Conservative group asks for referendum on gay, lesbian text requirement

July 16, 2011

A conservative organization based in Sacramento filed documents Friday to begin a voter referendum regarding the recent passage of a bill requiring schools to teach the contributions of gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual individuals. []

Paulo Sibaja of the Capitol Resource Institute filed a request for a title and summary with the attorney general’s office. The institute is a hard-line, socially conservative organization that has long opposed attempts in California to expand rights for the LGBT population.

Sibaja is the institute’s legislative director; he and backers of the referendum will need to collect 433,971 signatures to let voters decide whether to keep or reject the measure that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on Thursday.

The institute officially opposed the bill throughout the legislative process. A coalition has formed behind the effort to remove the law from the books but Sibaja would not elaborate, saying more details would be available in a press conference on Wednesday.

The law is the first of its kind in the nation and requires, beginning Jan. 1, public schools to include in their social sciences curriculum information about the contributions of LGBT individuals. State budget woes, however, will delay the purchase of new textbooks until 2015.

Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who introduced the Senate Bill, said he wasn’t surprised by the institute’s action. He called the group “extremist,” adding: “I think it will be a challenge for them to get the signatures. If they succeed, I’ll bet Californians” reject it.

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@ willie. Just curious, what do you think was the cause of Rock Hudson’s death? You speak as if he’s still alive, you are aware that he passed away right? I can’t convince you and the link I provided may not convince you either. But I’m telling that Doris Day was very close with Hudson and he certainly was gay. I know that most of my detractors don’t read links but this link can say it much better that I can. Please watch it.

It sure seems the homosexual crowd prances and jumps up and down a lot while claiming to be normal. Their alleged “contribution” has basically divided what little “normal” our messed up state had before the governator then this Brown joke we’re stuck with again!

Love Jerry, great person. If anyone can fix this state he can and he’s already made a strong start.

Our dear friend Cindy says “(it’s wrong to judge and point figures) and as for Hoover, that is interesting for adults but there is no reason to discuss the psychology of all that with kids, it serves no purpose.”

Well, those comments are precisely why we need more wide ranging education-not by our parents! I don’t think many parents would point out their own hypocrisy, or ignorance. The quoted comments above are full of both. Cindy judges and points her pointy little fingers all the time (so she is wrong, in her own words). Remaining ignorant about one of the most important figures in American history (Hoover-he was a hypocrite, liar and crook) is just plain wrong. Hoover, as the first and most powerful Director of the FBI was a homophobe, cross dresser and as far as anyone can tell, GAY! He illegally gathered intel on public figures in order to blackmail them and persecuted Martin Luther King and others who he personally disliked. He was a big part of promoting the McCarthyesque Red scare (Hurray for Cindy who loves the red baiting of the 50’s) that ruined many fine and innocent Americans. Not worth teaching our kids about this scandalous era?

But that is the Cindy way, if something is distasteful (or beyond her understanding and of course that is a lot) let’s hide our head in the sand and hope it will go away. That is the education of the ‘deaf leading the blind’.

Nice try hotdog, talk about reaching. I have as much disdain for Hoover and his dirty dealings with the American Public as the next person and probably more so than most. I simply see no reason to include gossip about his foolish cross dressing into the kids History books, what purpose would it serve ? Talk about hypocrites, there you go calling the guy a homosexual when you don’t know and couldn’t know for certain unless you were there. He did plenty of harm and his sexually had nothing to do with it.

BTW – Try reading my post on this blog from 7/16 @ 1:52PM. Sometimes, you’re such a desperate fool with your need to be right about your “far left” opinions, it’s laughable.

Mafia boss Meyer Lansky obtained photographic evidence that proved that Hoover had a 40 year live in lover named Clyde Tolson. I believe that Hoover hired Tolson to be his assistant. Your lack of knowledge on this part of history only proves why we need to teach more of it in our schools. That Lansky used these photos to blackmail the FBI is an important part of history. Of course without seeing pictures of Hoover actually doing the wild thing with Tolson we can’t say that he was his lover, but without actual pictures of anyone doing the wild thing we can’t prove anyone’s sexuality. We use common knowledge in knowing that people like Thomas Jefferson had a slave lover, we don’t need to see the dirty deed to know that he had a black lover. That part of Jefferson’s life is in in history books just as the wives of historic figures are also mentioned in historic bios.

