SLO man dies in traffic accident

September 20, 2011

Daniel Nadalsky

A San Luis Obispo man was killed Monday in a traffic accident at Buckley Road and Thread Lane in San Luis Obispo shortly after 6 p.m.

Daniel Nadalsky, 53, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Several others involved in the crash that involved a pickup truck and a passenger vehicle were transported to French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

Officials have not yet disclosed the cause of the accident or the number of people involved.

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Dan and Lisa Nadalsky are friends of Nancy and I. I was the one interviewed on KSBY about 15 minutes prior to discovering who was killed. We are heart broken. What a wonderful family. The driver was test diving Lisa’s late mother’s car. Lisa was just starting to get around her mom’s death last Nov. and now

this. Way beyond sad. To do a radio program after you’ve just found out you’ve lost a friend is crap. Tomorrow I will go into Viet Nam mode and shove it as far down inside me as is possible. Please say a prayer for a

truly wonderful man and his truly wonderful family. Thank You

Bill Benica

What the hell would anyone dislike about what I shared. The freaks of social media are alive and NOT

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There is a troll that goes through and automatically gives everybody a thumbs down! Occasionally a bunch of them show up. It doesn’t mean anything, please don’t take it seriously.

Thanks Cindy. I’m fairly new at this.

I was just told by a reliable source that the man that was killed was a passenger in his own Lexus. He was on a test drive and the potential buyer was the one at the wheel.

There is so much wrong with that scenario. Very sad!

I saw that someone also posted that in the Trib blog. What is really strange is that the test driver was speeding, lost it on a curve and crossed into on coming traffic. No doubt the test driver was checking out the car’s performance and accelerating into a curve isn’t uncommon if you want to check on how well a car holds the road. This is an odd twist.

On another note, Since he was speeding, lost control on a curve, crossed the lines and killed a person in the oncoming lane, shouldn’t he be charged with murder2?

At this point and time I am relatively sure with the existing hearsay, that the car sales person will be charged with a crime.

Almost all crimes requires some kind of intent, but in this case it is the opposite “no intent is required”.

It is the salespersons failure to act in a prudent manner when the likeliness of his actions could lead to property damage, injury or death.

So, for the sales person’s to claim “I didn’t mean to do it” or “I didn’t intent to do it” is irrelevant.

Furthermore, his “gross criminal negligence” was during the course of business, and the dealership may also be in deep doo doo too!

Oh my gosh, I’m glad to see all my thumbs down fan out and about.


Got to feed the animals now

Nothing but love

willie, the sales person was the passenger (Daniel Nadalsky) who died in the accident. He didn’t have a dealership, he was selling his privately owned Lexus in the local adds. No doubt he allowed the guy (potential buyer) who was test driving the car too much leeway with testing the cars performance but Mr Nadalsky certainly wouldn’t have been charged with a crime even if he had lived through this tragic accident.

Now as to the driver (who was considering purchasing the car) I think he is guilty of vehicle man slaughter with gross negligence. He also caused serious injuries to the driver that he crashed into head on.

The insurance companies will no doubt battle over this unfortunate loss. In the meantime, the loved ones left to mourn this man’s death have my deepest sympathies.

How many times are you going to bring up the Weisenberg scenario? Get a clue Cindy. There are traffic accidents everyday. When some of these accidents involve alcohol, drugs, recklessness, disregard, etc. then they get prosecuted. Most traffic accidents are ACCIDENTS with zero criminal negligence, intent, etc. Let it go. Weisenberg was found GUILTY!

That particular case bothers me because I truly believe that she was railroaded for killing a CHP. She was wrong but she wasn’t guilty of murder2. Do you realize what a person usually has to do to be charged with murder2? People get charge and convicted of that crime for literally stabbing someone to death!

I believe that the CHP who investigated this case were bias and clearly misrepresented the evidence, such as the MPH that she was traveling at. I believe the toxicologist also misrepresented the facts. Also, he gave an opinion that wasn’t backed by scientific evidence. No one considered that she passed a FST which proved that she wasn’t impaired. Do you know that failure to pass an FST with less than a .08% BAC (say a .06% BAC) can result in a DUI? They can’t have it both way’s. They can’t use an opinion of a toxicologist where no standards exist for impairment an blow off passing a FST, and call that reasonable judgment in my opinion. The CHP was even interviewing and intimidating her friends who they knew were meth users the very day after the accident in an effort to garner incriminating statements about her general behavior, then they claimed the friends said things that the friends disputed saying. They even got a search warrant for her home to find something they could use against her. I understand that the CHP lost a brother and they wanted to right a wrong and that’s exactly why they shouldn’t have been in charge of the investigation.

It wasn’t right, they managed to convict her for murder2 because she is poor white trash and we don’t like her behavior, abhor her drug use and she is a jerk. She is also only 22 years old and had never had a DUI in the past. This was an unusual conviction and anything but standard. I truly believe that it was WRONG. It isn’t about Ms W, I don’t like her either, not one single bit, it’s about watching our legal system railroad someone.

What was that? I would be interested in your theory? You’re cracking me up again but I really am interested in what made you say that.

Oh my gosh, I better add this too!

(To know your past karma (written on stone) look at your present causation, to envision the future (not written on stone) see what you are doing now)

If a karma perspective is taken, it is theoritical only do to no present science to explain it.

i.e. or in other words, this may not be karma related at all to Mr. Dan Nadalsky but it is possibly newly caused karma by the person who was driving.

apology for being long winded.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that willie has not nor may ever be selected as a juror… ;-)

An early guess:

Most large pick-up trucks drive too fast and follow too close.

I believe the speeder was the Lexus.


Thanks for the info.

It was just an early guest not a judgement for lack of real facts.

Speeder tend to be the likeliness of loss of control due to time diminishment to react or adjust.

willie, you crack me up. Don’t take me wrong but you just come out with the “darndest” statements! LOL

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