Occupy SLO withdraws support for courthouse lawn occupation

October 25, 2011


Occupy San Luis Obispo has withdrawn support for the campground style occupation of the San Luis Obispo Superior Courthouse lawn on Monterey Street, and a former member of the organization has allegedly called the police to request a breakup of the encampment.

Erected on Oct. 19, the campground grew into a 14-tent establishment by Tuesday afternoon, housing a variety of occupants ranging from political activists to transients to dogs. Several sanitation and safety problems arose in the camp during the six-day occupation, including urination on tents, dog feces on the lawn, and a stolen goods incident Monday night.

Steering Committee Chair of Occupy SLO Evan Sylvester said the occupation has also become a legally dangerous situation. Sylvester said he was informed by a county official Tuesday that in order to legally maintain the occupation, the group would have to obtain a permit and a $1 million general liability policy.

“At this point it’s gotten out of control,” Sylvester said. “We don’t sanction what’s going on there.”

Sylvester said neither the Occupy SLO general assembly, nor its steering committee ever sanctioned the occupation.

“The initial occupation was a well-intentioned effort on behalf of a small unofficial group of Occupy SLOers,” Sylvester said. “Occupy SLO did our best to support the unofficial occupation but it has come to the attention of the steering committee that the effort was not well-coordinated.”

Sylvester said that the withdrawal of support for the camp by no means signals an end to the Occupy SLO movement.

“We’re not trying to occupy a physical environment. We’re trying to occupy a mental environment,” Sylvester said. “This isn’t necessarily about an occupation, it’s about doing what is needed to have those discussions and effect that change.”

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I’m surprised that the courthouse lawn does not have a sprinkler system, or does it? Turn the sprinklers on and people will leave.

Hi there.

The right wing pixies and infiltrators inside the putative occupy slo movement now have a world of hurt coming their way.


i have a worldwide network that just needs a poke on the cheek.

i won;t tell you HOW, just that i CAN .

I am benevolent, but will oppose those that are not, in any way ‘peacable’.

The fascist and violent prix are NOT peacable, and their women are skanks. ., tho few in number.

Oh this is a great post with lots of useful information…

What again, is it exactly that these protestors are protesting about? Whom are they blaming for their whoas?

It seems to me their focus should be Washington DC, both houses of congress and the seated POTUS.

I was thinking of providing support to the OWS movement, but what made me pause was:

Is there a way that OWS can separate the genuine protestors from the freeloader vagrants disinterested in the movement?

Yes, it is not quite the dilemma everywhere as it is here.

As one of the original protestors observed, ” Do you want to invite these people into your house, or even let them know wher you live? “.

The excuse that “…They’re part of the 99% , too …la-de-da. ” does not entitle them to be lawbreakers bullying, obnoxious, and threatening.

If they were merely disinterested freeloader vagrants, we could maybe just ignore them …but they are more than that. The ones still encamped at the courthouse ( now illegally ) have a dangerous, criminal mindset. This is something that cannot be ignored, but some that appeared to be close to the movement seemingly have chosen to do so.

I won’t be a part of it. I’ll contribute to the national OWS.

You can support them by showing up and being who you are. Check out the occupyslo.org website. They are meeting today at Mitchell Park in SLO at 5PM. For those who support breaking the law and camping out on the court house front lawn, you know where to find that group. I guess there is a group for everybody.

I would very much like to continue to Be “who I am”. This is not an ego trip for me, though.

My arm still hurts, but it is less of my own personal safety, than it is my reservations for the safety of the movement, and coincidentally, other possible innocent victims that impels me to say and associate with whoI choose.

Without a clear declaration that the true occupyslo is completely unnaffiliated with these criminals, pseudo anarchists, selfish squatters, and anti-social homeless that have little if anything to do with the movement; and does not condone or excuse in any way their bad behaviors; then the movement here doesn’t really stand for much, does it ?

I have walked and worked for justice with Charles Evers, Jesse Jackson, Studs Terkel, Greg Palast, Bobby Kennedy Jr. , Bernie Sanders, Tammy Baldwin and so many others too numerous to mention , in causes big and small.

Oh , I did check out the occupyslo site, and guess what ? There was ANOTHER person confronted in the same way concerning the sign they were carrying that said TRUST on one side and HOPE on the other. . This is a “practiced” instigation. . That leads me to reason that this “Andrew” and his henchmen have been trained by some militant organization in order to take over the legitimate occupy groups.

Come to think of it, the Ron Paul jargon could just be a front for a hate group of some kind.

I have a friend at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Thanks for helping me to remember !

Cindy said it right. Your official occupyslo.org group is NOT camping at the courthouse. We welcome your support, in fact all the 99% ought to be supporting your local occupy. We see the cops being heavy handed in Oakland, but not all cops are bad. We have those parasites here, but we are not them. Do not judge any movement by a few bad apples.

