Early vacation for double-dipping general

August 24, 2011

General William H. Wade II

A former adjutant general in the California National Guard has been “transferred to the retired list, effective immediately,” for financial improprieties. [SacramentoBee]

General William H. Wade II, the Guard’s boss from 2005 until being relieved of that duty early last year, received about $155,000 in “improper double-dip earnings — two days pay for a single day of work,” according to an investigation by the Sacramento Bee. In that post, Wade also was commander of Camp Roberts. Now deputy chief of staff in Italy, the general has so far refused to repay any of the money.

The action was taken by current Guard Adjutant General David S. Baldwin, who said “the soldiers and airmen of the California National Guard are best served by this action.”  The move was taken with the approval of Gov. Jerry Brown, according to The Bee article.

Legislation now pending in the California Senate would increase the period for recouping improperly gained funds from three to six years. Wade makes about $200,000 in base pay from the state, and another $50,000 from the federal government.

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Why is there any limitations on recouping stolen monies?

Are there, not is there . . . duh

Paragraph from the Sacramento Bee, curtesy of the CalCoastNews link in the article above:

“Guard members who also are state employees may collected limited dual payments for both federal and state pay on the same days, but Wade was found by The Bee, and then the state’s own analysis, to have exceeded allowed limits dramatically. He previously contended that state rules limiting dual pay did not apply to him as adjutant general.”

“Guard members…may collect limited dual payments for both federal and state pay on the same days…”. I question the legitimacy of this statement.

I had a boss once, who owned a restaurant while he was a U.S. Postmaster in a little town up north. Another bureaucrat informed me that he was not supposed to collect a paycheck from other employment while he was getting a paycheck from Federal employment. Admittedly, the fact situations are different, but the issue appear to be the same, in that the general is purported to be taking paychecks from two different employers at the same time. Even if he is getting paid for one and the same work, he is still getting paid by two different employers: the state and the Feds.

This sounds like a question for the gpoaccess.gov’s “Ask a Librarian.” Unfortunately, their “new and improved Web site’ is about as informative as an OCSD “new and improved” board packet….

Why is the General not in the stockade pending court martial ?

Oh Sh*t

Not again and again

The people we are led or expected to trust and respect, are the ones scr*wing us, over and over again.

Never ends, does it!

(Nice uniform)

not very often we get a glimpse of the gilded lifestyle of upper echelon military brass

Ironic that we are ready to crucify and bust the local public service workers who actually contribute something yet turn a blind eye to military expenditures that are a complete waste.

Paths of Glory.

Military expenditures are a compete waste? What have you been smoking or drinking? omg

Funny, that’s not how I read that at all; not all military expenses are a waste, but there certainly are quite a few that are. I am not a veteran, but every single one I have ever had the opportunity to talk to have had several stories of waste and inefficiencies, along with, of course, several tales of seeing things work well also. But many did not have flattering stories of their superior officers either.

Just a comment

Especially with people in uniform, there is a macro cast typing that they are all alike, the other is each is still individual, depending on how you are lead to perceive it and what your own experience has been.