Cal Poly Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter revoked

August 10, 2011

Less than three months after Cal Poly’s Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity came under fire over a reported rape, the university has moved to revoke the San Luis Obispo chapter. [KEYT]

A campus investigation was launched after a woman alleged she was raped by one of the members during a May 7 party at the frat house. That case is ongoing.

In its investigation, Cal Poly found the chapter violated rules by providing alcohol to minors, serving alcohol at an open party with unrestricted access by non-members, and purchasing alcohol in bulk quantities.

The fraternity appealed the July finding but the decision to revoke was formally upheld Tuesday.

Cal Poly is also asking the national Sigma Phi Epsilon organization to officially dissolve the local chapter.

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So… what grounds were they revoked? Acting like a college frat? Sheesh, wouldn’t most all of them be in trouble if that was the metric used to determine charters?