Kids’ lunch money being misspent

October 20, 2011

A Southern California school district is under fire from state regulators for allegedly misspending $1.5 million in government funds intended for impoverished students’ free and reduced price lunches.

Baldwin Park School District will be required to repay the funds, according to the state’s Department of Education, officials of which said the money was used to clean cafeterias and pay banking fees and interest. [SanGabrielValleyTribune]

District officials, who said they plan to fight the charges, face an Oct. 26 deadline for repayment or risk permanently losing federal food fund benefits. The same district was held liable in 2006 for misuse of lunch funds, and was forced to repay $1.6 million.

Federal and state authorities place restrictions on how lunch money is spent to help ensure it is not used for general expenses while cutting back on quality food for students.

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The simple parental task of packing your child’s lunch transformed into an epic boondoggle with a cast of incompetent thousands squandering millions stolen through forced taxation. Ah California, how deftly you’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Gosh, I wonder what other California school district is being investigated?

Sounds like they need the attorney’s from cambria to come in and tidy up their


“Sounds like they need the attorney’s ….” um, they need the attorneys what?

BRAAAAAINS ! ten foot tall attorneys with laser eyes vaporizing zombie moron comments…. YES!!!

Hmmm, sounds like a history of misuse.

Stealing from the poor is bad…

Stealing from poor children is worse…

Not feeding poor children should be criminal…