Central Coast residents owe millions in taxes

September 13, 2011

At least five Central Coast individuals may be targeted by a major legislative effort to penalize tax scofflaws by suspending professional or drivers’ licenses of the state’s worst offenders.

Assemblyman Henry T. Perea (D-Fresno) has pushed his bill to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown, where it awaits his signature or veto.

Among those locals with tax liabilities on the state’s list are Frank Kenneth Worth, of Nipomo, who owes $1,342,9965; Curtis Eugene Kiser and Sandra Jean Kiser, Grover Beach, $836,730; Kenny Seguine, Nipomo, $360,525; and Nancy Perea, Santa Maria, $781,063. She is no relation to the legislation’s author, said an aide to the assemblyman.

The bill is part of an effort to recover an estimated $6.5 billion in tax monies owed to the state by delinquent taxpayers. Perea originally intended  to target only the top 250 debtors, but amendments hiked that total to 500.

If signed into law, the bill would allow state officials to be able to work with other states and the IRS to track down debtors who have moved funds out-of-state. Debtors can escape the penalty if they can demonstrate legitimate financial duress.

State officials said the current debtor list also includes a Hollywood celebrity, a dot com millionaire, former professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, dentists, realtors, major builders and many others.

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I would like to see the full list.

It’s super easy to do a Google search. Y’all should look into that.

State Board of Equalization list:


Franchise Tax Board list:


Additionally, another easy find via Google:


As you can see, a few of these folks have multiple addresses and company names to hide behind.

I didn’t make myself clear. I would like to see the top local (Santa Maria and SLO county) tax dodgers not the entire state.

I’m sure I could find it but it’s not worth my time to find that list.

Great posting site, one of the really big ones was not mentioned ?? CHF Express, LLC owes more that $884,000.00 in taxes why where they not named ? owners are Ron Hertel and partner Robert JS Fowler who have admitted to lawyers and BK filings they owe millions to investors banks and the state and federal government in taxes ?

Whose the guy in the picture? A scofflaw?

It says who he is if you run your cursor over the picture.

My question would be why stop at the top 500. If you owe the State money 5cent of 5 million you should be treated the same. You owe it to all the taxpayers who do the right thing, pay and pay on time.

Unless you’re Amazon, in which case the rules don’t apply to you, or you have the clout to have the rules tailored to your business model.