Bill would require California schools to teach contributions of homosexuals

July 6, 2011

California’s students may soon be instructed on the contributions of homosexuals if Gov. Jerry Brown signs a bill that lawmakers delivered to him on Tuesday. [Associated Press]

The bill, SB48, adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as people with disabilities to the list of groups that schools must include in the lessons. It also would prohibit material that reflects adversely on gays.

Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco the bill is crucial because of the bullying that happens to gay students. Republicans called it a well-intentioned but ill-conceived bill and raised concerns that it would indoctrinate children to accept homosexuality.

Assembly Speaker John Perez, that body’s first openly gay speaker, said: “This bill will require California schools to present a more accurate and nuanced view of American history in our social science curriculum by recognizing the accomplishments of groups that are not often recognized.”

Gov. Brown has not said whether he would sign it. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill in 2006.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican from Twin Peaks, said he was offended as a Christian that the bill was being used to promote a “homosexual agenda” in public schools.

“I think it’s one thing to say that we should be tolerant,” Donnelly said. “It is something else altogether to say that my children are going to be taught that this lifestyle is good.”

The legislation leaves it up to local school boards to decide how to implement the required material. It does not specify the grade level in which instruction would begin.

The bill’s author, Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, said he hopes Brown will sign his bill. He dismissed arguments that the bill promotes certain sexual behaviors and said it removes censorship in textbooks.

“Bottom line, it’s only beneficial to share with students the broad diversity of the human experience and that our democracy protects everyone,” he said.

Spirit Filled

I have a grandson that’s gay. He and his boyfriend visit often. They are very loving to each other and us but they never try to shove it down our throats. (pardon the pun). They don’t hold hands or kiss in front of us but you can tell they love each other by how respectful and giving they are to each other. We knew he was gay when he was about seven years old. Or at least a cross- dresser. My wife would but the kids old clothes at the Goodwill so they could play dress-up and my grandson “T” would pitch a fit that she bought mens clothes for him to wear. He would literally grab the womens clothes from the girls and put them on. He loved wearing a dress. I have to admit I tried many times to get him to put the other clothes on but he would cry and just not be happy. Finally I just accepted him as he was.

T is a wonderful person. Growing up he was hell on wheels. Uncontrolable to say the least. We took him in to live for a long time but finally after he called his grandma a son of a bitch I threw him out. There was no talking to him.

He was in pain but we couldn’t help him. He was a senior at the time. He graduated from h.s. and went his merry way.

Now he is totally different. He is about 6’4′ and in perfect shape. And has a heart of gold. Tells us he is sorry for all the things he did to us. We tell him we forgave him right after each incident and please stop saying you’re sorry.

One night he said to me at the dinner table, (he had brought about 10 gay friends with him) grandpa I know you think I’m going to hell because I am gay. His friends looked at me like they knew what I was going to say. I answered T you are the one making a choice about what you are doing, as long as you don’t have sex with your boyfriend you are fine. Live and love each other but don’t commit sodomy it is against God’s law. But don’t forget God is all forgiving so ask for forgiveness then act forgiven and don’t commit the sin again. One thing you need to remember is I love you exactly as you are. You are one of God’s greatest creations. He accepted that and we moved on.

People seem to really be down on gay people. They were also created in the image of God just like you were. Celebrate them as people. Gay doesn’t even have to enter in to it. If they want it to that’s their problem. Nothing we can do. I don’t think it should be brought up in school. Our kids are in enough trouble. Why add more problems. Teach it in college if you must.


Very well said sir. I agree this legislation is misguided, and I very much appreciate you pointing that out in a positive way, while so many others open their mouths and couldn’t help the dark truth within from escaping. I doubt their savior was impressed.


I agree with mkaney here. Well said.


” Our kids are in enough trouble. Why add more problems.”

Why would this add problems? It would help gay teens and straight teens. What would cause trouble is if we enacted public school lessons based on religious ideology.

Spirit Filled

We can teach about how to have a good, loving marriage without talking about God. The weekends we give are not all about God they are about listening, loving, and being vulnerable.

I can just see the fights teaching this would cause. The kids are usually as tolerant as their parents and looking at all these negative comments I’d say the bullies are going to have a field day. I think college is a better place to teach about this subject. The kids are usually beyond the age of beating each other up, at least that would be my hope.


