Knife attack in Goodwill parking lot

October 12, 2011

Martin Macarena

San Luis Obipso Police say a 46-year-old man attacked another man with a knife in the Goodwill Industries parking lot Tuesday morning.

Martin Macarena started arguing with Aaron Schriner, a man he has an ongoing civil dispute with, as they passed each other in the lot at 880 Industrial Way. As Schriner attempted to leave on a scooter, Macarena attacked him with a knife.

Neither man was injured.

Officers booked Macarena in to San Luis Obispo County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

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Cmon…the guys name is “Macarena”. How bad could he be? :)

He would not have threatened with a knife if LE was present.

Things happen sudeenly and at close range.

Nothing like having a CW permit, simply open your coat and display you are armed, then shake your head “no” don’t do it (that is ample enough warning) in the absense of LE.

Or you can call 911 and wait for the soldiers in blue to come without fear when you have a CW permit.

I think women and children should be advised not to call upon a man in danger, just simply run like hell, and the man should do the same thing too if he can because there is nothing he can do unarmed.

From the “HEY I’M AN IDIOT”, news. Hey Mr. Moron, I mean Mr. Macarena. You have a civil dispute with the guy you stabbed? So do you think this will help sway the judge in court in your favor? Again see first comment BONEHEAD!!! As has been said before, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!

Maybe by some freak if you where to win, take your money, get to a Dr. and have them transplate a BRAIN into the skull of yours.