Deputy stun guns patient at Templeton emergency room

July 5, 2011

Chad Gross

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy used a stun gun on a 19-year-old intoxicated patient at the Twin Cities Community Hospital Emergency Room on Monday. [KCOY]

Chad Gross, 19, of Camarillo was found unconscious at Lake Nacimiento and transported to the hospital. After he awoke, he started a disturbance and tried to leave.

Hospital staff called for law enforcement, but Gross still refused to cooperate. Deputies said they were forced to use a stun gun on him.

After hospital staff cleared Gross, deputies booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of drunk in public.

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Is the Stun Gun really excessive??? What are the other options? Wresle with the drunk guy? Perhaps break an arm cause his is so young, strong, and drunk, he feels no pain as he resists? Do we need that liability as a County? The stun gun works and is proven safe. I just picture you thumbs down bloggers in that ER trying to subdue the drunk guy. LOL!!

Might be a good time to quit drinking and see a priest or minister so he can talk out his personal problems.

I can assure you, if he doesn’t quit drinking now he will have many worse problems with booze in the future. Maybe he should consider using pot.

HA HA, Spirit, I’m trying to figure you out. Is there a Church you attend that praises Jesus and passes the bong? So that’s what the Rapture signifies.

I am really not that much of a pot head. Quit smoking last year after smoking 3-5 packs a day for about 54 years. Haven’t had a puff since May of last year. No bong for me. I don’t even eat it often. MJ is great but I am on a natural high most of the time. God fills me up. I died last year so everyday alive is a happy day.

Being dead isn’t bad either. God does really love us all.

Alright listen up to all you people who have problems with my friend chad yes he is my friend hes my good friend i have known him for more then 6 years people make mistakes get over it. It happens to all of us and you know what chad is a sweet loving kid and wouldnt mean to hurt anyone. You people who are judging him dont know what he is going threw right now and if you were him some of you would do the same thing and you with the 17 year old kid you probably think he is an angle and perfect hes probably going behind your back not gunna lie everyone does it…. and if you saw him you wouldnt say he is little no one says hes little hes pretty beast so if you have a problem keep it to yourself and remember everyone makes mistakes and this obviously was his and the day after it happened he said that he wished he could do it over just lay off.

Yep, we all do make mistakes. Glad his only resulted in a drunk in public. Perhaps yours was not concentrating on English grammar in school.

Do me a favor Kenzie. Please tell Chad that we have enough drunk idiots here in Paso Robles and we dont need any imported from out of town. the next time he feels like drinking himself into a stupo please stay in Camarillo. thank you.