Do you feel that it’s okay to write a history bio book on Lincoln without acknowledging Mary t. Lincoln? When doing a bio on a historic person you want to bleep out the parts that make you feel uncomfortable…..isn’t that what they do in communist countries,,,,who’s the ‘commie’.

Just like being allowed to put plastic grocery bags in your curb side recycle bin, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Once again,,,FAIL.

“You have a strange view of time, Typoqueen. It still is “taboo.” If everybody thought the way that homosexuals thing, there would be no people!”

@ Gimlet, I’ve got news for you, for most thinking people being gay is not taboo, ask the people in New York. Just because this little conservative corner of the world still lives back in the 50s that doesn’t mean the rest of the world hasn’t progressed. Your argument makes no sense. Not everyone is gay so yes there would be people. Would you turn gay if it wasn’t taboo? Perhaps your sexuality is a choice but for must of us including gays it’s not. I was born straight and no matter how many rights gays get I’ll always be straight. That you can be persuaded to ‘turn gay’ only speaks for you, not the majority. People are not going to turn gay if being gay is not taboo,,I over stepped, I can’t speak for you.

The fact is that only a very small percentage of the American public is gay/lez/trans/genderbenders. And all this continued spinning to prop up more special privledges for a very small class of deviants is wrong.

All American citizens are already endowed with the same rights and priveldges under the law, not special ones…

You’re right, they are only a small part of our population. That’s why I don’t get all the paranoia with ‘we won’t be able to reproduce’ and such nonesense.

WOW, talk about unbelievable. Take a look at the replies from the two main foister’s that I got to my last post. They don’t think it’s OK for people to just stop bickering and start educating their own. What could the problem be? Maybe they are upset that they can’t stick their grubby hands in everybody else’s pockets? They think it has to be their way and we can’t just thumb our noses at them and go about our way, guess what, we can surely thumb our noses at them and go about our way.


The “real” gays, heterosexuals, and lesbians I know are normal people as you and I.

These wild replies are a part of their miserable personal life (perhaps due to a bad economy – guessing)

You can see it.

I cannot take nitro or asprin, only this nasty wine which I hate for my aoreta stenosis with other med, and when I do, I don’t hold back and tell it like it is, so don’t comment on any replies I may make for the next 12 hours.

OK ;)

All this bickering back and forth is getting old and as long as there are special interest groups it will continue to go on. It would probably be interesting to mention people like the fellow who supposedly invented the first computer but committed suicide because he was a homosexual and therefore the computer wasn’t available until 25 years later. Likewise it would be ridiculous to suggest that Lincoln was gay because he shared a room with other men, the fact is that it was common for men to share rooms during that time period (it’s wrong to judge and point figures) and as for Hoover, that is interesting for adults but there is no reason to discuss the psychology of all that with kids, it serves no purpose.

IMO, California has gone nuts, we have the lowest test scores in the nation, no doubt much of it has to do with teachers “having to” accept children with behavioral problems and various mental disabilities into the classrooms. These children cause continual disruptions at the cost of all the childrens education. When I was in school, this never would have been allowed, we had special schools for problem children.

