Woman thwarts carjacking attempt

September 8, 2011

Arroyo Grande police are hunting a knife-wielding, foul-smelling man who attacked a 25-year-old woman after she had stopped her car briefly in a residential neighborhood.

The unidentified Santa Maria woman was left with minor injuries in the Sept. 6 incident, which occurred just after 10 p.m.

The young woman pulled to the curb on Elm Street after dropping her cell phone. As she reached to retrieve it, the assailant opened the passenger door and flashed a knife, police said.

The victim grabbed at the knife cutting her hand in the process. She screamed, and the suspect grabbed her hair and slammed her head into a window. She struggled with the suspect until she was able to drive away, she told officers.

Police described the suspect as a white male, 5-10, 175 pounds, with a “buzzed” haircut and a “scruffy” beard. He wore dark clothing, has missing or jagged teeth, a “foul” body odor, and eyebrows with painted-on, or tattooed, enhancements.

The woman’s injuries did not require medical help, and the suspect escaped before officers arrived.

Police ask anyone with information to call 473-5100.

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“There’s a suitcase poking me in the ribs, there’s an elbow in my ear!

There’s a smelly old bum standing next to me, hasn’t showered in a year!

Hey! I think I’m missing a contact lens, I think my wallet’s gone!

And I think this bus is stopping again to let a couple more freaks get on… look out!”

Just what I thought of when I read the description… that and Weird Al is coming to the Cohen Center on Wed., Nov. 2!

But I thought nothing bad happened on Elm Street… except rape, cross burning, and now carjacking. Its a regular Mayberry!

Stinky, mean and violent!

SOMEHOW this can be spun into something against illegal aliens, just not sure how yet. However, I’m sure if I wait a little bit one of your creative minds will come up with something.

Pardon. YOU are the one who brought it up.

What’s with the racist-baiting?

What I was GOING to say before sidetracked by racist-baiter was this:

I don’t think I’ve ever read an opening line to a news article about an attempted crime that used the term “foul-smelling.”

Kudos to whomever wrote that. It certainly makes it memorable.

Race baiter aside,

I find it curious that there was also a foiled car jacking in Santa Margarita a few weeks back…

Speaking of foul smelling and race baiting. No pun intended but upon initially reading this, all I could think of is OMG, a knife wheeling, stinky guy with pointy teeth, weird painted enhanced eyebrows, a buzz cut and a terrible smell, sounds like the attack of the “ALIENS” ! Must have been very freaky, poor girl.

I wonder if that will satisfy mkaney’s quest?? LOL

Wow, serious loss of “points” for this comment, mkaney. (I heard the collective sigh when I entered the thread, now I know why)