Bill would require California schools to teach contributions of homosexuals

July 6, 2011

California’s students may soon be instructed on the contributions of homosexuals if Gov. Jerry Brown signs a bill that lawmakers delivered to him on Tuesday. [Associated Press]

The bill, SB48, adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as people with disabilities to the list of groups that schools must include in the lessons. It also would prohibit material that reflects adversely on gays.

Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco the bill is crucial because of the bullying that happens to gay students. Republicans called it a well-intentioned but ill-conceived bill and raised concerns that it would indoctrinate children to accept homosexuality.

Assembly Speaker John Perez, that body’s first openly gay speaker, said: “This bill will require California schools to present a more accurate and nuanced view of American history in our social science curriculum by recognizing the accomplishments of groups that are not often recognized.”

Gov. Brown has not said whether he would sign it. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill in 2006.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican from Twin Peaks, said he was offended as a Christian that the bill was being used to promote a “homosexual agenda” in public schools.

“I think it’s one thing to say that we should be tolerant,” Donnelly said. “It is something else altogether to say that my children are going to be taught that this lifestyle is good.”

The legislation leaves it up to local school boards to decide how to implement the required material. It does not specify the grade level in which instruction would begin.

The bill’s author, Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, said he hopes Brown will sign his bill. He dismissed arguments that the bill promotes certain sexual behaviors and said it removes censorship in textbooks.

“Bottom line, it’s only beneficial to share with students the broad diversity of the human experience and that our democracy protects everyone,” he said.


When I was going through scholl in the 50’s and 60’s I was exposed to a large number of great writers and other people of fame. Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, John Steinbeck, Leonard Bernstein, Percy Faith, Alexander the great, Wimston Churchhill..the list goes on and on.

Some were gay, but most were not. It mattered not, what their sexual preference was, what mattered was what they acheived. No one thought to even inquire to their sexuality, because it was nobodys business. It’s still nobodys business.


The good ole days!!!!!!!!!!!

Spirit Filled

I don’t think sexual preference is the criteria here. I think it’s gay people prefer same sex, not the opposite sex. Although I suppose gay people enjoy sex with same sex that isn’t the main reason they are gay. They love the same sex period. Am I making sence? I know what I’m saying and mean and that’s fine with me. I have asked my grandson and he tells me he loves this boy. T is gay by the way. He does express his love through sex but the sex is not the reason he is with M. A lot like us.

We are not with the opposite sex because of making love we are with each other to share, enjoy, love, and etc. In other words to share our lives.


Again, more disgusting legislation crammed down the throats of the citizens of this state. If someone makes a significant contribution to society that is so worth mention, why is it necessary to know their sexual orientation?

What’s next? I’m sure there’s been a pedophile that has made some worthy contribution along their way. Will we soon be forced to embrace that choice of lifestyle, too?

This is preposterous! Our society is truly on a fast, downhill slide and it always starts in California. The Libs should be so proud.


If you are gay be gay, but the courts should not force it down the rest of us.

Any child can be taught to be gay when they are not.

They can even be taught to accept child-adult sex at a young age.

Be what you want, its a free country.

This does NOT belong in the public schools, they are taking our children away from us.


Willie: I usually resist commenting on your posted thoughts here because they are either too silly or disjointed or incoherent, but you have taken the cake with this comment: “Any child can be taught to be gay when they are not.” Absolutely the most ridiculous comment I have ever read or heard anyone say or write anywhere, anytime. Children DO get abused, they DO get molested, but they don’t CHOOSE to be gay; male children that have been molested by adult males are not “taught” to be gay, they are abused and have to come to terms with that situation at some time in their life. if one could be taught to be gay, would you believe that that was a choice they actually made? Can you tell me when it was that you CHOOSE to be straight? It was never a consideration for me; I never had the question that I found girls fascinating at a very early age, and it is my understanding that gay men realized at a pretty young age that they felt “different” because they did not have those same feelings about the opposite sex. An absolutely stupid comment and you should seriously consider retracting that statement.


bobfromsanluis: Let me relay a little story. There is a gay couple who are friends of mine and my wifes. We were invited to a bbq at their house to welcome thier two new babies. The bbq was attended by approx. 30 gay people, couples and singles, and 4 heteros (the other guest’s word for my wife, I and another couple). During the everning, one of our hosts was asked by another gay guest, “are you going to raise them gay?” This suprised us heteros as we have been constantly told that homosexual behavior is not a choice. Our host said that it will be the childrens choice. They were not going to try to influence them either way. The responses from the gay guests ranged from disgust that our hosts would leave the choice to the children, to opinions that they will have no choice, they will be what they will be. Many guests could not imaging how a gay couple could not raise their children to be gay. So, how are we heteros to know what is right, choice or no choice, if some gay people hold the same beliefs?


slobob, that’s the most stupid story that I’ve ever heard. Either you are completely lying, you misunderstood or else you hang out with some weird people. I have never ever heard a gay couple say that they were going to ‘raise thier kids to be gay’. You people are really paranoid.