The bottom line is that the less gov we have in our lives the better, let the bleeding heart far left wing educate as they will while the rest of us start educating our own. Look into collective home schooling, working parents who join together can accomplish this without a great deal of financial cost. One collective actually has schooling that incorporates some evening classes to accommodate parents who work 5 days a week. These kids learn art, music and the history thereof during evening classes and geology on weekend field trips. These kids are 8 years old and can tell me the difference (by sight) of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock! They love it all and they are 8 years old! It’s fun for them and as I have mentioned in the past, my neighbors who are home schooled are now taking their math at Cuesta college at the age of 16. Teach your children, you can do it better collectively with like minded parents and yes, teach them to be kind to everyone and teach them that some (about 2%) of boy’s and girls are born gay with another .05% that are born with identity problems (wrong sex) and another 2.5%( bi-sexual) never figure out if they want to marry a boy or a girl. It’s important to know this so that they will recognize that this exists and that it is difficult if not impossible to change, it’s important to be yourself, the key is to live and let live. That’s what a kid needs to know as they reach puberty, IMO.

The bottom line is that you can’t trust your gov to do anything right on a perfect day with plenty of money when everybody is doing just fine, they will find a way to screw it up.

Home run cindy…

I too believe this issue has gotten completely out of control and headed for a legislative mandate which will give special priviledges and treatment to certain humans.

This gay/les/tranny/crossdressing agenda has nothing to do with making society and mankind better. It has everything to do with a non normal agenda trying to give that agenda special status.

We have to vote to make things right…

Well said, you have stated the tea party line perfectly. So let’s get rid of the nuisance government and have anarchy. Let’s let the crooks (gearhead, hurst, madoff, manson and so on) run amok and buyer beware. The next time some friends of yours are killed ’cause their shoddily made car careened off a cliff on its own just blame the driver because of the bad tires and tie rods-he should have known better. The next time you drink poisoned water just chalk it up to bad luck, or bad karma. If your kids are lied to in private school (no regulation) and come out dumb as rocks then that is just life. When the bank makes off with your money just shrug, they are in Omaha and there is nothing to do. When the crazy kid down the block runs a red light while speeding and kills your dog, cat or kid-well, serves them right for being anywhere near the public street.

We must not have government regulation because we are all honest, competent and good and would never cheat our fellow man in any way. We are just peachy and the government is nothing but an unnecessary hindrance to commerce. Let’s get rid of it like Reagan promised. Trouble is he forgot his mantra and created the biggest government (and deficit) in history, bigger than ALL previous administrations combined. Let’s for sure follow the buyer beware, let the market rule, slash taxes even in wartime mantra. If we don’t we will for sure be taking millions out of the pockets of our billionaires. The rest of us will eat it no matter what.

What always gets me is how do the Koch (Cook, Krotch, Klinch-whatever the billionaires are called) brothers have convinced the slime at the bottom of the economic barrel to follow the lies like lemmings heading for the cliff. Reagan did it on some charm and well place lies. Good on you dupes for eating it up, again. You are cutting your own throats by following the Krotches.

So what is your problem, I said you do your thing and we do our thing? Do I detect a Communist here?

Wow, commie baiting now. Amazing how polarizing some of these issues are, and the depths some will go to have their way.

Though pure communism might be groovy we have never seen it and the usual type employed by imperfect humans is ghastly, even worse than our system of cut throat capitalism-taken to extremes by the Reaganites, bushies, palinistas and their ilk.

All this boils down to being nice, fair and honest. The other side is none of those.

The problem is that you and the tea bags want to dumb down this country even more than the extreme right already has ie No Child Left Behind, segregation through vouchers etc.. Your thing effects our thing, that’s what the problem is,,,,IMO. You people want to elect people into office that are basicly dumb as dirt and you want those same people to be in charge of what OUR kids will learn, ie. Bachmann’s husband practicing voodoo medicine trying to ‘ungay the gay barbarians’. His wife wants to be our prez and yet knows nothing about history and yet she and her type are the ones that want to say what goes in our history books, Perry wanting the secession of Texas, I can’t imagine Palin who can see Russia dictating what happens in our schools,,,lordy lordy give me a break, let the elite (as you guys like to say) left handle education while you guys stick to huntin, fishin and country music, let the left handle the tough stuff.

Commie cr@p.

Seems to me the “left” has had enough time taking care of the schools. And they have been a mess for a long time. You can’t blame everything on the right.

And what’s the matter with huntin, fishin, and jazz?

