Coastal Cleanup scheduled for Saturday

September 12, 2011

More than 80,000 people are expected to participate statewide in the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day Sept. 17, hoping to cleanse beaches, lakes and waterways of humanity’s blight.

The event has proven popular with San Luis Obispo County volunteers in the past, according to sponsors, contributing to a record total last year when all of the state’s participants removed 1.2 million pounds of trash. This will be the 27th such event and will run from 9 a.m. to noon.

The beach and water 50 feet south of Pismo Beach pier has earned an “F” grade in the most recent analysis by Heal the Bay. A short distance north, however, the same study gives Pismo Beach at the Wadsworth Street projection an “A.”

Sponsors of the event provides an opportunity for people to help “take care of the fragile marine environment, show community support for shared natural resources, and learn about the impacts of marine debris.”

Cleanup efforts in this county are being handled by ECOSLO, and more information can obtained by 544-1777.

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We should ask the homeless people that are living in there trailers on Hind lane, Granda street, Bonnetti street, Zaca lane, Prado road, Elks road, Short street and etc area’s where the homless live in San Luis Obispo as many of these people are getting free money from the government, City and Country and free health insurance while they drink and smoke pot in their trailers all day. As much as they dump their sewage down the sidewalks illegally, these people need to do some volunteering as many do not all want the work in this town but drink & smoke pot. Many people have to work and see these helpless do nothing but walk downtown and collect money for beer and while they have meals from Orcutt road and Prado road hurting our economy because they choose not to find a job.

We could ask these people to get off there butts and help San Luis Obispo out with some cleanup work.

Excellent idea…

I also mentioned this as an idea when the article written by John Salisbury where he mentioned a shortage of farm workers to do the grape harvest at many vineyards…

I live in SLO, but probably visit the beaches here about 4 or 5 times a year. My favorite is the “northern” strand of Avila (where the bonfire rings are, and dogs allowed). I make it a point to carry *something* trash-wise off the beach when I leave each time, even if it’s just me!

A great event for a very worthy cause, come if you can, it’s all volunteer and it’s your creeks and ocean…

Certainly a worthy cause, its unfortunate those who use the beach’s and waterways cant clean up after themselves before others need to clean up for them. 50′ feet south of the pier gets a F rating?, how nice, looks like Grover city’s beach can join Oceano in the ranks of ” Debris by the sea”.

Yes, it is shame that those who use our beaches and recreational areas can’t or just won’t pick up after themselves. This event is manned by volunteers who care more about this resource than the millions who come here to vacation and wind up spoiling it for all by their bad behavior…



We need YOU and friends/family and want to give you a t-shirt and lunch.

Info, Map and Sign up at:

This year, we are proud to announce that Pismo State Beach (Oceano Dunes) won a $10,000 donation to the park in the Coke/Vons “Best State Beach” in SoCal contest! (More:

Beach-capable vehicles enter the park free and won’t have parking hassles, plus you can help spread out the cleanup effort.

Safety information and waiver form is here:

(print and sign in advance to speed up check in, but we’ll have forms on site if you can’t)

Hope to see you all Saturday. Tell your friends!

Kevin, you do such a great job with this, you are very good at organizing this and you work hard on it. I may not agree with you on most issues but at least your heart is in the right place. I’m sorry but I have prior family thing that I must attend. One day I’ll make it. Keep up the good work, you get 50 thumbs up!