Dear Bob. I agree. I’ve never know a gay male who has become a heterosexual; however, I’ve known personally 5 women who have gone from heterosexual to homosexual and back and forth

and I cannot believe that these women were born lesbian. They are either bisexual or nondescriminating, or impersonators. What do gay people call these back and forth people.


I can’t speak for all the homos out there, but I call them liars and opportunists.


Surrrrrrrrrrrrre bobfromsanluis

I will retract if it makes you happy

Children in their early developmental stages cannot learn approval from their governement, teachers, parents to be gay (sexually) and the future impact from that trusted (encouraged) approval.

But If children did not have those feelings, the government (law), teachers can lead them into it,

Is that silly, disjointed or incoherent enough from you?

This does not belong in the courts (law) or schools (children)!

Its proper place is in “adult” sex or porn web sites.



Why don’t you lead the way

Go to the public schools, glamorize and encourage the children to be gay


OMG willie I’m trying to not call you any names but what you are saying is just so ignorant.

Perhaps you had to make a conscious effort to be straight, it must have been a hard decision, perhaps that why you are so homophobic. I didn’t need to make a choice, I’ve always been straight, I was born that way. I’m not worried about my kids learning about those big mean scary gays, they are what they are, they don’t need to think and worry about it like you do.



Why the chip on your shoulder?

You said:

“Perhaps you had to make a conscious effort to be straight, it must have been a hard decision, perhaps that why you are so homophobic.”

I understand opposite swing behavior, it is typically used by someone who is insecure with their position. Your implying that my opinion suggest I have latent gay in me (don’t understand)? It maybe you and not me playing the reverse psychology!


Oh gosh this forum is so funny tonight. willie, I really don’t care if you think I’m gay, so what. If you think I am gay then fine all the power to you it makes no difference to me. I have a gay family member, one of my best friends from way back in the day is gay, it’s not an insult to be gay,,,, unless you’re Prez Hilton, cant stand that guy.


I am already looking into home schooling for my son. Seems to me (this would be my opinion) that the public schools are just a joke these days. All they do is create a social pecking order and bullies that are protected by the schools concern to cover their own back sides.


Good for you. DO IT!!!

My wife is a teacher in the Public System. She WILL NOT participate in this filth if the legislation passes. Many of her colleagues won’t either. Unfortunately, our school systems and the teachers are wrought with liberals that embrace this “alternative” lifestyle and even though it’s a tiny fraction of our population, they insist on playing this like it is the norm.

It’s NOT.


Looking for information on home schooling, try the california home school network it’s great , legal and no more B.S. from government school system.


I HIGHLY reccomend anyone considering homeschooling read “The Well Trained-Mind” it is life changing.

Our daughter chose to attend Atascadero Fine Arts Academy, so we “after-school” her on lanuage arts, history, math and science. But our 4 year old will be attending San Luis Obispo Classical Academy next year. It is based on the Classical education, which is the focus of The Well Trained Mind. Part time in class, part-time homeschooling. It is truly an amazing program.


I knew when I read this headline that all the haters would be out.

If teaching kids in school the contributions of gays prevents suicides and if prevents prejudice like EVERYONE here so far as demonstrated then I’m all for it. We need to teach our kids that it’s okay to be yourself and no matter how much people like those here hate them, when they grow up it will get better. When they are mature enough to get past the haters they can contribute and live happy productive lives. They along with your children need to know that homosexuals are not freaks, they’re normal people just like the rest of us,,,well I can’t put most of you in the normal category.

I would like to know what you people think is going to happen to kids if they are taught this? What is wrong with it,,,other than the Bible beating judgementals what is wrong with your kids knowing that there are gays that have contributed to our society?



You’re so full of crap that it’s amazing to me your brain still functions enough to type this bunk you spew.

eradicate ignorance


What a fantastic comment. You really added to the conversation with this one Bob. Keep up the deep thinking.

eradicate ignorance

What is everyone afraid of. Afraid that our kids are going to learn that people who make significant contributions to society can also be gay. Earth shattering, run for the hills everyone. The sky is falling.

