Shell Beach man missing for six days

October 1, 2011

Dylan Winebrenner

Pismo Beach Police are searching for a Shell Beach man who was last seen Sunday, and whose dog was found on a remote beach with no access from above, police said.

Friends of Dylan Winebrenner, 32, said they spotted Winebrenner’s 15-year-old dog while they were kayaking along the cliffs below Dinosaur Cave Park. One friend told police that Winebrenner took his dog everywhere he went.

The Pismo Beach Police Department, Cal Fire, Harbor Patrol, and the California Highway Patrol helicopter completed a detailed search of the coast line with no results.  Anybody with information is encouraged to contact the Pismo Beach Police Department at (805) 773-2208.

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Hearts are heavy …. Rest in Peace Dylan

A body was spotted floating in the ocean just offshore from Dinosaur Caves Park around noon today. Police were on the scene and a rescue boat was spotted en route to the scene.

I just spoke with the police, it’s DJ.

DJ was a friend of a family member of mine, I’ve met him but didn’t really know him. This poor guy has always had a hard time of it, he is a nice guy but always struggled with life. That dog was really old, he’s had that dog many many years and was always with it, that dog is all DJ had, no real family, nothing but that dog. I hate to say this but if he’s not with the dog then something is wrong. I hope he didn’t do something to himself, after speaking last night to my family member it sounds as if DJ suffered from depression.

From the location of the dog, the bond between DJ and the dog, and DJ being missing, is it a possibility DJ and the dog were kayaking or swimming in the ocean, the conditions were more than DJ could overcome, but the dog made it to shore?

We may never know Mary but the people that knew him and the police have their suspicions. His depression was very severe. They haven’t found a kayak yet. It’s just a tragic end to a tragic life. He wasn’t a bad guy, it’s just so sad.

You may be right, but his dog being on a beach where there was no access in or out–that just doesn’t make sense. He loved his dog, and it was an older dog. Someone who loved their dog would not have left him in such a precarious place. That’s just my own projection, based on how I would treat my own dog.

This is a guess, pure speculation, I might be 100% wrong. He could have jumped from the cliffs and the dog someone went down there to look for him. It’s hard to understand why people that do things like this do things such as leave his dog. They just don’t think with a clear mind, perhaps he thought the dog would be better off without him. Again just so I don’t get MAD HATTER’s knickers in a knot this is pure speculation based on what I know of DJ.

I have to agree that I don’t think he would have left his dog in a situation like that. No fresh water, no food, no shelter. He would have tried to find someone to take the dog rather than abandon it especially where it would have been helpless to even find fresh water. I think it’s more likely that he had an accident.