There have been those who wish us harm to say we are anti semitic. That is a lie, as is most or all of the other criticism we have collected from the agents of the 1%. We are not against capitalism, we do not advocate taking money from the rich, we do not hate little babies and apple pie. All lies brought to you by the Koch brothers, multi billionaires making a killing off us by polluting our environment-both physical and political. Some say we are just mad we aren’t rich-more lies, all lies. We just want a fair playing field, big money out of politics so we can have a voice. We want an end the fat paychecks for CEOs that brought our economy down, in fact we want them in jail.

If the reader does not agree with these simple goals then he/she must be a 1%ers, If one wants immunity for criminals who have stolen food from the mouths of our children then you are a 1%er for sure.

Finally- FINALLY!- the masses have arisen against the greedy fat cats! But even as the “Occupy” movement hunts down those on Wall Street, to keep the momentum building and the movement growing, the Occupiers should already be identifying the next group to “get.” So, how about these greedy fat cats:


And after we’re done with those greedy fat cats, then it will be important to line up the next targets. How about, then, the Hollywood greedy fat cats. And then the professional sports greedy fat cats.

Then, after we’ve finished off all the greedy fat cats, then how about going after all the hypocrites? And while we’re “dealing with” all the hypocrites, we can then identify the next group to go after.

Gosh, this is fun. Let’s get ’em all. Leave no stone unturned, allow no mercy, let no one rest until the task is complete- get ’em all!

Somewhere, someplace, Hitler and his folks must be laughing their asses off. Take a moment to look in the mirror at yourselves, folks. Is anyone beginning to feel just a little bit ashamed?

You ought to be. How much are the Koch brothers paying you?

Earlier, I was thinking that that there might be Kool-aid in the Teapot,but I’ve changed my mind.

Actually, there’s “Koch” in the Teapot. It can’t taste very good, so why do Baggers keep sippin?

The word ‘fascist’ is sometimes thrown around too easily and it has a tendency to lose it’s meaning. But in this case Cain is truly in the lockstep with fascists. Cain is owned and paid for by true fascists and the republicans don’t give a d@mn. We are one election away from a totalitarian govt.. People have no idea how dangerous the Koch Brothers are, they have no idea about their background and how much power they have.

It is late october here is a vintage scary story just in time for halo-ween side A side B a brief description side b not to miss for skull n bones scary stories. not for the faint of heart description of the initiations at Yale.

OMG, I was listing to Faux and come to find out the guy smoking at the end of that sleazy campaign ad, the guy that looks like he hawks porn, he’s Cain’s campaign manager, the guy in the link that you posted. He’s a Koch employee,,no wonder he looks so sleazy!

The American Spectator.. LOL wow there’s ‘fair and balanced’ rag for ya. Oh man those bad a$$ teachers can you imagine, who would want to associate with those thugs. This is rich,,are the Occupiers supposed feel that support from teachers is a bad thing?

Come on teachers, nurses, laborers all of those hard working people that just keep working to make the fat cats fatter only to have their jobs taken to China. It’s time take back our country from the big corps.

The Occupy SLO whatever the hockey stix it was, has been hijacked by well financed Ron Paul FASCISTS.

I was attacked by its supposed new ‘leader’…a punk named ANDREW who tried to BREAK MY ARM after obnoxiously taking multiple flash pictures RIGHT IN MY FACE.

This is an INSTIGATOR and troublemaker, and NO friend of the OWS movement.

So noted and reported. To various agencies and individuals.

This punk thinks he runs things.

OH, I have witnesses, too. He has his lying brownshirts as well, including the misogynistic ‘bad singer’ of last Saturday that was included among his inner circle of thugs.

Don’t think I didn’t warn others within that right wing jackals would try to overtake this movement. , or work to stain it.

I’ve been around the block a few times. Smelled this RAT, and called him out as an infiltrator .That is why HE targeted ME. I was advertising HIS act !. To him, I had to be eliminated. He made a mistake: he didn’t kill me.

It takes all kinds to make up 99% of a population. It’s the 1% that are the problem, try to refocus.

Criminals are criminals, whether they are ultra-rich greedheads , or anti-social violent fanatics.

Take a look around. I judge no person, but their acts betray them.

I am NO part of whatever percentage down there that is violent, bullying, and with an agenda that is separate that conflicts with the overarching OWS sentiment.

While I will not be a part of the occupy space people, I do take offense that only Bernie Madoff is in jail… but that is also what the tea party wanted to do. Now that the media has it’s own little protest, maybe they’ll get traction where the tea party was unable to.

(note: I also was not part of a tea party, either, but agreed with most of their gripes that I heard).

Hold the phone, I believe that you told me that you were a tea bag. You did tell me that, there’s no way I can go back through all the posts to prove it but I do remember that because I was actually a bit surprised.

