San Luis Obispo County’s redistricting process under fire

August 23, 2011

Option B

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote to adopt a controversial redistricting plan that would separate both Templeton and San Luis Obispo into three different districts, according to Tuesday’s consent agenda.

Supervisors Adam Hill, Jim Paterson and Bruce Gibson support Option B — a plan that puts portions of Templeton in the 1st, 2nd and 5th districts.

Supervisor Frank Mecham wanted a revised version of Option B that places Templeton into two districts leaving the north portion of Templeton, an area that is slated to be annexed into District 1 in the future, in his district. Paul Teixeira supported Mecham’s plan which was voted down by a 2-3 vote.

In support of Option B, the supervisors said they are attempting to achieve a voter balance in a county that has seen a 10.3-percent increase in population. Every 10 years, following the census, the county redraws the districts.

Several opponents of both Option B and the revise version contend Option C delivers a more even population division while preserving communities. In addition, with three supervisors to a community, discussions with community leaders would violate the Brown Act which does not allow three supervisors to discuss an issue outside of a board meeting.

Some critics of Option B claim the supervisors have a clear conflict of interest that they have failed to disclose, specifically, that the division of Templeton into three districts supports the probability that the political makeup of the board will survive the next election.

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Have to agree with the first to commenters, I too object to the lines the way they are drawn to pump up certain supervisors.

The north county should be cut off at Cuesta Grade and spit between district 1 and 5, the north coast should be split off at Morro Bay district 2, Morro Bay to San Luis should be district 3 and district 4 should be the south county down to highway 166.

The gang of three are trying to assure they have their fingers in lots of pies and garner the most votes regardless of the area size or population numbers.

It’s crooked. It is politically motivated to keep the Three Amigos in power. Politically motivated redistricting is illegal. SLO residents care and have as much of a stake as anyone in unified representation.

Shame on Gibson, Patterson and Hill.

Here we have our own little gerrymandering issue. It is no coincidence that support for breaking up the communities falls along party lines. The gang of three sees the opportunity to extend their influence into the future by redrawing district lines that aggregate their voters.

Redistricting is always dirty, but not always this obvious.

If I was in Templeton, I would be furious. If I was in SLO, I would not have much of a care, as my “real” governors are in the City Council chambers, rather than the County BOS chambers.