They aren’t purposing teaching the kids about being gay. They are simply purposing that if Hoover, Nixon, Einstein etc. were gay that the text would mention that. That’s not brain washing, talking about sex or teaching about being gay. If even one gay teen decides that maybe he does have worth and decides not to kill himself because he finds comfort knowing that there are great successful gay people then it’s worth putting in the books. If Ghost Walker’s son goes to school brain washed by his father that gays are evil and he’s thinking about beating up the gay student next to him, perhaps knowing that some great figures in history were gay, perhaps he’ll learn that his father his wrong and he won’t beat that kid up.

Hoover was an odd character, beyond simply gay. Kids don’t need to know the details but I have no problem if they learn that he was gay. In Hoover’s case the dichotomies really makes his story more interesting. As I said, no details, just a mention, no one needs to know anyone’s details regarding what they do in the bedroom and being gay isn’t simply the way they have sex. That being said, I understand that due to your deep religious conviction that I will never convince you.

Spirit Filled

I thought the powers that be wanted to teach about being gay. My misstake. You do make sense to me, you have explained it in a clear and concise way. Thank you for that. I just simply don’t agree with you. It has nothing to do with my love for God. I don’t think that gay people need to be singled out in any way. Being gay has really nothing to do with how successful a person is. (As far as I know). Maybe gay people are more intelligent than us average folks, I don’t know. Gay people are no more or no less than others.

I’m overweight so I think it ought to be mentioned in the textbooks that a lot of famous people were overweight. I haven’t noticed it but I’ve heard that overweight people have low self esteem, and are held in ridicule due to their fatness. Well, I want everyone to know that so and so famous person was fat but he was extremely intelligent. That way the other kids will accept fat kids more.

Or kids that get high grades are less accepted than the average “C” graded kids. You see the bumper stickers all the time that say, “my kid can beat up your honor roll kid”. I think this ought to be mentioned in the textbooks also. Maybe the kids that beat up my honor roll kid will be more accepting. Actually we had one of each. A bully and the honor roll kid. Neither one was easy to raise. How about those bullies? I think they should also be mentioned. How about if you have a son or daughter that is a bully, fat, and brilliant and gay. What then? Should we mention that the famous person being studied was top of his or her class and was, in fact, gay, fat, and a bully, plus he was on the honor roll? Who should be mentioned first? Which one needs to be first? Who’s going to be the one to judge. Not me. Maybe you Typoqueen, you seem like a very fair minded person. And quite a lady, I might add.


Fat kids and ‘C’ students don’t have to deal with the same issues. 1 in 4 gay teens tries to kill himself. The third leading cause of teen death is gay suicide. So I don’t believe that we need to mention over weight kids or C students in history books. But if by mentioning that Churchill was over weight saved one child from killing himself then I would say fine mention the big kids in the books as well but there isn’t a high rate of suicide with over weight kids.

Spirit Filled

The biggest cause of suicide in children or teens is depression. Can’t cope, being bullied in school, divorce, teased and etc. Well at least you made me look it up. Went to on the net:

Jesus will get you now or later.

The Gimlet Eye

“They were also created in the image of God just like you were.”

Yes, they were. But now the image has become marred. It’s time to clean it up.


It is not the fact that someone is gay that is at issue, I doubt that any mature person really cares in this day and age.

But when it gets into a LAW that allows any potential influence, suggest, glorify or glamorize a gay or heterosexual life style in the public schools, it is no longer a personal or private issue to me.

One thing is for sure, it is not the heterosexuals that are crusading this!

It does not belong in the school, if the Bill passes, the government is entitled to providing funding for this!


Genesis 19 gives a warning to all future generations:

Genesis 19 But before the two Angels of God could lay down, the men of Sodom surrounded the house, both old and young, all the people from every quarter: 5And they called unto Lot, and said unto him; Where are the men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us, that we may know them; I.e., have anal sex with them.

And Lot said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly; take my two virgin daughters instead, and they said no. And they pressed greatly upon Lot, and came near to break the door of his house down!

Why did the men of Sodom want to sexually molest / RAPE the Angels of GOD?

Was it that they wanted to “force,” their sexual persuasion upon the Angels of God? YES!

Genesis 19 is the earliest warning humanity has that this will happen to our children and grandchildren if we let it take root in our schools and homes.

In the days of the Genesis humanity was told that homosexuality is a perversion and a Sin condition, regardless those of that sexual persuasion deceive others into thinking that it’s a born with “it”, DNA Sub-Species, condition.

