Man snatches baby, is foiled

September 7, 2011

A man grabbed a year-old baby at a San Luis Obispo bus stop Tuesday but was stopped by the child’s mother and others witnessing the incident, according to police.

Langdon James, 19, a San Luis Obispo resident, allegedly walked up to the mother, who sat on a bench with her baby in a portable car seat. Investigators said James grabbed the car seat and baby and started to walk away.

The mother, who was not identified and said she did not know James, struggled with James and recovered the baby. James fell to the ground and was taken into custody by arriving officers, said Sgt. Jeff Booth.

The baby was not injured, said Booth, and the mother escaped with only minor injuries.

James was treated at a local hospital and released into the custody of officers, and was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail on $500,000 bail. He’s charged with kidnapping, child endangerment, and battery.

Booth said the incident remains under investigation.

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Word has it that he was headed to Atascadero Jewlry & Loan with the baby.

If he had made it the mother would have to buy the baby to get it back!

OMG, too funny! That was a good one, still laughing over here.

I don’t get it. Why would a 19 year old try to steal a baby? There must be more to this story than meets they eye. I hope so, because otherwise that is some really twisted stuff there.

Can’t get a girl friend. Can’t wait.

“The mother struggled with James and recovered the baby.”

I wish whoever posted this story would have mentioned that it was the bystanders that jumped in and got the baby back while detaining the kidnapper and knocking him to the ground. Thanks’ for intervening local citizens, that’s what we would all hope you would have done. That’s part of what makes SLO a great place to live.

Thanks for letting us know that Cindy.. I think that is a great thing to hear especially after we have just been told by the firefighters and police that they do things the rest of us won’t, and that’s what makes them great. lol

We have such crappy news reporting in this town . . . despite great stories like this that I hear over and over again! Why wasn’t the news all over this one? Good job intervening locals!

Maybe he works for the CIA like the lady in Atown?

Are you talking about our one and only Anne ???? If not, I don’t know who it could possibly be ;)

Oh no, shame shame shame on me. I posted too fast although most people who pay attention to our CC and PC meetings know who I was thinking of.

Of course we had a kidnapping last month by a lady working for the CIA…. Aw Geezzzzz.

I most certainly hope the hospital treatment was due to the appropriate response by those who intervened…In liberal SLO courts, it’s likely the worst of his consequence..

I don’t know what court you’ve been in lately . . . but the one I was in was anything but “liberal”.

Opps, sorry, I accidently gave you a thumbs down. As for liberal, it depends who’s on trial or who’s accused of what and who they know.