Avila Beach bus driver arrested for driving drunk

August 22, 2011

San Luis Obispo Police arrested a  Regional Transit Authority driver for allegedly transporting a busload of passengers while drunk on Monday at about 2:40 p.m.

Passengers on the bus traveling between Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo called 911 to report the bus driver was driving erratic and appeared drunk. Police stopped the bus on the corner of Palm and Osos Street and took John Farmer, 46, of Avila Beach into custody.

Police then informed RTA officials who sent another driver to complete the route.

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I once went to a hockey game at the Staples Center, from a bar, hosted by Bacardi . . . I wonder how many folks on the bus (driver included) remember much of the game!

Booze and people that drink too much don’t mix.

WOW, The RTA bus driver was drunk! He will now have to join the group of private bus drivers that are rented by private groups. I recall years back when a friend of mine rented a bus to take about 25 people to the Jimmy Buffet concert in LA. He sold tickets out of his bar that included free margarita’s on the trip. By the time we got to LA the entire bus was plastered including the driver. While going through Hollywood he took a turn a bit too sharp and drove up onto a curb. The people on the curb were all screaming and backing away, some were even falling down in the chaos. Half the people on the bus were laughing and hanging out the windows cheering everyone with their margarita’s.

I guess no one got the license plate because we got to the concert with the bus driver still in his seat. I still have to laugh when I recall the scene, but today, I wouldn’t think it was so funny. The driver came very close to running a couple of people over, he got lucky.