Nothings wrong with those things,,especially the jazz thing. When the ‘commie’ thing came up my defenses also went up.

The left hasn’t been taking care of the schools. No Child Left behind has hurt schools more than anything in my lifetime and that was a Bush thing. The right wants vouchers and to anyone that thinks that out it is a terrible idea. The only blame that I put on the left regarding education is the issue of over praising kids. The liberals went to far on this ‘oh, you got a D on your test Sally, that’s okay good job’. ‘Your soccer team came in last, that’s okay hears your trophy’. Praise is good but kids need something to strive for and I’ve never agreed with the over praising of our children. Other than that I do pin the blame on the right regarding our schools.

“What always gets me is how do the Koch (Cook, Krotch, Klinch-whatever the billionaires are called) brothers have convinced the slime at the bottom of the economic barrel to follow the lies like lemmings heading for the cliff. Reagan did it on some charm and well place lies. Good on you dupes for eating it up, again. You are cutting your own throats by following the Krotches”

And don’t forget Murdoch. Good post, and so true,,,like sheep.

Don’t know if anyone is still reading but looks like Murdoch and his cronies are getting theirs these days! I hope he goes down big.

I’m still reading this. I guess it’s better late than never that Murdoch is finely being outted for the slime that he is. If his publication hacked the 911 families phones then he’s done with,,,at least we can only hope. I have so enjoyed watching Faux News report on this. I was watching one the robot blonds on Faux and she was saying how he took a full page out to say that he was sorry and that everyone is making too much of it. They are all treading lightly over there when reporting on this. I have to give Allan Combs props though. He’s usually such a wimp but he gave a group of the followers on Faux so much cr@p about Murdoch, they looked stunned. Love it.

From what I gathered so far here only.

Some take it as a personal preference.

OThers take it as bias and discrimination.

But children’s books do not associate or sell anyone special because they are hetersexual, so why should it “by mandatory law” LGBT, it is special interest either way around.

I think this will recive a lot of support from Californians. I know I would be willing to sign. Hopefully we can stop the social engineering in schools and go back to teaching children how to think and be productive members of society. Rather than spending all this time telling them how they should feel and what their morals should be.

How about history and geography? Wouldn’t it be nice if our little kiddies knew how this great nation was created, and where we are (such as not in Europe etc)? How about who the President is, how many branches of government (not just Best Buy, Walmart and Costco) there are? Wouldn’t it be cool if our citizens knew about the dedication and sacrifices of others so they might, too, offer something to society?

But what if whole segments of society were ignored, even their accomplishments and offerings to the betterment of our country? Wouldn’t it be cool if we didn’t forget the 442nd Regiment of Japanese Americans who fought in Italy, France and Germany during WWII, the unit became the most highly decorated regiment in the history of the United States armed forces, including 21 Medal of Honor recipients? They fought, and died, while their relatives languished in internment camps back home. What about the Tuskegee Airmen? They are the pilots and ground crews made up of black servicemen that were discriminated against while serving their country in war. They served with distinction and then were forgotten. I think our armed forces were forcibly integrated in the mid fifties or so, shameful. I never heard about any of this in school-I only heard about how bitchen white people are, most of them men.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our citizens knew something about those who suffered so much to nurture and protect our rights? How about those who made great strides in science, religion and politics?

What if whoever decides curriculum and chooses books for our students happens to be homophobic, racist or just plain stupid? Well, we have those people-most are fearful white folks that hate anything but their own color and culture. In fact, if you disagree or don’t know what I am talking about you are ignorant and just what I am talking about. Look into recent Texas history of their version of book burning. So in an effort to direct society rather than report on it there are those who would ignore important aspects of our history. Is that OK with the reader-to ignore our history in history classes? To pick and choose the most ‘comfortable’ aspects.

Every time I see a bunch of shiny-faced children lined up to parrot the national anthem in holy rapture I feel ripped off. I wonder if those innocent kids will ever hear the truth, or are they just being set up to be nationalistic fools, ignorant of the true facts of life here and elsewhere.