I am not completely aware of all of the details of the legislation and the ensuing curriculum but I would hope to see the issue of gay marriage taught in the classroom as this is our generations civil rights movement. Why do we afford some rights to only some citizens? Sure doesn’t seem fair.

eradicate ignorance

Glad they are pulling them out of public schools. The lowers the class size for my kids and they don’t have to be around such blatent xenophobes.


Your kids will need all the extra attention they can get.


@eradicat ignorance: Great point, perhaps they should pull thier kids out, the rest of our kids will benefit from it. How funny that as I type this Brett Baier on Faux News is reporting on this story, he looks as if he’s going to throw up. I can’t believe how many people are blatantly open homophobes.


Have you taken your med’s today????????


@robert1,,ouch what a comeback, you must have been at the top of your debating class in high school.


Why do we need to know their sexual preference?


my2cents, do you really want a different opinion or is you mind like everyone else already made up? I’ll throw in my 10 cents though,,,again.

1st reason: Gay teens have a very high suicidal rate. 2nd reason: Teen gays are bullied and sometimes bullied to death. They are not excepted and after reading the posts in this thread I can see why. By teaching this in schools it would give self worth to perhaps a teen that might be on the edge of wanting to take his life. It might help that bully see that they are really no different than you or me and in turn it might make it not so cool to pick on gays. IMO that is why it is important. There was a time when history books didn’t mention historic blacks either. Kids didn’t used to learn about Buffalo Soldiers, Martin Luther King used to be regarded with disdain. Putting heroic African Americans in history books has helped kids see that they aren’t just freaks of nature, they are real people just like the rest of us, some bad some good.


This smells like the gay/lesbian lobby has taken their fight for acceptance to the classroom. Can’t wait for other interest groups to follow.


No doubt that we are already teaching about the contributions of homosexuals without mentioning it or even knowing it and why should we? No one needs to know about people’s private sex lives, no one is interested except for the homosexuals. Should we teach about those who enjoyed sado -masochism, and dominatrix mistresses while we are at?

These homosexuals have gone too far, this is what happens every time society gives an inch, you open the door and they take a mile. We should have left the door closed in my opinion.


The teaching of “people” who contribute to society or civilization in the fields including science, religion, medicine, technology and even politics should be taught in our schools. The leap to a persons sexual preferences has no merit nor any place being taught to our children in our schools…


Ever hear about Alan Turing? tragic meaningless loss.


That’s an interesting link. I skimmed over a bit of it but when I get some spare time I’m going to read more. How in the h*ll do you find these things?


But this is their way of brainwashing the innocent into thinking that their choice of lifestyle is normal.

I hope that they teach the children that each and every individual that is normal (heterosexual) also get equal acknowledgment.

If they are going out of their way to point out who was and who was not a homo, then they should also highlight the hetero’s.


This is the continued race to the bottom of the toilet!! These people say that they are private people, but they want to be identified by their disgusting behavior.

They should go ahead and associate with people that agree with their abhorrant behavior, but to try and indoctrinate this repulsive behavior into young, moldable minds is truly evil!!

The education system has been hijacked by the freak fringe, and now they want to start raising generations just like them.

Most of my friends are pulling their children from the feces filled swamp known as public education, and they are home schooling them now.


“The education system has been hijacked by the freak fringe, ”

Correction, the educational system was hijacked by the right winged ‘no child left behind’ nonesense.


Now you know why I hold equal distain for the Democrats and the Republicans. We need a third party. You didn’t need to make a “correction” just an addition.


No it was a correction not an addition, unless you are saying that the ‘freak fringe’ is the Repubs and the Bush admin for instating No Child Left Behind.


Co-authored by Ted Kennedy, the ultimate right-winger.

eradicate ignorance

Glad they are pulling them out of poublic schools. The lowers the class size for my kids and they don’t have to be around such blazen xenophobes.


My sister is a lesbian, and I accept it and so do my daughters. But I will not have my kids going to school to learn that this is okay. I am still a Christian and this way of life isnt natural. My sister was never made fun of because she stood up for herself and her sexuality, but her relationships have been nothing but trouble.


“…. her relationships have been nothing but trouble” But straight couples don’t have troubled relationships. Why don’t you want to teach your kids that it’s okay? Oh yeah, you’re a Christian so that must mean that judgemental,,,,I get it.


Man, I need to slow down, I’m living up to my name. But you get my drift.


Yes of course straight people have trouble, but from what I’ve experienced in my relationships from that of my sister’s is that they how more power trips than any straight couple I know. And I never said I dont want to teach my kids its okay, they see it first hand from my sister, but they dont need to teach it in school where they dont even say the pledge of allegiance anymore!!!


in school where they dont even say the pledge of allegiance anymore!!! that is a lie and a red herring.

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