Senate approves college aid for illegal immigrants

July 15, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown

Illegal immigrants would be allowed to get privately financed student aid administered by state universities and colleges under legislation approved Thursday by the state Senate and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown. [LATimes]

Brown said during last year’s election campaign that he would have signed similar bills that former Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had rejected.

The measure, AB130, is slated to give students in the country illegally the ability to receive scholarships and other private financial aid that is overseen by the systems of the California State University, California Community Colleges and University of California.

A separate bill that would allow illegal immigrants to receive publicly funded financial aid including Calgrants, has stalled in the Senate over its potential cost to taxpayers, the Los Angeles Times said.

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They sent my census form back!!

In answer to the question, ‘Do you have any dependents?’

I put ……. ’12 million illegal immigrants, crack heads, unemployable persons, the cast of The Jerry Springer Show, 140,000 people in our 133 penal establishments in California, leftovers from Katrina, half of Mexico, and most of the House & Senate.

…………….. Apparently this wasn’t an acceptable answer…………..

God, I wish I’s thought of that!! Congrats, Stop, don’t ever stop.

My son is 29, and he is STILL paying off his college debt.

He is a legal citizen and lives within the rules….his bad, I guess.

OK, let’s see if I have this correct. Illegal aliens get private loans administered through the University system. They get their education then go back across the border. Who pays the loan back? Who in their right mind would loan money to someone who does not have to adhear to American laws once they go back to their country of origin.

The banksters, why? They loan contrived “money” that’s nothing but a computer entry so if it doesn’t get repaid…… what?

Banks are money launderers. They “loan” worthless computer entries but are repaid with real money that represents real work done.

Banking is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity.

Why are Greenspan and Blankfein free and walking around? Power, ultimate power.

I understand your frustration with the rigging of the banking and financial industries. However, in this case real money is transferred to the Universities and Colleges. The question is who pays it back?

I would not be surprised that college loans to illegals are U.S. Government guaranteed. If true, the bank is guaranteed to get paid back. So another system pushed by the left, but controlled by the Universities and Banks to shove big profits in the pockets of both.

When will the left understand it is about business with the “non-profit” colleges and universities. How do you think the colleges and universities pay for the outrageous salaries, benefits and retirements for their employees? So now, even CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITIES are taking out of state and foreign students over California kids because it makes them more money. What doesn’t the left get?

Left, right, middle, why divide it into three segments? And what do so many colleges produce and what do they introduce to students? How to get on board this same crap. It’s like sending people to prison which teaches them how to expand and move up in their profession, crime. Having one of these phoney baloney institutions in your town (Poly) infects it with an over abundance of bureaucraps. Just look at San Luis Co.

I was looking at my kid’s Poly text book. What the hell does that abstract garbage give to society? It’s called laying down a carpet of complicated confusion between you and others so as to eliminate your competition and keeping them out of yoiur scam. Society becomes sick when Nerds rule. Time to get to work and get dirty, you fakes. You demand the best in life and contribute the least. And you caused the influx of legal and illegal immigrants which is the ultimate downfall of the country so as to fill the positions you wormed out of. People love the illegals because it keeps their dream alive, get educated and wear nice clean clothes til retirement. Mass immigration is the product of to much “education”.

We need about one quarter of the colleges we have now. They hold knowledge and information for ransom, yeah, real intelligent. When it hits the fan in the future we’ll see what the deGREED folks defend themselves with. One guy with skinny arms swinging his degree at the healthy tan muscled guy with a club. Now that’s a return to nature, and I can’t wait to see it.

Jerry’s an old Buddist, he’s gonna try to get votes and keep his Karma buffed up at the same time..I guess.

Hey, if a poor El Salvadoran scores a free ed. that’s one thing, but the kid he bumps out of a seat who was born here from a family with a long Ca. lineage? Maybe he even saved up tuition workin’ hard but who is now being asked to degrade his quality of life, for life, to keep Jerry’s guys butts in power by kneeling before the Latino vote? You know, like he did for the Gay vote?