Paul Flores gets Googled

August 22, 2011

Meet Paul Flores, the former Cal Poly student who is the last known person to see Kristin Smart alive the night she disappeared from campus in May 1996.

The undated photograph, posted on Facebook by Smart family friend Dennis Mahon, shows Flores standing outside of his Los Angeles home.

“This came off of Google Street Maps of all things,” Mahon wrote in the accompanying post. “He just happened to be out front when Google came driving by.”

Flores, who dropped out of Cal Poly after Smart’s disappearance, was the initial focus of a police investigation. According to a 2006 newspaper account, “Like the police, the Smarts believe Flores knows details about what happened to Kristin. But he’s not talking. Other than making a few initial statements to police when Kristin disappeared, over the past 10 years, Flores has refused to talk to investigators. He has never denied any involvement in Kristin’s disappearance.

Smart’s parents, Denise and Stan Smart of Stockton, took a civil case of wrongful death against Flores in 2005, but dropped it after Flores pleaded the fifth amendment in court.

Flores has been arrested for DUI three times since 1997 and was sentenced to 240 days in jail for violating his probation after the last DUI.

Kristin Smart was declared legally dead in 2002. Her disappearance remains an active case with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s department.


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The alleged Killer can still be seen on Google at::

938 W Upland Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731

FYI: Google does not have to remove the photo, the alleged killer is standing in the public street and is fair game.

There is a big park behind his house. I hope someone has warned the neighborhood girls too stay clear of the park that abuts his back yard.

Someone should organize a posse to drive down to San Pedro and canvas the community posting flyers with his name, photo & narrative of the facts all over town!

I love it. I hope this adds to the paranoia that he probably already has. We’re watching you PF! Good job to the Smarts for keeping the public aware of this clown (would like to call him something worse).

To the Smarts: Please always let us know what’s going on with this, always follow that horrible person, never let him out of your sights. PF, one of the very few that I’ll say is guilty before he’s prosecuted, he’s as guilty as O.J..

OJ was found “not guilty”. For whatever reason, people seem to think this meant that he was innocent. It meant that the DA failed to prove his case. Vincent Bugliosi, who prosecuted the Manson clan, wrote an excellent book about how the prosecution screwed-up this case, beginning with not filing the charges in Santa Monica, which would have had a jury pool “of his peers.”

I know he was found not guilty that’s why I compared his guilt to PF as PF has also managed to escape justice. I was making the point that rarely do I go against a judgement and the not guilty verdict of OJ was one of those few times. I was so frustrated watching the OJ trial. I was glued to the paper and the TV during that fiasco and it was clearly evident that DA screwed up, everything from Mark Furman’s testimony to the famous glove fashion show. The judge was also guilty of letting the courtroom become a circus.

Furman’s watch commander was……….

I don’t think OJ did it. circus is ironical indeed.


you are obviously involved. You refused to talk to police. Who does that if they didn’t do it? You pled the fifth in his civil suit. Who does that if they didn’t do it? You’ve got a guilty conscience and are trying to drink away your shame.

it’s not going to work Paul. You’re involved and you know it and it’s going to haunt you the rest of your life. Be a man and reveal what you know and what you did. At least try and make amends for your acts by helping the family have closure. You’re life is already going down the toilet and it’s only going to get worse until you confess.

Paul will undoubtedly contact Google & demand the pic be removed. He’ll claim harrassment or something. Google maps is a total invasion of privacy. If you Google our address, it clearly shows my husband out front w/our garage door open, working on one of our kids’ bicycles.. Of course my husband’s not a DUI offender or possible murderer like Paul Flores but there are pro’s and con’s to Google maps.

…and I would call this one a definite Pro! You can run PF, but you can’t hide. And whats more, you can never run from the truth. It will never ever leave you and WE will never ever stop talking about Kristin and about YOU until justice is served. PF, I hope you’re enjoying that white picket fence…I hear they don’t have those anymore in prison.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m positive that Paul Flores had something to do w/Kristin’s disappearance. His lack of cooperation has been a red flag since the start! We lived in SLO at the time and we’ve followed the case through the years. I’m in the Kristin Smart Facebook group where this Google map post was first released so I’m familiar w/the situation. I lost a cousin in a similar manner in 1986 and trust me, I want justice served in this case as much as anyone does.

I’m just saying that Google maps are creepy and not always accurate. The picture I mentioned of my hubby on Google maps is 5+ years old and we don’t even live in that house anymore. So there’s a chance Paul Flores doesn’t even live at that address anymore.

I hope Paul mans up someday and tells the truth. He may escape judgment in this lifetime but I’m confident there’s one Ultimate Judge from whom Paul cannot hide.

It is my understanding he recently purchased this house so this is a current Google map and current pic of him. Yay!

He knows what happened. Be lucky paul that it was not my sister as I would make you talk. Your a loser through and through.

Do you have an alter ego?

How poetic that a guy who constantly hides from people and calls the police when private investigators visit his residence or any family members he might be staying with, literally got himself googled and in front of his house! No doubt, he didn’t know what was going on at the time.

This guy wasn’t only the last person to be seen with Kristin Smart, he promised to make certain that she got into her dorm OK and then left her less than 100 feet from her building door (so he say’s). Cadaver dog’s hit on his dorm room mattress and trash can but he had already moved his belongings out of the room. He also refused a lie detector test but I believe that someone that he confided in will talk someday. There is no statue of limitation on murder.