Arroyo Grande burglars target gun safes

August 25, 2011

Burglars broke into two homes on neighboring streets in Arroyo Grande on Friday and took 11 guns. [Tribune]

Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., thieves broke into the residents’ gun safes and took shotguns, handguns, rifles and one assault rifle while leaving other valuables in the homes on Refugio Place and Via Bandolero.

The Arroyo Grande Police Department is investigating the burglaries.

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Why did they know about these homes and these guns?

Sounds like someone may have had some inside info?

I wonder how they got into the safes. The gun safes that I’ve seen look pretty hefty.

The majority of safes are only safe from fire, not intrusion by a burglar. Entire safes that aren’t bolted down tend to walk off with burglars who are free to open them at their own convenience.

I don’t agree that people walk off with gun safes, they are pretty large and heavy, maybe little personal safes perhaps an occasional gun safe but besides being really heavy they’re a bit obvious to be loading in the back of ones van.. In the link that you provided the guys did knock it over but they didn’t carry it away. I was surprised though at how easy it was for those guys to open that safe. Those safes do look heavy duty, I know a few people with those types of safes and I really wouldn’t have thought that could happen. Thanks for the link.

If you have a dolly, a cheap, un-anchored, gun safe is as easy to move as a refrigerator. (Even easier actually if you were trying to steal it and didn’t care about its finish.) When I was mentioning entire safes walking off, I was referring to the smaller type, like the little 1.2 cu-ft safes you see at Costco / office supply stores. An acquaintance of mine had one of those stolen, but the police found it in the neighbor’s back yard.

We found an open gun safe in the alley behind our condo in Oceano. Dumped right in the middle of the alley and badly damaged. Had to have weighed a ton (not literally). The sheriffs spent a great deal of time going over it. Never heard back on it.

It’s better to keep the guns on your person, where you can use them to keep thieves out of your house.