I once knew a Hetero-Sex couple who had a baby boy, but the mother wanted a girl. So she dressed “Timmy” as a “girl.” At age two when asked, “What’s your name” little Timmy would say “Me Girl.” Today Timmy is a “flamer.”

Finally, the book of Genesis tells humanity that there is a way to escape the judgment of GOD.

Mankind was told to flee from Sin and the homosexual lifestyle, as Lot and his family fled the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and turn to GOD, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. False Christians will tell you that a person’s life doesn’t change in a snap of a finger, but is a

process of change, that will continue to increase or advance as long as the individual keeps their faith in Jesus. This is not true Biblically. Jesus told the women at the well, “Go and SIN NO more.” John 8:11.

Leviticus 18: 22Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination

There are no circumstances, Biblically, where a person can be both a homosexual and a Christian. You must choose either Jesus, or a hell bound lifestyle.

Romans 13:14 Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

Matthew 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Also see:

Romans 1:26, 27

1 Corinthians 6:9


Alright so let’s go with your view which was formulated without the use of any outside information, just the one book that you believe not only had the truth in it when it was written, but continued to retain that truth through the hands of countless governments, despots, and so on… but ok, however you want to reach your opinions is your business. So let’s say that some of us are wrong and that it IS a moral perversion and it is not a natural mutation.

WHO CARES!? I didn’t ask you for your permission to a be a pervert and I don’t have to. If I’m going to spend an eternity in hell, maybe a good christian would at least be nice and nonjudgemental for the few years we share on this planet.

Oh sucks, I forgot that cognitive dissonance allows you to simultaneously accept contradicting ideas and therefore you only accept the portions of a philosophy that are convenient to supporting your preestablished world view and immediate interests. Bummer, I bet we could’ve been great buddies.

Ghost Walker

This is typical of the homosexual agenda. The bottom line is they want everyone to accept their lifestyle as normal and acceptable. So they started with the media saturation via hollywood. You cant watch a TV show or movie with out some Gay element being added to the plot even if not relevent. The hope was to desensitise the public through the constant portrayl of homosexuals and their lifestyle. It has not succeded to the degree that was hoped so the next push was the gay marriage concept. Again this has not succeded across the boards like was thought it would. Regardless of the amount of positive propoganda saturation, people stuck to their beliefes. So now the push is via the schools. The realization has come about that no matter how hard they have tried to sway public opinion there is a solid core of people who through moral/ religous/personal reasons do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle. So the best option left when you cant defeat someones morals is to change their morals/beliefs to begin with. It is the long range approach. If you can indoctrinate at a young age a way of thinking then you dont have to conivince them as an adult.

My opinon is that I am not telling you what to believe are acceptable values so why are you trying to legislate yours on us? The counter argument is always that a person is being a homophobe, intolerant, non progressive etc. The fact remains that the intolerance remains on the side of the homosexual agenda. Homosexuals are being tolerated. There are no mobs out with pitchforks and torches forcing them to copulate like a hetrosexual. Its this crusader mentality of you MUST think Homosexuality is okay and just as good as Hetrosexuality. You MUST except them as natual and equal.

I and many others disagree. We are not trying to change you. We just think that the lifestyle is wrong. Quit trying to be the Thought Police and the Politicaly Correct Enforcers and telling us how we should be thinking and feeling and accepting. Yes I know, I tend to ramble but there it is.


I ask the moderator for a little leeway today… I think when one considers what is offensive, relative to a lot of comments here, I’m actually being quite reasonable.

” Its this crusader mentality of you MUST think Homosexuality is okay and just as good as Heterosexuality. You MUST except them as natural and equal. I and many others disagree. ”

Let me draw a picture for you to make sure this is clear, k? I’ll go slowly because I know you’re a moron, but I want to make sure you understand something. I am not one of those winy homosexuals who is going to cry about “inequality.” AND I do not support the legislation. But let me see if I can express myself properly…. um, F * C K YOU! I really hope that doesn’t get moderated out because it’s about 1/1000th as offensive as anything you said. Look, I don’t give a damn what you want to consider natural or unnatural, that’s all you. But if you don’t except me as equal and you ever do come down the street at me with a pitchfork….I WILL F’ING KILL YOU. Is that clear enough for you? I am not Martin Luther King Jr, buddy, I am Malcom X. Actually, that’s not true. My name is Matthew Christopher Kaney. Remember that ok? So if we should ever meet, we don’t have to waste a lot of time pretending to be nice to each other when ultimately you’re just going to be a prick.

