Grocery workers strike avoided

September 20, 2011

Officials with the United Food and Commercial Workers reached a three-year labor contract with Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons on Monday averting a grocery strike that would have idled more than 54,000 workers. [LosAngelesTimes]

After spending more than 24 hours in continual negotiations, officials from the union and the three grocery chains reached a deal.

“We are pleased to have reached a tentative settlement agreement with the union that continues to preserve good wages, secure pensions and access to quality, affordable healthcare — while allowing us to be competitive in the marketplace,” spokespersons for Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons said in a joint statement.

Union negotiators concurred, saying in a statement Monday, “We have attained our most important goal, which was continuing to provide comprehensive healthcare to the members and their families.”

Details of the tentative agreement were not made public. A 50 percent plus one vote by union members, slated to vote later this week, is required to ratify the contract.

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I was looking forward to seeing the cute grocery store girls out on the sidewalks wearing their summertime clothes…

Good news for those who belong to the union. Good news for the stores. Bad news for those who applied for temp. work at those grocery stores. Unemployment is 12.1% in California. Think those figures aided in the agreement?


That plus in the short term, mortage & car payments, utilites & credit card bills, incidentals, family expenses.

and the thought of foreclosure, unemployment, banklrupsy and homelessness associated with it.

In the long term, no relief, real rescue or help from the hole fallen into for years.

And anything else that evolves around the need for money, which is everything, its a crime to be poor

Don’t forget, many of us are worth more dead than alive…

When I think about it more to an extreme projection:

When evicted, no savings due to inflation, and evicted,

There is no Dan Devall to the rescue, he has to serve time for previously trying help.

No pot to to piss in, no place to wash the sink off, and only the trash can for snack.

Hell, an dog has a better than a human being without a job!

Details of the tentative agreement were not made public = unions caved. Just my guess. I bet the union management finally saw the writing on the wall (i.e. “not now, you bozos!”) and gave up.

With the real unemployment figures very close to the numbers during the Great Depression (pdf), it’s hard to imagine someone wanting *more* from their labors.

The union finally wised up. Alot of people would love to have that job.

You’re right and a great deal of grocery workers didn’t want to survive on strike pay. If you have a job, it’s no time to strike, there are desperate people looking for work.