What do you mean that the ‘media has it’s own little protest’? I believe that once again you have it a$$ backwards. It was the tea bags that had their own media. Fixed News showed the tea bags 24/7 when Koch first brought them to the scene. Faux even hired Palin the queen tea bag. I remember many many days of S. insHannity and Beck broadcasting from the baggers pit. The Occupiers only get coverage when there is conflict. I’m quite disappointed that there isn’t more coverage.

Chomsky’s remarks about the tea party very truthful and worrisome. poor people are easier to frighten.

I love it when someone brings up Noam Chomsky in a positive way.

very most excellent !

I do the same with Gore Vidal, Bobby Kennedy, Albert Camus, norman Cousins, General Smedley Butler, Eugene Debs, Boardman “Kit” Robinson, Walter Lippmann.

the uneducated morons today do not even Know who these people are !

( MOST of them. One of the occupySLO overnighters is most intelligent , and informed me of knowing Camus. I won’t say who, because he is in jeopardy in the midst of the proto-fascist hate group thugs that have hijacked the courthouse plaza. ) I will get to this gentle soul, ONE WAY or another…and i have many ways.

That’s very true and that was a good interview BTW. Remember Bush’s ‘terror alerts’, fear mongering at it’s best.

I though all politicians wanted to hear from their constituents.

OWS, OccupySLO, OccupyOakland, Occupy NY was their best opportunity.

My error

Politicians did send some of they’re representatives to some of these places, they were in uniform and riot gear.

Right on Willie. Our dear politicos are never far from our hearts, with rubber bullets.

However, there are some really good ones in Congress, but not a whole lot! Untill we get money out of politics what can we expect?

Heh, if you can get money out of politics, you would accomplish what no civilization has ever been capable of doing. Ever. Good luck with that.

Its worth working for. Want to join that effort? That is the biggest thing we have going.

Here’s what happens when you invite the police in to deal with the problem:


Here is the official statement from the city of Oakland..


Note the following lies:

“Q. Did the Police deploy rubber bullets, flash-bag grenades?

A. No, the loud noises that were heard originated from M-80 explosives thrown at Police by protesters. In addition, Police fired approximately four bean bag rounds at protesters to stop them from throwing dangerous objects at the officers.”

“Q. Did the Police use tear gas?

A. Yes, the Police used a limited amount of tear gas for a small area as a defense against protesters who were throwing various objects at Police Officers as they approached the area. The objects included glass bottles, rocks, pots, pans, kitchen utensils and plates at Police Officers. In addition, the protesters sprayed a Fire Extinguisher on Police Officers.

Q. Where there any injures?

A. At this time, there are no reported injuries.”

In this video, you can CLEARLY hear the sound of the rubber bullets.

I’ve seen that first video and it makes me sick. The guy down that the protesters are trying help served two tours in Iraq.

While disgusting, we should remember: this is Oakland. A place not well-known for it’s kindness and responsible citizenry… while I do not wish to excuse the police departments actions or decisions, keep in mind they are used to this being… well, Oakland.

Also, the problem with viewing videos of events like this, is that DURING all this, it’s easy to mis-calculate or even have a bad (very bad) decision. The whole Monday morning quarterback thing. When “in the shit” things are vastly different than when comfortably sitting at one’s computer viewing the events.

Thanks for the links and info, mkaney.

I don’t think you even have to armchair quarterback this thing too much. The way that cop lobbed the flash bang into the group was not a knee-jerk reaction, there appeared to be intent there. But even that aside, it’s pretty obvious they used more than a few tear gas canisters and 4 bean bags, and then they had the gall to say otherwise.

But yeah, it’s Oakland. They’re just like the protesters weren’t Raiders fans.

Hotdog – if you don’t want to support the campout, that’s fine, but don’t go calling the police, that’s selling your brother out to bolster your own legitimacy.

I didn’t call the police, it is not for sure anyone did. I don’t know where that came from but no one I know did. And I am not the movement, I am a member like (worldwide) millions of others.

I actually agree with you.

This guy makes me so mad I could spit. IT IS NOT A PROTEST AGAINST CORPORATE GREED (for the 5,000,000th time).. Anyone who saw a couple signs that might have indicated that and came to that conclusion is obviously not really paying any attention to what is being said.

mkaney, In my opinion corporate greed play’s a major roll in the problem we all face. It is Corporate greed that is pulling the majority of the string’s in Washington and in gummint policy as a whole. Someone tell me that Corporate Greed has nothing to do with the OWS movement?

I guess it depends on how you define greed. Greed is to some degree, a motivation in all of us. To some, greed means an insatiable appetite for more.. Regardless of which definition you prefer, greed is limited by the rules of the game. Greed in an of itself is not necessarily a horrible thing. The desire to HAVE more, is different than CHEATING to get more.