It really kinda bothers me that someone who thinks at about the level of a seventh grader should be allowed to stay that way. It is not really natural, because it’s really a product of television and religion. And you certainly aren’t my equal. I am not trying to change you, I just think that being an idiot is wrong. The thing is, it effects everyone around you way more than someone’s homosexuality effects you. I KNOW you don’t think you’re stupid, because you may have achieved a modicum of success in life and you even figured out how to work an automobile.. but the funny thing about stupidity, is that by definition, it isn’t capable of recognizing itself.

Also, exactly what is this “lifestyle” you’re talking about? I don’t have gay sex, since I’ve been celibate for years. I don’t wear mesh shirts. I don’t watch Will and Grace. I don’t go shoe shopping unless my current pair is falling apart. I don’t act effeminate. I don’t vote Democrat. I don’t know, maybe I’ve been magically cured by Jesus!?

Also, I have a complaint to file. Why am I never invited to the meetings where they set the agenda?! I wonder if any Jews get left out of planning meetings for their conspiracies!?


You are funny, although I don’t agree completely with your opinion regarding the school issue I do like your post and agree with everything else you said.


I just couldn’t let all of this slide. Can you imagine the reaction of most black people if someone acted like they should be grateful for not being chased down the street with pitchforks? There was no reason to take it where some people took it… the issue is about whether to teach from an individual merit point of view or a culturally inclusive point of view, it really has nothing to do with homosexuality specifically. But a good number of the people that consider themselves “conservative” don’t have the first clue about understanding anything beyond a fairy tale basis. They aren’t conservatives…. they are the same people that living in the arab world would be muslim extremists. Conservatives understand things on a systemic basis, have consistent principles, and want to continue the project of liberty and the free market.

And yeah just wanted to make the point that I don’t care about these people’s views any more than they care about mine. But that has no relevance whatsoever in free society. I don’t ask for my individual rights, I assume them. I’m not “grateful” to these people for their “tolerance.” I expect it. And in return I will tolerate them, despite having equally strong feelings about some things they do. Starting from that point, maybe we can find a little more agreement!


This is pretty gay.. and I’m gay, so that’s saying something. I do really wish people would quit lumping us all together, though because frankly.. not a crowd I really like to be grouped with. Everyone is capable of reprehensible behavior, but when you teach bogus self-esteem/pride when you have done nothing for which to esteem yourself or be proud of, it tends to perpetuate poor behavior. I also find that gay people like to blame “discrimination” for their problems.

I have one gay friend who at the age of 19 met the love of his life, has been with him for 10 years, graduated from school and became a teacher and the child they are adopting will be born in two months. No one stood in their way or told them they couldn’t do this or has discriminated against them. The fact is that, like anyone else, gay people are responsible for how their lives turn out, no one else.

That being said… there were a few of you who voiced opinions which were just plain stupid. That’s ok, you have a right to be stupid… but you object that someone is trying to shove something “reprehensible” down you or your kids’ throat… and frankly, you are the exact same people who have no problem shoving your crap down people’s throat and have been doing so for a LONG LONG time. To you people, I would suggest some reflection on the idea of consistency in your “ideals.” I try to keep an open mind but I personally find some of your ridiculously childish notions of “God”, “heaven”, and other things pretty freaking reprehensible too.

So let me suggest an example of where this applies: Marriage. The government should not be in the business of choosing what marriages to recognize, including yours. Marriage should remain in the church, and the government should only be recognizing contracts between individuals, period. Bigamy should be legal too, if that’s your thing.

To those of you who think it’s ok for the government to recognize arrangements between monogamous heterosexuals in a different manor than they do for others, well F-U. You are the dangerous people. You are the enemies of the flag which you proudly claim to live under. And you are, regardless of what your false pride tells you, on the exact same level as the fundamentalist muslims you fear so much.

A special F-U goes out to Eddie for his comment: “They should go ahead and associate with people that agree with their abhorrant behavior, but to try and indoctrinate this repulsive behavior into young, moldable minds is truly evil!!” You are about as dumb as a door knob, and that’s really being kinda mean to the doorknob.

Bonus reality call: “they dont need to teach it in school where they dont even say the pledge of allegiance anymore!!! Put down the Glenn Beck for just 5 minutes. They didn’t say the pledge of allegiance to BEGIN with in this country. It was written by a Utopan *Socialist* and the whole idea of it actually runs counter to American and Constitutional ideas

Spirit Filled

I like your no-bullshit style. My kind of friend. Wiser than most. I’m sorry that people in the world are at times so mean. Probably hurting from their parents breaking up, maybe not.

