Cal Poly sorority pledge pushed to drink in possible hazing

October 12, 2011

The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Alpha Phi sorority pledge who ended up with alcohol poisoning said her sorority sponsor encouraged her to drink in an alleged hazing. [MustangDaily]

Following a call from the unnamed pledge’s mother, Cal Poly officials launched an investigation into the excessive drinking incident.

The pledge told the Mustang Daily that her sorority sponsor told her to be ready for a “crazy night” and instructed her to show up at the sorority at 8 p.m. on Sept. 28, the night after she received her bid to join the sorority, the Mustang Daily reported.

The sponsor and her two pledge assignments then headed to a Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity affiliated house on Crandall Way where they were encouraged to drink shots of vodka, the pledge told the Mustang Daily.

The pledge said some of the fraternity members told her and the other pledges they were to go to another party on Hathway Avenue where they were encouraged to drink more alcohol.

Eli Simon, PIKE president, denies the allegations even though he claims he did not attend the parties, the Mustang Daily said.

From there the pledges and sponsors headed back to the Alpha Phi house. One of the sorority members asked the pledge to stay, but she decided not to, told her sponsor she was fine, and the group headed back to campus.

After arriving at her apartment, the pledge asked her roommate to call 911 and her mother.

“I was blacked out, (then) woke up in (Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center) the next day,” she told the Mustang Daily. “The police officer came in with the doctor and said, ‘You were in here for alcohol poisoning, and they’re running a hazing investigation.’”

The next day, the student decided not to pledge.

School officials have told Alpha Phi to cease and desist all sorority activities while the investigation is underway. A judicial hearing is scheduled for this Thursday.

Cal Poly officials said they plan to release the findings of their investigation within a week.

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What . . . someone encourages you to do a thing and you are somehow no longer responsible for your own behavior? Please. I hate whiny sheep. Partying is partying and everyone with a clear brain that chooses to party knows the potential consequences. I don’t see how this is really hazing . . .

CalPoly– flagship of the CA state university system? aren’t you just thrilled to see your $$$tax dollar$$$ at work. let’s see: rape, hazing, death due to hazing, professors removal(s) due to inappropriate behavior, etc., etc. have i forgotten anything? oh yeah, seems that the sunshine law doesn’t apply to the ‘good ole boy/girl club’ at CalPoly.

Learn by doing. Gratefully, maybe she learned this lesson before it was too late.