O’Malley decides not to run for county supervisor

August 25, 2011

Mayor Tom O’Malley

Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley will not be running for county supervisor in 2012.

O’Malley made the announcement Tuesday during an interview on a Paso Robles radio station. He indicated that family issues would keep him from challenging 5th District supervisor Jim Patterson, who is seeking a third term on the board.

O’Malley had been expected to mount a serious challenge to Patterson in a district where election results have been consistently razor-thin. However, critics of O’Malley have suggested that the mayor could be damaged politically by the on-going federal investigation into Atascadero politics.

The focus now shifts to North County rancher Debbie Arnold, who narrowly lost to Patterson in 2008. Arnold had previously announced that she would not be a candidate for office in 2012, but observers expect Arnold will be encouraged to reconsider her decision.

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Does Tom O’Malley have a brother who also works for another San Luis Obispo County agency? Where is O’Malley from? L.A.?

Take the old folks’ vote and you can win in the North County. That’s why I thought O’Malley had a shot and Arnold might also. Personally, I’m fine with Patterson. He’s our only defense against the yokels and militant aged.

I would vote for Debbie Arnold in a heartbeat. She’s honest and knows how to get things done.

I wonder if O’Malley’s decision is based on the newly gerrymandered district that was apparently drawn to favor the incumbent …

I’ll bet it was the increasingly focused federal investigation into gearhead, miller and other crooks who palled about with the likes of O’Malley. I think he may be swept up into the morass.

I think Mr. O’Malley association with Mr. Kelly Gearhart is what prevents him from running. The man wouldn’t not truth if it walked up and introduced itself.

Bingo. The timing is too perfect.

And didn’t Gearhart’s step-mother say that Gearhart bragged that O’Malley was “one of his (Gearhart’s)”?

“Wouldn’t not…”? Meant to say “wouldn’t know “. Call me TQ2 ! ; )

Run, Debbie, Please RUN!

If you want MORE Santa Margarita Ranch like projects that would result in multiple significant and unavoidable Class 1 EIR impacts…. then run PUPPET Debbie, run!

I’ll take “Puppet Debbie” over Gerrymander Jim Patterson any day. And unless your Democratic party pulls another last-minute smear campaign like they did last time, Debbie will be a formidable challenger. She’s a smart, classy long-time county resident and I really hope she enters the race.

She also has worked in the political environment previously, and therefore could be expected to have a clue about how to get things done.

Smart move. Always a good idea to keep a low profile if there’s even a slim a chance of a federal indictment looming.

LOL. Words to live by.

I think I’ll do it up on a little cross-stitch sampler and hang it right next to my computer monitor.