San Luis Obispo County Superior Court to cut $1 million from budget

August 15, 2011

State budget cuts will leave San Luis Obispo Superior Court about $1 million short of its $19 million 2011 operating budget. [The Tribune]

Cuts of $350 million, the largest in state’s history, from judicial the branch’s budget for fiscal year 2011-12 have raised fears of major delays and layoffs throughout the state.

Similar drastic cuts are projected in the state for next year. New courthouse construction has also been put on hold. Legislators shifted $310 million from a courthouse construction fund to help cover this years shortfall.

A management team of court officials and county judges responsible for balancing the budget and making drastic cuts is expected to complete its work within a month.

“Everything is on the table, including reducing court hours, furloughs, layoffs and closing courtrooms,” Susan Matherly, the local court’s executive officer, told the Tribune.

About 80 percent of the superior court’s budget is payroll. Normal staffing is 162 employees but currently runs at 145 employees because of a hiring freeze since 2009 in which jobs have been left vacant through attrition.

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This is just the talking. When the action hits get ready for increased unemployment and another big drop in home prices. So far, Cuesta is taking a major hit. The CMC is taking a major hit. SLO court is taking a major hit. Grover is going to take a major hit. Oceano is going to take a major hit.

Right now it’s all prospective. When it actually happens, look out below.

80 percent of 19 millon for a staff of 145 ???????? did i read that right??????? Oh they must be Unionize

The poor pot delivery people… pah- lease.

Pah-lease shut your trap.

Cut back on the paperwork and stop busting the pot smokers/delivery services. Last Friday I dealt with a govt. agency again and the paperwork was a joke and absolutely rediculous waste of my time, the govt. employee’s time and waste of paper. About 30 pieces of paper that meant nothing. As the woman that helped me was filling out form after form we talked about it and she was exasperated by the bureaucracy.

I am in total agreement with you, TQ…yet again!

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.