in hopes that they would find a rat amongst the bunch to make a case! why do they have to beat us with fear and take away our dignity so they can get information. Don’t be fooled if you think that you are safe from this because you are not. I wasn’t in trouble I wasn’t doing anything wrong , and they did it to me.

Nothing has changed since I grew up in the ’60’s…the police, with some exceptions, are PIGS!!! They’re supposed to enforce the law, yet think they’re above it. I sympathize with your situation. No doubt I’ll get mostly thumbs down in this red-neck county, but those corrupt chumps know I’m right.

… and the worst part about it is nobody believes me, they always put all of their trust in the police. But I understand why they do, because that was where my trust was until this happened. “Stunned” has a right to their opinion, but unless they know the facts their cruel word don’t mean a thing. I wish I still had great confidence and trust in police officers the way i used to.

“Over 40 officers from the Paso Robles Police, Atascadero Police, county Sheriff, FBI, ICE and Atascadero State Hospital Police K-9 assisted in the arrests.”

Let me tell you what our Sheriff has been busy working on.. ASSET SEIZURE. That’s why you see FBI and ICE in there. What kind of gang includes: Willbanks, Ford, Jones, Leazer, Hibson, O’Keefe?

Come on people, ask questions. It appears our new Sheriff is nothing more than a thief seeking the weakest victims.

To expand on my comment a little… this is something that should REALLY concern people. It means that the focus of our sheriff is not on preventing crime or protecting citizens, but rather on MAKING MONEY. By operating jointly with the feds, they will be able to keep seized assets even if no charges are filed. Additionally, instead of the proceeds going to the state general fund, they will be going directly into the pockets of this department.

Thus, he is targeting people who may have had some trouble in the past, and even adding the “gang” charge to make them appear even more distasteful to the public, then he is TAKING what they have, whether they got it legitimately or not.

The new Sheriff is making the rounds and one of the topics he discussed was the increased gang activity in our county. Many of these gangbangers have come here from King City, Salinas, Greenfield, Fresno and Santa Maria and why they are here is not for humanitarian reasons, it is to recruit or do criminal behavior.

Good for Sheriff Parkinson and all the LEO in our county, keep up the good work…

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Great Job! I cant stand these punk bullies! I have to wonder what involvement Thomas Gibson, 65, had in this though?