For many years we have had black studies, and women studies, to allow those interested to focus more on these neglected areas of our history (since usually white males make all the rules, in their favor). Maybe it is time to give another ignored, belittled and important group of our population the same consideration. I see all the ‘me too’ people lining up here, anxious to sign the repeal of this. Why? Can’t stand to see this harassed group join us in society as an equal member requiring a little extra boost at this point?

Oh, we mustn’t do anything that some parents don’t like? I wonder if those parents have ever said anything about the shitty food in schools, the bullies, the underpaid teachers and overpaid administrators. Do those parents help their kids with homework (not by doing it!) and nurture their growth or just whine about the faggots? What about the gay kids in their midst, just leave all that in the closet, hide our heads in the sand? Americans are so weird. We are very prudish when it comes of nudity and issues like this, we flip out when a women would like to decide her health issues yet we march off with papal support to endless wars and kill with a relish. Our war machine is unmatched and we have more citizens in prison than any other nation on earth. Even after a terrible civil war and much legislation we are still a partially segregated county. Are we to be so childish as to fight over this issue of human rights that any intelligent nation would hardly even blink at?

Every poll of the American people gives overwhelming support for gay rights in every respect. It is time to give the ultimate right, knowledge of the contributions (and failings) of some historical figures of the gay lifestyle and the movement for acceptance as a whole. Why not? Are we to insist on ignorance-that would be a crime.

So are the bath houses of San Francisco which was a major contributor to the spread of aids to be included as sacrifices and science discovery going to be included? If the majority of Americans overwhelmingly support gay rights, how come the majority of states have voted against gay marriage? How is the gay poulation going to continue to exist when they cannot reproduce? Your entire rant did nothing but denigrate America and I find that very offensive. If this is a sign of what is to come with all this new awareness, I am very afraid of what we are becoming.

You hit the nail on the head, seniorcit… Selective propaganda.

This is exactly what is coming and the way that it will be achieved is very questionable. Once again, name one tranny, gay, lesbian, cross dresser or gender bender that has done something of significance to mankind or humanity that has not already been mentioned in school books because of the act, not the sexual nature of the individual?

“How is the gay poulation going to continue to exist when they cannot reproduce?”

@easy, He/She hit the nail on the head,,,are you kidding me? I could point out more stupid statements but that one line from senior bout says it all.

There is a very good reason why gay/les/tranny or genderbenders cannot reproduce. It is not natural and it was not meant to be, in nature.

Sure there are some anomalieswhich change sex from male to female when numbers of on sex are not sufficient to carry on the natural traits, or hermaphrodites, but those are very rare and certainly not human based…

Who say’s it’s not natural to not be able to reproduce? Mother Nature is pretty good at putting these things together until we come in and mess thing up. There are gay animals,,, are they pretending? Why do we all need to reproduce? Maybe Ma Nature made it so we couldn’t all reproduce for a reason. Take the fwy in LA during rush hour and tell me why we need to reproduce faster than we can keep up with. There are many woman and men that aren’t gay that can’t reproduce, are they ‘unnatural’? Who is the judge to say what is natural regarding this, who says that being gay whether in animals or humans isn’t natural,,you?


That’s right. They are naturally gay.

Do you mean like some dog’s that go around trying to hump everything and everyone including people’s legs? Very funny.

No doubt that some animals and creatures are very confused and were born with some wires crossed. Naturally gay!!

love finds a way.

The don’t ask don’t tell service people everyday.or how about that crew @ abu ghraib there was some fraternization among the troops for sure.

God Bless America and everyone in it.


“Wouldn’t it be nice if our little kiddies ‘” ???????

Do you have children?


‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we didn’t forget the 442nd Regiment of Japanese Americans who fought in Italy, France and Germany during WWII, the unit became the most highly decorated regiment in the history of the United States armed forces, including 21 Medal of Honor recipients? They fought, and died, while their relatives languished in internment camps back home. What about the Tuskegee Airmen? They are the pilots and ground crews made up of black servicemen that were discriminated against while serving their country in war. They served with distinction and then were forgotten. I think our armed forces were forcibly integrated in the mid fifties or so, shameful. I never heard about any of this in school-I only heard about how bitchen white people are, most of them men.’

these people you mention have children, I am a war baby era.

I don’t think your on the same page with them with regards to this topic.

I don’t disagree with you that our schools are missing the boat on educating our children, but don’t you think limiting what our schools can teach just compounds the problem? Wouldn’t it be great if parents actually taught their kids something and didn’t rely on the school system to teach them everything? However, after reading some of the comments on hear, maybe some shouldn’t teach their children.

-Check out SB 48 which spells out the law for all of you who are forgetting to use the brain God gave you. Then check out AB 130 and see which one really matters to Californians in the long run.

When you’re all in church tomorrow, I’ll be sitting right there with you. And, I’ll wonder how you can be in Church and be so hateful and lazy to nonthinking. Kaney, me thinks homophobia is alive in you. You don’t have to be straight to be homophobic. Not intending offense. Tomorrow, I will turn my cheek on this and play with the big kids.

I don’t support the idea of forcing teachers to teach about something specific for the sake of a special interest group. But now that it has passed, they ought to seek to repeal the laws that require them to include examples of women and minorities too. It is just obvious now that to these people, PRINCIPLE does not matter at all. They just fear the homos.


By the way a special shout out to all the gay and lesbian people out there who love to come together in their little groups and talk about discrimination and “community” issues, but when it comes time to stepping forward, identifying yourself, and contributing to the public discussion, you can’t seem to find the courage. I know you’re on here, don’t be shmucks… you aren’t so important that anyone actually cares.

Not sure what you are saying. But gay rights, like women’s right to vote, ending discrimination of any sort, enforcing environmental laws in poverty stricken areas and so on is actually human rights. The right to be, without hindrance. Fair protection under the law. The right to have the same rights as others without regard to anything but one’s actions. The crippled, the black, the gay, the communist, the hippie, the whatever-they all have the right to be.

I don’t happen to be gay, black, female, Jewish, a commie or member of any other ‘put down’ group. But I fiercely defend human rights for all. It is the job of everyone to do that, but of course most are engaged in denying rights rather than defending them.

For the sake of analogy, what if I proclaimed to you that I am gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, heterosexual or three-some preference, and a retired supreme court judge.

If your going to allow sexual preference highlight on one select group, you got to allow it for ALL the rest including highlighting heterosexual, bi-sexual and lesbian great figures (get it?).

Why would I want my personal sexual preference put out to the children in public schools required by law where parents have absolutely no say so or input about it.

Yes I’ll sign, you really should to, on the logic of it alone regardless of your personal sexual preference which no one has the right to critize!

And I will sign any recall for the Governor Brown or any elected official that voted on this special interest bill or any other stupid special interest bill like this!

It might come to this…

I understand your logic, but I disagree with the perspective on which you base it. I also think that it leads down a road which actually diminishes human rights. I believe that rights are inherent to and inalienable from the individual. You seem to believe that right are granted by law, or are at least willing to accept that as an acceptable social construct. For example, the issue is not that gays do not have the rights to be married, the issue is that the state has itself created a special class it ALSO calls “marriage” and apply laws and “rights” to this class irrespective of any other contractual agreements that exist between the two parties. It is not government which “freed” the slaves, it is government which held the slaves in bondage by legitimizing the institution.

I do not believe it is ANYONE’S “right” to force all of the schools in the state to teach how or what they want them to. This is the tyranny of Democracy, that “free” system which will ultimately kill if you if you do not comply. It is not the “right” of ANY person or group to be included in the education of all of the children in the state.


I agree with you

It is typically the language of the legislature that fail to make this clarity as simply vivid as your able to.

If they did (with a wisdom and sincere heart) there would not be much argument here nor anywhere else!

Good point. (excellent)