I’m not a libral, just love everyone.


Thank you sir. I appreciate those who place value on being direct and honest, and on trying to be consistent with one’s ideology. People are mean because they know deep down what they’ve done when no one was looking and their fear and insecurity makes them focus the attention elsewhere, I think. Maybe I just overanalyze things? haha I’m not a liberal either, as odd as that may seem.


It almost seems like liberal gays are condeming and attacking us “through the system” for not being gay


Well Willie, you sure are on a roll; ” … liberal gays are condemning and attacking us ‘through the system’ for not being gay” another classic, idiotic comment. Are you afraid that you might get some “gay” on you? I don’t necessarily agree that this legislation is the best that could be out there, I do however think that figures from history that were gay should not be eliminated from the history books simply because they were gay. A remote comparison is the lack of historical notation about women, blacks or any other minority that has accomplished much but never given the recognition because they were not white males. And of course, having most of the elementary textbooks written to satisfy Texas sure doesn’t help.



I was either born or created beneath you level

Are you happy now



Before you tell me to retract my statement/ opinion

Go back to psychology 101 and review perception and learning and child development.



Even an uneducated farmer knows that if you seed and cultivate something it will grow and grow


No, man, NO. Let me explain it like this. If you eliminate ALL of the seeds of a certain plant from the world, NO MORE of those plants will grow. Why? Because other seeds can’t magically turn into the seeds of the plant that no longer exists.

But if you eliminate all of the homosexuals from the world, in fact, if you ELIMINATE ALL speech referring to homosexuality on top of it, and remove it from ALL the textbooks… and then you wait a while, YOU WILL HAVE HOMOSEXUALS again!!! Why? because it’s not a DIFFERENT plant, or a plant you trained to grow that way… it’s a NATURAL mutation and as long as their are humans THERE WILL BE homosexuals!!!

In other words, it may not be “normal” but it IS “natural.”


Someone once told me that we human beings are like gods or GOD, we have the power to create and destroy.

There is going to be controversary

The gay issue can be argued Constitutionally (legally), Religiously (Many religions-some against-some indifferent) or Historically (what the forefathers had or did not have in mine at the time).

The only one that I can condone in a public school is the legal/ Constitutional issue.

It is otherwise an individual preference, not belonging in a public school by law..

I have never seen any suggestion where a Heterosexual push their preference on a Gay, except in the movie “MASH”

But I do not think the people expressing their opinions here are the Crusader, they are merely reacting, they are merely reacting to Gay Crusaders.

And please, don’t talk of violence, your FOS if you do, those that know do not nor brag about it.


When I use the word “SEED” NOT in a physical but in the metaphysic or metaphoric.

Nor am I refering to genocidal, Gay is a phenomen that can result in any family or neighbor.

I am only against encouraging (creating) the programing into children regardless of what personal preference will result later on their own. And although this may shock you, if one of my family or friends (and it has) elects to be Gay, my love and care for them will not change.


Sorry, Willie, I am not actually trying threaten violence, more making a point that I am not “grateful” that I am not being chased down by pitchforks. I do not ask for my basic rights, I assume my basic rights and will defend them, as should anyone.

I don’t disagree with you, I think this legislation is ridiculous… but I strongly disagree that others haven’t been pushing their “preferences” for a long time, particularly Christians. I find it highly ironic that so many Christians complain about this being a special interest group shoving their beliefs down people’s throats (which it IS absolutely!) while doing the same thing themselves. The inconsistency with so many people’s ideas is disturbing.

That being said, it is the right of a community to teach their children what they want to, or homeschool them if they do not agree with the local consensus.


It was understandably a little out of your level.

I sincerely love and respect you.


At a time that the schools can least afford it, this group is asking for a major change in curriculum for all state schools. They are not going to be satisfied with a xerox list of gay people and accomplishments, they are demanding a complete new line of textbooks that would designate and emphasize gay people and their accomplishments. This is not just for history, but for science, music , and any other subject where people are mentioned. Can you imagine the costs for local school systems to buy new textbooks for every grade level and most subjects.

Then, of course, you have the objections of all the people who do not believe in or support the gay political agenda.


Nazis, Communists, Democrats, Republicans, and Wickens have contributed also. Will this nonsense never end? Why do we have to classify people rather than appreciate what the individuals have done?


When will the madness stop???

Women to Go Topless in Name of Gender Equality