I guess we are talking about a matter of semantics here. When I talk about Corporate Greed I see it as synonymous with cheating but I guess you’re right. I mean Jamba Juice?? ;) LOL

Free market guru Milton Friedman characterized greed as equivalent to self-interest. He made no distinction between the two. Therefore, one can honestly say that the free market views “greed as good”

Another cornerstone of the church of free market economy is that morals do not have a place in corporate governance, that decisions should only be based on the corporation’s self-interest, which is defined as the shareholder’s best interest, which, as noted above, is greed.

In sum, we have created a modern society whose day-to-day activities can be characterized as being amoral and greed-driven.

Again, greed, as applied per mkaney (and now my) definition of motivation is good. Greed is good, as motivation is good. Wanting more is NOT wrong, do most parents want better lives for their children? Is that greedy of them? You bet it is! But it’s also GOOD for them.

Aim higher, improve yourself, improve your community – all goals that can be called “greedy” – I want my community BETTER… better than what? Other communities? Better than it has been? The point is, I want it better, ergo, I am greedy. Semantics, sure, but it begins to get really “gray” when money is applied.

Is it greedy for a corporation to want to have the most valuable stock and richest shareholders? Is it greedy that I want to invest in said corporation because their stock is doing so well? I mean, tear down these corporations, the stock market, etc. and all you’ve really done is robbed EVERY 99%’er of any potential retirement they might have been saving for years, or their whole life. Most 1%’ers are diversified enough to not put all their eggs in the U.S. basket.

Should corporations have morals? I’ve heard they shouldn’t be people. I heard that being religious was not in vogue – both of which are requirements for morals (at least to establish what is moral). So which is it? Do we want non-personhood (amoral) corporations or corporations treated as people, including imposed societal morals?

This is not a simple issue that can be surmised in a cutesy slogan or protest sign. “Corporations aren’t people” is like saying “Cities aren’t people” – in fact, most cities are incorporated.

Nice Friedman quote, by the way!

r0y I think you make a good point. It is not capitalism or capitalists I’m against. I am protesting the fact that our government is not protecting us from the excesses of capitalism and corporations. It is not the job of corporations to act morally, it is the job of our government, OF THE PEOPLE, to impose moral and ethical regulations on the way these companies do business. And that is why we need to get corporate money out of politics; because, as it stands now, legislation is being written only to advance profit, not to improve the life of the people of this country. A government’s job is to protect it’s citizens from threat, whether external or internal. Poverty, sickness and stress are a threat to every citizen.

All of the “threats” you cite pale in comparison to the loss of self determination and reliance fostered by a nanny state bureaucracy.

Buddhist philosophy has a wonderfully apt representation of greed. If you are self-absorbed and overly concerned with accumulation in this lifetime, your next re-birth will be as a “hungry ghost.” A hungry ghost is depicted as a person with a huge stomach and an insatiable appetite, but with a throat so narrow that eating becomes extremely painful. A hungry ghost is not capable of living in the present, and is a slave to his/her desires.

Dante also reserved a special place in Hell for Avarice (greed) in his cantos:


Study these, greed has an established definition and expression and is within the moral sphere of behavior. To glibly say “Greed is Good” is classic Orwelian Newspeak.

War Cost.

“While the Occupy movement targets the 1 Percent, we want to introduce you to the elite among the gang of superrich: the war profiteers. War industry CEOs make tens of millions of dollars a year, putting them in the top 0.01 percent of income earners in the U.S., and they use their corporations’ massive lobbying dollars to keep their job-killing gravy train rolling.”

This guy doesn’t have a clue. I wanted to shut him down at the 40% mark but let him go on until around the 75% mark when it became clear that he had nothing more to say. He doesn’t get it.


video of the Oakland Police tossing a flash bang at a wounded iraq war veteran during last nights protests.

fractured skull and in a coma today, protesting to protect your right to free speech. after he did two tours in Iraq.

WOW. What the police did isn’t even reasonable. I cannot except that behavior. The police who continued to fire rubber bullets and another tear gas canister at those who were trying to assist this seriously injured guy should be put on trial. I can’t say that they initially intentionally harmed anyone they were sure trying the second time. They directed their aim right at the people attempting to help the man the cops had injured. There needs to be another demonstration, we can not tolerate our peace servants going rogue. There was at least one and probably a couple of very sick cops working the crowd control. Find out who they are and demand justice for attempted murder.

That guy just shows how deep the tentacles of the corps go into society. He also admitted to hacking into someone’s phone and stalking her. He should be in jail for that or lying in the video. It is clearly a limbag/beck piece of trash hired by the 1 %, the usual. We can all see how desperate they are getting, they are really afraid we might win. All we have to do is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMlHdxiIZ8. Simple, do it now. Join occupyslo.org.


That is one of the best deconstructions of OWS I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Epic. Beautiful.