Nipomo family arrested for assaulting couple

October 1, 2011

David Vann

A Nipomo mother, father and son who allegedly assaulted a couple returning from the California Mid-State Fair they mistook for someone else were arrested on Thursday.

Following a fight on a bus returning to Nipomo from the fair, David Vann, 19, and another person involved in the altercation were told to get off the bus at the commuter lot on Highway 58 near highway 101.

The bus driver had informed sheriff deputies who were waiting at the lot. However, neither of the discharged riders wanted to press charges.

Nevertheless, David Vann, Jerry Vann, 38, and Sethi Vann, 37, were waiting at the route’s final destination in Nipomo where they allegedly assaulted a couple they mistook for people involved in the earlier altercation. The assault included kicks to a 40-year-old woman’s face who suffered minor injuries.

Her 42-year-old husband suffered facial lacerations that required medical care.

After a two month investigation, deputies booked the all three suspects into San Luis Obispo County Jail on felony assault charges and added making terrorist threats to Jerry Vann’s charges.

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To me it sounds like the up close and personal altercation took place between David Vann and another individual. There is no mention that the parents were on the bus and got kicked off with their son. Maybe the parents picked up David from the lot where he was kicked off the bus and drove him to the final destination point – at which time all three assaulted the individuals whom David thought took part in his earlier altercation. Given the young age of the parents, sounds like they have some growing up to do – right there alongside their son. So sad.

What a wacky family. Can anyone imagine having parents that would do something like that? What ever happened to the parents teaching their children how to file a complaint when there has been wrongdoing? I have never heard of parents doing something like what they did, they are raising their kid to end up in prison before he is 30 !!

Book ’em . . . forget ’em.

I can think of two reasons:

1. Alcohol was consumed before the bus was entered and/or after the three were dropped off in Nipomo, and the three’s ability to recognize anybody was impaired..

2. Mistaken identity leading to assaults is a familial trait, and the three are related to firefighter Mason, who also assaulted a man, hitting him on the head with a full champagne bottle, having mistaken the man for another person.

Cases of mistaken identity usually don’t happen when interactions are close up and personal… wonder what’s going on here.