San Luis Obispo police chief to retire

July 6, 2011

San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deborah Linden announced Wednesday she plans to retire at the end of the year.

Hired in 2003, Linden worked to stop Mardi Gras celebrations in the city. Linden also led the efforts to modify the noise ordinance by adding additional fees to be a more “effective tool that has improved the quality of life for many residents in neighborhoods impacted by parties.”

“I have been incredibly fortunate to have a career that allowed me to serve the public in such a meaningful way,” said Linden. “I feel honored and humbled to have worked with some of the finest law enforcement professionals anywhere.

“I am incredibly proud of the work accomplished by employees at the Police Department every day, and I will miss them tremendously.”

A national recruitment will begin shortly in order to have the next police chief appointed by the time Chief Linden retires in late December.


How much is her retirement package. How much will she pay Jan Marx to get the same deal she tried to give to the fire chief’s widow. Deb has come close to making our town into the ideal police state. I am sure Marx will hire her back as a consultant. She is not that old so she will get how much in retirement until she dies ? That would be for 10 years of work….Hmmm


Wow, the stated bio in this story is a condemnation, not anything I would brag about. So far this lame city has killed Mardi Gras, La Fiesta, banned dogs at Farmers Market, almost killed the market by letting the fascist DTBIA run the farmers into the ground, banned dogs at the Fri night concerts in the Plaza, spawned boring big city development in our cute little village, allowed city cops (and at least one fireman) to run rampant against civilians, plundered our treasury in creating a fat contract for the new City Manager. There is no doubt that their ‘national search’ for a top cop will cost us a fortune while ignoring deserving and competent local LE for the job.

All local people should be exhaustively researched before going ‘offshore’ for talent. Did ol’ Deb do anything other than help to wipe out some of our cherished traditions (our cop leadership is such a cowardly weenie)? What about the road rage cop, the cops smuggling drugs, and on and on? All dealt with promptly and severely-the cop who assaulted a guy over a year ago is still ‘under investigation’, the two cops caught at the border cost us around 300 grand while the year long ‘investigation’ was going on-they were never arrested as far as I know. If any of us were caught at the border smuggling drugs we would have spent that year in jail, not on leave collecting our pay. Then they were either allowed to quit or were fired-wow, big deal.

Our departing chief has taught us about favoritism and how to take all the flavor out of a town. Good riddance. Amazing how someone would brag about things that should put her in jail.


Heck yes! bail out while the gettins good! Played those fish for all they were worth. Now watch those same fools go fish for another big suckerfish. Tools


If the current SLO City Council will be hiring Linden’s replacement, I’m assuming the ad will read something like this:

Chief of Police wanted for the City Of San Luis Obispo California. San Luis Obispo is a small, pretentious incorporated area situated on the northernmost border of the greater Los Angeles area. Salary and benefits depend entirely on the level of affluence and glamour of the cities in which you have been previously employed. Relocation to the area, and 40 hour work weeks are not required.


Devo!!!…Devo!!! Apply for jefe!


Thats funny. He should though!!!


Gosh, I wonder if this has anything to do with the very special treatment Ryan Mason received from SLO PD?

Possibly she was “asked” to retire? Or she’s concerned if she doesn’t retire now, and an investigation starts, she won’t be allowed to retire?

The timing is coincidence or significant. Time will tell.


And the smears start right out of the gates….Good job, and so typical….”ASKED” to retire…How innunendo-esque. Class act, MARE.


Nope, she is retiring because she is working too hard since she lost her right (or was it left) hand man (Ian P.) and the new kid isn’t fully trained yet. She already told us in the press release she will be teaching. See, these wonderful upstanding poeple come to town on their white horses, get a great salary/benefits, join all the best clubs and community groups (bet the City paid for this too), allows them free time to attend/participate because who else in the working class has time and then they make their connections, retire, and start all over robbing the taxpapyers for their outstanding job. I too could do a great job if I had a couple of secretaries, captain assistants, and a force at my command, time off to do community activities, paid for by the City. Where do you sign up??? As for the actual work she was hired to do, well, look around. Anything that would create work for this police dept is gone: Mardi Gras, La Fiesta, Poly Royal, St. Patrick’s Day, don’t smoke, feed the ducks, or bring your dog to downtown events. If it requires extra work, please, just stay home!


I heard her say along time ago she only planned on staying 6 years. She wanted the prior Fire Chief to stay on until she retired as well.

Sorry Mary, has nothing to do with any current legal situation….


Her reaction to Mardi Gras was to impose a police state. Her department told us we couldnt even be on the streets and preferred that we not have company. She actually put out a statement telling citizens that we were not to have company. What an unimaginative jack booted thug she was.


She’s LOST without Ian Parkinson.

Not a big fan of the cover ups and special treatment that SLOPD has been involved with under her non rule.

And isn’t that special that the NATIONAL recruitment search will commence shortly.

There is NO one LOCALLY qualified?

This will mean big SALARY, big BENEFITS, moving EXPENSES, housing ALLOWANCE, car ALLOWANCE, relocation REIMBURSEMENT for spouse and dependents.

And the citizens of SLO will have NO input as to who this individual will be, there will be no disclosure of previous employment problems (employment contracts do not allow for this).

Please forgive my pessimism but the hiring of Katie Lichtig as a City manager proves beyond a reasonable doubt that SLO’s human resource acumen is severely in question!


Here we go again….a national search for a new police chief which we will end up paying much more than promoting someone from within the department. The new chief will probably want to live outside the city…no problem…the current chief residles in Orcutt. Please…we do not need the best qualified and most expensive candidate in the entire country!! We are small town going broke…let’s be sensible for once.


fat chance this council will exercise any sense.